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  1. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Talking about mascottes, here on my table are the two mascottes for the Olympic Games I have worked for: Let's see if Tokyo 2020 mascotte will join the collection
  2. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Come on, this is just playing with the words "Passionate TISC fan" and "people who think it's a nice idea" are exactly the same thing for the subject I am talking about. You can use any word or expression you want, but the concept will be the same. You can even say "people who care just a little little little little bit", and the case we are talking about would still not be included in that list.
  3. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    The fact it just for fun it does not mean rules should not be followed, otherwise what is post #3 there for ? And I have nothing against users who appears in the forum just on TISC (which are very few anyway and surely not a "buttload"), but if they are here just for the TISC it should mean they are really into it. Would you call a user who came here once, posted the song, never came back, came back after the deadline and contacted the wrong user for the votes as a passionate TISC fan? I have nothing against the Turkish member, I am just talking in general. And of course it is not me who decide, but maybe someone is interested to have an external point of view.
  4. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    From an external point of view: that's exactly the reason why we should have avoid situations like that. Once again, I promise I could find and bring here to post a song even a person from Papua New Guinea if I just spend some time on social networks searching for that, but would that be good or bad the contest? The question should not be whether to allow a user who voted late to take part, but whether to allow a user who does not even know who is the organizer of the contest to take part.
  5. I would not be 100% sure. The document is dated 15 March 2018 so they should have known the dates of the 2018 Copa America ? But on the other hand other events whome dates are confirmed are still listed as "TBD" in the document.
  6. Done. I upload all the files on the forum so that they will not be lost if other websites remove the file or change the link.
  7. You can remove it editing the post in which you have uploaded it.
  8. Yeah exactly. Until this morning we had like 2 different "universe", one right and one wrong. The wrong one was shut down forever this morning but some users are not able to connect to the right one even now. Everything should be fixed in the next few hours.
  9. That's unfortunately normal. We have changed the server yesterday around 4pm so what you were connecting to after that time was a cached version of the website available only in your browser's cache. I informed people here, but unfortunately I informed a bit late so I guess many users did not read it.
  10. Please try to logout, empty cache and login again. It should work. Let me know.
  11. What is the difference compared to before ? Please show me with a screenshot. We have moved the forum into https secure connection so I might have to change some settings.
  12. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Please for those who voted/votes received in the last 24 hours (from Monday afternoon at 4pm CET, let's say), double check if everything is ok because we have migrated the server so some posts/private messages have been lost in the following hours.
  13. Posts written today and in the next hours might have been lost. It is like for some hours the forum is on two different servers and only one is the correct one, but I have really no idea who is on the right one and who is on the wrong one. Everything should be fixed by tomorrow, but note some of your today's posts might have been lost.
  14. The migration has been completed, be careful because in the next hours some users might still connect to the old server and those posts will be lost. I suggest everyone to update the cache.
  15. The forum will migrate into a more powerful serve in the afternoon of today. You might not be able to access Totallympics for some hours. Once the forum will be online again, you might have to empty your cache before you will be able to access Totallympics again, because the server of the forum will be a different one so for the first hours/days if you don't empty your cache you would still connect to the old server (which would either be not available at all or available but not synchronized with the new server).