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  1. For Football only England can gain the quota (like Scotland in Curling) and at the moment the other home nations are happy for English players to form a GB team without needing any players from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to join the squad. This only applies to women's football, there will not be a GB men's team competing.
  2. For 2016 3 teams would have qualified as France, Germany and England were the only 3 European teams to reach the quarterfinal. The tournament was because the British federations could not agree to send a team, for Tokyo 2020 this has been resolved so if the same happened this time GB would accept their quota.
  3. Commonwealth Games 2018

    England only won 3 gold medals in track cycling and only 1 gold in a non-Olympic swimming event. If you are talking about the para events in track cycling and swimming then England won 4 gold medals in them but they are a very important part of the event programme now.
  4. Commonwealth Games 2018

    I think tomorrow could be crucial in deciding who tops the medal table, if England have an excellent day in Gymnastics, Cycling, Swimming and Table Tennis then we can close the gap and keep the contest alive. Otherwise if Australia were to win the race walks, further dominate Swimming and Cycling and England were to miss their chances in Gymnastics then the gap may become too large.
  5. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Niue is even better, 1 in ever 85 citizens will compete for them at the games
  6. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Not a clue, there are some funny stories in the teams though! Imo Fiamalua (Tuvulu's Javelin Thrower) has 4 caps for the National Football Team and scored for the Tuvulu Futsal team at the Oceanian Championships. Montserrat have even managed to enter 6 athletes into the 4x100m Relay, which means 1 in every 980 people in Montserrat will be competing in their relay team!
  7. Commonwealth Games 2018

    All team sizes added to the first page. Australia as hosts will have the largest team of 474, with England (396) and Canada (282) rounding out the top 3 largest delegations. Gambia with 6 athletes has the smallest team as it was only allowed to compete a few days ago, both Tuvalu and Montserrat with 7 athletes each have the other smallest teams. Brunei who only had 1 athlete in 2014, has 10 in 2018 who will all compete in Lawn Bowls.
  8. Surely the main change is that the top nations can now qualify 8 athletes instead of 4, will be tough but some nations may now have 3 or 4 athletes per gender instead of 2
  9. Winter Paralympic Games 2018

    After China winning their Curling semifinal and Croatia winning Snowboard bronze a new record has been set of 26 nations winning medals at a winter Paralympic Games!