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  1. No, it will start on Friday. Mens SP and Pairs Free tomorrow!
  2. Thank you to everyone who has voted so far!! This is a reminder for users from a country where nobody has voted so far: @Il_qar@stefanbg@heywoodu@#MA@Agger@ahjfcshfghb@Janakis@Dolby@Glen@rybak@africaboy@vovanA@justony@mihamiha@amen09@tuniscof
  3. I haven't received a message from them, but I have reminded them about the deadline and that message has been read so it should be ok
  4. With a week left to vote we still have quite a few countries yet to vote: (losts of them have already said they've started listening so I'm not too concerned at the minute!)
  5. Get listening!! There's a really high quality of songs this year, you'll be impressed!!
  6. Just 2 weeks left to vote!!! Whether that's a multi-round elimination process, complex ranking system or just picking the songs you like the sound of!! You've only got 2 weeks to do it!!
  7. Had a little look and there are few more chances for some of the countries here to qualify: Colombia in Alpine Skiing (Michael Poettoz has got multiple runs under 140 FIS poits and should be already qualified) Malaysia in Alpine Skiing (Jeffrey Webb again has multiple runs under 140 FIS Points and should qualify for Malaysia) Both now depend on whether the National Federation will agree to send them but I can't see why not.
  8. To be honest politics aside they are an ideal country to develop winter sports, good snowy conditions and good bulk of gymnasts and sportspeople for ice sports! I know they've recently opened the first ski resort in North Korea so I wouldn't be surprised if they try and develop it over time. They must want to make their presence felt in South Korea at the Olympics but coming in as one of the last finishers in Cross Country skiing or Alpine doesn't really do that. They'd do better trying to qualify their figure skating pair that won a medal at the Asian games who have a more realistic chance of a good placing
  9. Do you know if we are going to open individual qualification threads for each sport, because if so some sports are already quite a way into qualification and some big events are coming up soon?
  10. Thank you to everyone who has voted so far!! Its fascinating properly looking at everyones votes as they come in!! Hopefully we can start to fill up Bestmen's Bus soon and no one will miss it or have the doors slammed in their face whilst running for it (or maybe that's just my experience!)
  11. Thank you @Ionoutz24 for your new song but as the deadline has passed and the previous son was allowed to compete it cannot be changed! You might be be able to enter this new song in a future contest but this time your song will remain as Hey Mama!
  12. I have just voted and sent my votes to a neutral user. So as planned the voting window will open at midnight tonight!!
  13. Russia top after round robin at the Wheelchair Curling World Championships Russia have come out on top after the round robin stage after winning 8 of their 9 games. Scotland finsihed second with 6 wins and 3 losses with China third with the same scoresheet, but Scotland will progress to the Upper Semifinal because of head-to-head victories. Canada and Norway both finished on 5 wins and 4 losses and will play off for the final place in lower semifinal against China in a tie-breaker tomorrow morning. Also joining them on the ice tomorrow morning will be Germany and Switzerland who find themselves at the other end of the table and in a relegation tie breaker, with the loser moving to the Group B World Championships. The loser will join Finland in the Group B World Championships who have already been relegated after finishing bottom with just 2 wins. The tie-breakers and upper/lower semifinals will take place tomorrow, with the semifinal and medal matches on Saturday. Full Results Here
  14. Not until towards the end of the voting window!
  15. Song selection window closed late last night and that does mean we have lost Spain since they did not select a song. The host voting window will end on Thursday night so from Friday morning people can start sending their votes in! Just a quick reminder of how the voting works: You need to pick your top 12 songs and award your favourite 12 points, second favourite 11 and so on until 1. You also need to pick 2 reserve songs just in case any countries fail to send their votes and are eliminated. Votes must be sent to me by private message only Here's a template so you can't go wrong: 12 points: 11 points: 10 points: 9 points: 8 points: 7 points: 6 points: 5 points: 4 points: 3 points: 2 points: 1 point: Reserve 1: Reserve 2: The voting deadline is 31st March 2017 Happy voting!