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  1. Lotte Friis announced her retirement. @Agger
  2. I know that he will be coach of our team already since two weeks, I don't know why IBU wrote about this just now I hope that he will do something and our girls will be good again or at least better than in finished season
  3. Two medal for us, and awesome silver on womens 4x400m
  4. I not follow ice hockey too much, so I didn't knew that Kazakhstan also have many naturalized players. It's bad that they prefer "buy" good Canadians and Americans instead invest for own players :/ It's unfair to other teams which have only own players.
  5. No, it isn't fair, but what we can do? I was talking that many players in Korean team are former Canadians, which also if unfair.
  6. Yay! We avoid total shame and host nation have medal
  7. Entry list for IAAF World Relays is now available, here
  8. It's official, Serena is pregnant what mean end season for her. She expects baby in September, congratulations!
  9. Happy Easter everyone!!
  10. Tell me why Ukraine should be excluded from next contest? Because they not accepted this that Russia broken rules and decided to send to contest artist which pefromed two years ago on "Russian" Crimea? There was an "black list" of Russians artists which pefromed on "Russian" Crimea and all of them are unable to enter to Ukrainian teritory by few years and Julia was on this list. Russia from the beginning doesn't wanted compete in this contest and they choosed singer on wheelchair on purpose to discrimine that Ukraine is bad country, that Ukraine not let invalid artist to compete in contest, it's all political game, sadly.