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  1. I'm football at least it shouldn't be maybe Euro is an exception.
  2. I hardly watch any football and the interest for individual sports like athletics and gymnastics and even rowing shows people want something newer something different rather than a same sport. So having a continental championships is waste.
  3. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Have to give credit to Croatia and as per a survey India had heavily supported Croatia to lift the title (regional divisions though with some south and west states giving a big Croatian following while north was with France). I was surprised to see this .but maybe everyone wanted the underdogs to win here.
  4. Micronesian Games 2018

    If you can save the video of that coconut competition it would be nice to watch.
  5. Micronesian Games 2018

    How many countries participate and any link to know about it and watch it. I think it's blocked in India the stream.
  6. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Happy that has won its 1st ever track gold in any world championships of any category. Moreover Das comes from Assam, a state known of world level boxers or contact sports specialist. And Das started running only from few months as she is a 100m runner and tried the 400m for the first time this march only.
  7. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Women's 400m
  8. Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    That's a good news for many
  9. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    Bhutan is a high altitude place and training here helps to have higher RBC count even when tiring which then helps in other competitions. So Bhutan should have been having few middle or long distance runners at least but due to poverty they won't be able to do so. In fact India has built their 1st synthetic track and Indian team is training there for Asian games.
  10. Athletics IAAF Under 20 World Championships 2018

    India does not have a live stream for the championship when we are sure to have our first track world champion in any category here .
  11. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    it was because of IOC not giving weightlifting extra quota. It was 8 +7 now it was 7each as given by IOC .So they changed all weights
  12. [PREDICTION CONTESTS] Discussion Thread

    Neither athletics nor water polo are of any interest in any other continent except Europe. So basically the prediction contests have become Europe only except for some football or hockey it's the 2 Americas we see. It's sad to know that the totalympics forum is only for Europeans or Americans. Not having a poll for sports of interest of other continents not only makes it a 2 continent affair but also forces the others to slowly disappear from the forum....
  13. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Hmm your right but still they have a decent team now and a skater would be nice addition though for Bangladesh.
  14. Artistic Gymnastics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Did get to know So I was excited because she missed the Olympic bronze in Rio 2016 finishing 4th and is the only female Olympic gymnast up-to date from India know for her death vault of Produnova and she is returning after a long long time.
  15. Artistic Gymnastics 2018 Discussion Thread

    What happened at the 2018 fig mersin world cup . Does anyone have a link to watch it
  16. [PREDICTION CONTESTS] Discussion Thread

    All those who agree with me reply with a "like" or "haha" or "thanks "
  17. [PREDICTION CONTESTS] Discussion Thread

