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  1. African shooting championships quota: Pistol women - Tunisia pistol men - Egypt Rifle women - Egypt Rifle men - South Africa All the winners got the MQS in qualification so no worries there!
  2. ARGENTINA SPLIT VOTES: LDOG: 12: Iran 11: India 10: Croatia 9: Slovakia 8: Serbia 7: Portugal 6: Lithuania 5: Mexico 4: Malta 3: Germany 2: Poland 1: Azerbaijan KONIG: 12: France 11: Great Britain 10: New Zealand 9: Brazil 8: Algeria 7: Iran 6: Serbia 5: Moldova 4: Ireland 3: Malta 2: Greece 1: Canada
  3. Thank you to everyone who has made this contest so special! But it is sadly time to bring the contest to a close, but its for long, as Tunisia we relight the flame in just a few months time! But as Elton John puts it, Friends Never Say Goodbye, so we will see you all in Tunisia!
  4. Hello Tunisia! We are so excited about the contest heading to Africa for the first time in Autumn 2017 and here to give us a flavour of what to expect is a promotional feature from the Tunisian delegation.
  5. And with that we say goodbye to Brighton. But as we leave Britain to head on to our next hosts there's a chance for a whistlestop tour! We begin with a flying visit in London our urban capital! Heading North to Scotland, a region of stunning natural beauty: And finishing in the only natural way, on our breathtaking coast: Goodbye Totallympics - we've loved having you! But up next its the turn of Tunisia and Brazil!
  6. Yeah! The team were fantastic! I never throught we'd make it out of Division 1B after so many missed opportunities - hopefully we can stay in 1 A for a little while now!
  7. THE SPORT Brighton might not automatically spring to mind when you think of British sport, but there are a few suprises in store .. But nothing can sum up Brighton's sport better than the Miracle in Brighton! There has also been a craze of race walking, but not just 50km, no that's for weaklings they do 165 kilometres! Sadly the craze has rather changed in Brighton, they now seem to like running whilst being pelted with paints instead! But there is one sport that dominates all in Brighton and Sussex - take Cricket, Rounders and middle aged women - mix them up and stir it around and what have you got - Stoolball! It is hugely popular in Sussex, most villages have a team and I can admit it is great fun to play and much more exciting than cricket or baseball/softball. I am counting down the days until it is added to the Olympic programme once the IOC realise their pursuit of increased youth appeal has put off some elderly fans - this would bring them flocking back!
  8. THE PIER You will have all seen it, been on it, probably had a seagull attack you on it and nearly fallen off it! But that's why we love Brighton Pier! Yes, this one! The one that's not burnt down! In fact, very little is known about why it burnt down, the person was never caught, but nevertheless it remains as a derelict landmark along our beautiful coastline. But this is Brighton, people don't just walk along the pier, no! They jump over it... And of course, they dance on it...
  9. We have one last segment in Brighton! Its a celebration of the best bits of the city you have enjoyed aver the past few days - and some things you haven't seen So to begin our farewell to Brighton, here is British music legend Rod Stewart with his fantastic new song Brighton Beach:
  10. NEW CONTEST RECORDS The new contest records can refer to a range of different categories - for example participating nations. And here are our record breakers: FIRST CONTEST WITH COUNTRIES FROM ALL 5 CONTINENTS IN THE TOP 10 TISC Annual 2017
  11. NEW CONTINENTAL RECORDS The new continental records refer to the number of points gained in a single contest (placing is not taken into account). Continents are (America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania) And here are our record breakers: ASIA Iran - TISC Annual 2017 137
  12. NEW NATIONAL RECORDS The new national records refer to the number of points gained in a single contest (placing is not taken into account). And here are our record breakers: BRAZIL Alok and Bruno Martini ft. Zeeba 142 GREAT BRITAIN Rag'n'bone Man 186 INDIA Aamir Khan 56 IRAN Mohsen Yeganeh 137 MALTA The Travellers 124 MOLDOVA Sunstroke Project 73 MOROCCO Bouchra 100 NEW ZEALAND Graham Candy 124 PORTUGAL Branko and Mayra Andrade 107 SERBIA Sasa Kovacevic 137
  13. We will now celebrate a whole series of new records achieved at this contest! And where could you imagine a better place to break record than Brighton, where the record for the most number of people to be fitted inside a classic Mini Cooper car was broken (with 27) and where the most people ever re-enacted Kate Bush's iconic Wuthering Heights video!! Brighton's attempt at Beijing 2008 mass participation style performances in ceremonies clearly needs a little more work on synchronisation - but their heart was in the right place! The first records are for... NEW NATIONAL RECORDS
  14. Here is the final standings, so that every country can celebrate their position on the table: ORDER NATION POINTS 1 Great Britain 186 2 Brazil 142 3 Serbia 137 4 Iran 135 5 Malta 124 6 New Zealand 124 7 Lithuania 115 8 Portugal 107 9 Italy 103 10 Morocco 100 11 Netherlands 97 12 Algeria 96 13 Tunisia 88 14 Indonesia 83 15 Mexico 80 16 Slovenia 78 17 Argentina 78 18 Moldova 73 19 France 70 20 Croatia 70 21 Bulgaria 69 22 Romania 63 23 United States 58 24 Ireland 58 25 India 57 26 Slovakia 56 27 Denmark 50 28 Poland 49 29 Germany 49 30 Greece 32 31 Canada 29 32 Russia 26 33 Kazakhstan 23 34 Finland 15 35 Azerbaijan 10
  15. We proceed to the medal ceremony! Awarding the medals will be former British contestant and music legend... Sir Elton John! Congratulations to all the medallists: Great Britain Brazil Serbia