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  1. Very Funny
  2. RIP Mario Soares, for your description he was a truly democratic politician, in Latin America we have many "democratic" politicians who are really comunist, this is not the case.
  3. thanks guys, is this common? (the two races), i dont know too much about this sport.
  4. In Biathlon, are there two competitions for the same tournament?, i see two diferents results in the last tournament in Italy.
  5. Cambodia is the most "extrange" color of all, nobody can say the contrary.
  6. World Map of the most popular sport in each country
  7. i hope she is one of the music clip Iskreno of Vlado Georgiev
  8. The dragons.........his speciality
  9. Merry Christmas for everyone in the forum, even for who dont celebrate it
  10. I cant believe something like a song contest of a Forum of Internet, can has all this problems
  11. A Wonderful Merengue from Nicaragua
  12. The sanction of Chile is really stupid, consequence of the political correction.
  13. How is the format to choose?, private vote?
  14. The gender ideology is destroying many things, including the Olympic Games
  15. im tired to see this stupidity of the "equal gender" when there are a lot more mans who practice this, and the most part of the sports, than womens.