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  1. Its very sad , i know this for news today and i cant understand how this happen, my Condolences Kungshamra.
  2. The extremism feedback each other......we dont know if this is an Isolated case or dont.
  3. Emmanuel Lucenti (81 kg) win the gold medal in Cancun
  4. only 22% of the people vote.......they dont fix nothing with Washington, it will be funny if Trump denied them to be part of U.S.A
  5. I agree but the first responsible of this, is the coach.
  6. Incredible........if i am him, i quit with a big apologise.
  7. My face when i see that result , the coach didnt quit?
  8. Theresa May....what kind of madness did her take this big and unnecesary risk?, now she has a deserved result.
  9. The most part of the changes are a dissaster for me, its only good the 800m (M) & 1500m (W), Cycling (Track) Madison and the Fencing.
  10. me too......the last male gold medal olympic madison was for Argentina
  11. Of course, is a sumary, there are many "greys" areas in our world. Incredible declaration of the arabian prince......what are the repercussions in Iran?
  12. Imagine in my case, only one hour of diference
  13. There is a war between Sunnis and Shiites, the first have Saudi Arabia like the "leader" and the Shiites has Iran like leader......ISIS are a Sunni extremist organization, for that reason i sayed what i sayed, the Sirias war and the conflict with ISIS are all part of the same thing: Saudi Arabia, ISIS and the most part of the Sunnis countrys in one side, Iran, Siria, Hezbolla, the Shiites groups of Irak and Yemen in another side. For this reason ISIS wont atack any "sunni" target?, of course they do, in fact some sunni monarchys pay to ISIS to dont make nothing to them.
  14. My Condolences for you and your people in this terrible moment, in my country we had two big terrorist atacks in the 90s ad we knoe the feeling and you are rigth, i must say internal muslim war and not arabian, my apologise for that, i know your country is "Persian", not arabian, i dont know why i sayed that........
  15. is part of the internal arabian war between Sunnis and Shiites, a war without end.....