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  1. Next my video!
  2. Uff! We beat Japan!
  3. Almost all my faves are already out
  4. Both of them won sets
  5. Welcome in second night session! I will watch now matches Kumkhum-Osaka and Basilashvili - Kohlschreiber. Good luck Luk and Nicka
  6. We will finish tournament already after first stage But it was good experience for this young team
  7. Lol, Halep lost
  8. Olympic champion Puig is one game away for double bageling Tig from Romania Edit: It will not happen, Tig won one honour game.
  9. Muguruza win set.
  10. Halep and Muguruza in troubles already
  11. Who else is watching AO now? Tennis fans are starting to have night life We have already first retirement in the tournament Almagro give up after losing 4 games against Chardy.
  12. Maybe this time someone will watch this (my) video?
  13. We lost to Brazil, so, no surprise..
  14. Kaarel Nurmsalu and Gregor Schlierenzauer are back
  15. This week winners: Hobart Sydney Auckland Sydney