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  1. i After i read this
  2. The last year, i made some interviews like "olympics specialist" in some media of my city, i want to say thanks to all the forum, all of you help me to increase my knowleadge of this passion This is the only one i can prove https://www.facebook.com/1587542451529229/videos/1764565533826919/?autoplay_reason=gatekeeper&video_container_type=0&video_creator_product_type=2&app_id=2392950137&live_video_guests=0
  3. Happy independence day!!, from which country you obtein the independence?
  4. You dont know how many funny things happen here, this is a bizarre country.
  5. A funny video about some muslim education
  6. Most of them from the American Continent, is a big surprise for me to see Rusia 18.
  7. Is the Morocco Jury say something about his votes?, is the most "dangerous" for me to dont send the votes before the deadline.
  8. None music like Moonspell , im still listening them.
  9. For an invented penalty, is even worse
  10. All this reminder me this video
  11. I select the songs i enjoy more, i dont care about the real chances of the song.
  12. Thanks people, i made an interview to both of them (Ciuffo and Dominguez) but none of them explain why is dificult to be in pyeongchang 2018.
  13. can i ask to you a link for see the entire list?