    I just predicted the European water polo championships 2018 even though I have never watched a complete water polo match ever. By the way how many of you agree with having a prediction contests for the medal tally of prediction each continental event. Like we could start with Asian games 2018 to see the response and then we could try the Pan American games and European games 2019. Anyhow it would have larger number of participants then European water polo championships 2018
  18. [hide] Women's Tournament Preliminary Round July 14th - July 21st, 2018 12 Nations, 2 Groups, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Nations from each Group will qualify for the Quarterfinals Group A Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 14th 2018, h. 14:00 Netherlands 10 Croatia July 14th 2018, h. 15:30 Israel 8 Italy July 14th 2018, h. 20:30 France 8 Greece July 15th 2018, h. 17:00 Israel 7 Netherlands July 15th 2018, h. 18:30 Croatia 7 France July 15th 2018, h. 20:30 Italy 3 Greece July 17th 2018, h. 17:00 Greece 8 Croatia July 17th 2018, h. 18:30 France 6 Israel July 17th 2018, h. 20:30 Netherlands 8 Italy July 19th 2018, h. 14:00 Israel 10 Greece July 19th 2018, h. 17:00 Italy 8 Croatia July 19th 2018, h. 18:30 Netherlands 6 France July 21st 2018, h. 17:00 Israel 5 Croatia July 21st 2018, h. 18:30 France 5 Italy July 21st 2018, h. 20:30 Greece 8 Netherlands Group B Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 14th 2018, h. 17:00 Russia 8 Turkey July 14th 2018, h. 18:30 Serbia 10 Germany July 14th 2018, h. 22:15 Hungary 5 Spain July 15th 2018, h. 14:00 Turkey 6 Hungary July 15th 2018, h. 15:30 Serbia 3 Russia July 15th 2018, h. 22:00 Germany 6 Spain July 17th 2018, h. 14:00 Russia 4 Germany July 17th 2018, h. 15:30 Hungary 4 Serbia July 17th 2018, h. 22:00 Spain 4 Turkey July 19th 2018, h. 15:30 Germany 5 Turkey July 19th 2018, h. 20:30 Russia 12 Hungary July 19th 2018, h. 22:00 Serbia 4 Spain July 21st 2018, h. 14:00 Serbia 3 Turkey July 21st 2018, h. 15:30 Hungary 2 Germany July 21st 2018, h. 22:00 Spain 5 Russia Men's Tournament Preliminary Round July 16th - July 20th, 2018 16 Nations, 4 Groups, the 1st and 2nd Nations from each Group will qualify for the Quarterfinals, the 3rd Nation from each Group will qualify for Quarterfinals Play-Offs Group A Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 16th 2018, h. 15:30 Georgia 10 Hungary July 16th 2018, h. 18:30 Germany 7 Italy July 18th 2018, h. 12:30 Germany 9 Georgia July 18th 2018, h. 20:30 Hungary 7 Italy July 20th 2018, h. 12:30 Germany 5 Hungary July 20th 2018, h. 15:30 Georgia 8 Italy Group B Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 16th 2018, h. 11:00 Montenegro 8 France July 16th 2018, h. 22:15 Malta 6 Spain July 18th 2018, h. 17:00 Montenegro 13 Malta July 18th 2018, h. 22:00 Spain 8 France July 20th 2018, h. 18:30 Malta 15 France July 20th 2018, h. 22:00 Montenegro 7 Spain Group C Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 16th 2018, h. 14:00 Turkey 5 Greece July 16th 2018, h. 17:00 Croatia 3 Netherlands July 18th 2018, h. 11:00 Croatia 6 Turkey July 18th 2018, h. 15:30 Greece 2 Netherlands July 20th 2018, h. 14:00 Turkey 4 Netherlands July 20th 2018, h. 20:30 Croatia 5 Greece Group D Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 16th 2018, h. 12:30 Russia 3 Slovakia July 16th 2018, h. 20:30 Serbia 9 Romania July 18th 2018, h. 14:00 Romania 4 Slovakia July 18th 2018, h. 18:30 Russia 4 Serbia July 20th 2018, h. 11:00 Serbia 4 Slovakia July 20th 2018, h. 17:00 Russia 6 Romania [/hide]
  19. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Maybe because Bangladesh has qualified in a team sport already.
  20. Archery Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    If 1 individual qualifies each in men and women then can they have a mixed team?
  21. Asian Games 2018

    But IOA initially disqualified many sports from Asian games citing poor Olympic chances but now they could give a nod to equestrian after lots of drama.
  22. Asian Games 2018

    Asian Games 2018 Jakarta/Palembang (INA) - 18 August 2018 - 2 September 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  23. Asian Games 2018

    Nothing lot to disagree because even the government is not expecting a lot besides a few medals in bronzes or silver in some due to luck in martial arts. Athletics is quite good. My prediction could be Athletics : 5 golds Shooting : 3 golds Boxing : 1gold Archery: 1 gold Weightlifting : 1 gold Hockey :1 gold Squash :1 gold Wrestling : 1gold Kabaddi : 2 gold Gymnastic : 1 gold if Olympic performance is repeated Tennis /Badminton : at least 1 of them will win gold Sepaktakraw - not sure but due to lack of strong teams in men's regu a medal possible Around 16-18 golds Many others may just win medals due to less competitors but not golds
  24. Asian Games 2018

    I do agree with some nonsense cutting of events .Not having 3 boxing categories is bad. Indonesia did get a medal in team compound at world cup once so it's there. Else it would also be cancelled. India has a gold in men's individual compound from last time so it's lost now .Those martial arts are all wierd I don't like any of them .What should be your top 10 countries in medal tally and why not Iran 4th or 5th ?