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  1. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Somebody knows what is this "sport"?
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    In London i meet with somebody beloved in the forum
  3. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Is not a surprise for me like that country is now.
  4. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Ha ha, he always find the way to make me laugh.
  5. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Millions of people of Venezuela is going to other countrys of the continent, now they are the first migrants to Argentina after bolivians and paraguayans.
  6. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Today, the dolar pass to $34 to $ 41, Argentina is a mess, another economical crisis is coming.
  7. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    I dont believe it will be very diferent in Latin America, i dont know in Europe.......
  8. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Im tired of this country since many years ago but dont worry, i wont go for another place, the leftist leave the country too and dont go to Cuba precisely.......
  9. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Today was a terrible day for the economy of my country: the dolar pass to $ 32,50 pesos to $ 34,50 pesos in just ONE DAY. Our country has a big economical crisis between 10/15 years and may be, we are close to another one......i blame myself for study a career like law and make dificult to go to live to another country.
  10. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Its a very common sad story, the bullyng is a big problem of this times, at least in west.
  11. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    South Africa has now a comunist black goverment, the hate will rule their actions.
  12. Retired Athletes in 2018

    A very sad day for the sport in Argentina, i will never forget this play, probably, i never scream of happines more than in this match. (Athens 2004, first game with Serbia, after the lost world cup final in 2002)
  13. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Without that 2nd Amendment, the people cant defend U.S.A from King George.