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  1. Well, I thought that I will have gold but ok, bronze is also good Congrats @heywoodu and @dcro
  2. That's good, but please give us final standing from biathlon
  3. And now sad news Yes, I hope that they will improve in future.
  4. That's fantastic news, thanks And what about skiers from ? They was in St.Moritz, so they have some FIS points and are close to qualify to Korea as well?
  5. I know that he will compete there I just watching replay from Opening Ceremony of these Games and when I saw him at the parade I was wondering if he will try compete in Pyeongchang. He have an FIS points and real chances to qualify?
  6. Maybe, I wanted see her in these Championships Little off-topic, you maybe know if Yohan Goutt Goncalves from will try qualify to Pyeongchang? I not saw him in St. Moritz.
  7. I guess Simon which speak in German
  8. Go Eder! No medal for Martin
  9. Finally Kot won But Kraft almost caught Stoch in World Cup standing
  10. Big congrats for Moravec and especially Bailey What an euphoria exploded among biathlon family, everyone congratulate to Lowell
  11. I just read that songwriter of Francesco song want destroy this perfect song by cut one verse or removed some words, as current version of song is 37 seconds too long for Eurovision rules, also want added some words in English that people who don't know could know about what is song