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  1. Too much diference between the people of Teheran and the rest of Iran?, in my country is more or less the same: in Buenos Aires and the most part of the develops parts of Argentina, the peronism dont win and in the most parts of the poor and undevelops parts of Argentina, the peronism wins with big majoritys.
  2. Congratulations for the Rouhani victory , i prefer, usually, the moderates political candidates in the world.
  3. I dont enter here in this post and i found all this controversy......... @bestmen, you should change your nickname to polemic
  4. mmmmm it will be strange for me
  5. Really impresive!!, thanks for the good news, i just return from work.
  6. Its so big the discredit of the political class in Poland?, or it was for a particular situation?
  7. an obvius result, somebody really think that Le Pen will defeat Macron?, of course i dont want to extreme left/rigth win the goverment in any part of the world but the people who thinks that France lost an oportunity to avoid to convert in an islamic country has some rigth too, many of my friends thinks that.
  8. Interesting to read Gianlu and Heywoodu, in my country, like we were "neutral" but the argentinian dictadorship of that time suport the Axis (Juan Domingo Peron was part of that goverment and in 1946 he won the elections), we dont have any act of any type like you can imagine.
  9. You dont let me to be the oldest , there are a very your people here.
  10. i cant believe this!!
  11. The first one i really like it, its the "Italianest" song, in all the ways, i have ever listen. The second one more or less, i like the last part.
  12. Sadly, here is not common to listen italian music, in the 90s, Nek, Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini were very famous in Argentina, between those three, i prefer all the life Nek (his last song your put here, was voted for me), Pausini is mostly indiferent for me and i hate Ramazzotti with his "nasal voice".
  13. What old are you people?, im 33 and i want too know if im the older here
  14. Like somebody with an "average" knowledge of music, i makes opinions about the songs: For me my top 4 of and are clearly the best songs, for the singer, music, lyrics, etc, i have problems to make the final decision of the position. The good voice of the singer and like the song in a language i dont listen too much (french), give Algeria this position. The first time i listen, i dont like it, probably for the persian language sounds "too strange" for me, the next times i like too much and make me remember some argentinian music with that guitar, etc, even the singer has a good voice the lyrics are too romantic but "not all can" i Like this song but is too similar of one of Enrique Iglesias, dancing and singing in Cuba with the locals........i dont know who copy each other. Very catchy song and i like the trumpet sound. The Ireland "Bee Gees", good song with the most strange/bizarre clip. the best song of Malta i have ever listen in this contest, i like too much the chorus and the music trumpet. The most strange song of all for me, Janakis says to me that has "arabian influence" and its mixed with a rapper (with pervert expresions), my girldfriend beg to "change the song" when appears in the playlist I like the chorus "False Alarm", for that reason is here, the lyrics are ok. Reserves: The best indian song i listen here, "Chalo Chalo" is close too, good chorus, singer voice and choreography. i like too much the music......but only the music, for a friend of mine "its a good song to listen "smoking joints" Songs i like it but dont pass the last cut i like the "happyness/optimism" with transmit (at least to me) and the voice of the singer (for my girlfriend, she screams ). another "strange song" for me, i like it (the finland, sounds strange for me) and has a "rap" part (i believe), its a shame to be in the last positions. I dont like in the beggining (my girlfriend love it) and i like it in general with the time, its non common for me to listen a german song which is not from Rammstein. I like only some parts of the song. The voice of the singer is very good, its funny for me the dancing of the clip with the wind affecting them I like some parts of the song, specially the chorus. a 90 rock style,i like the song in general, my girlfriend love it. Is a original song of a group of feminist who use torch and steal the car of a poor guy :P, is ok in general, beatiful womans like Poland give to the world. A quiet song, i like it, diferent for the rest of the contest In the contest of 2016, they have the best song of all for me (clearly), in this time the same band do an "ok" song but, at least for me, not to top 12 Average songs i only like the "oh oh oh" part i listen clear better from Italy, specially from Nek Good song, i admit, but too quiet for me Not bad but not good for me Songs i dont like it for diferent reasons Its a romantic song from a guy with the voice of the singer of Rammstein.....sounds strange for me, very deep voice for this kind of music. is a country who generete me many expectatives, i like most part of the songs they put (in their language) and in this time i have an average american pop music too quiet and i dont like too much the lyrics an average pop song its dificult to talk about a song with a member of the group who is part of the forum, sounds strange a "rusian jaaz", of course its not easy to compete with bands and singer who has all they need to make their music. i presume Deezbee has a very diferent taste of music than me , the song its not bad, its okay......but i have more expectations from a country with the music of U.S.A I hope nobody be offended, its just an opinion and nothing more of songs.
  15. Your song is very near of my top 12, it was one of the "last cut".