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  1. Surfing is added every year with the Surfing World Games. Sport Climbing will have World Championships in 2018.
  2. Golf is added through rankings. Women's Boxing, Shooting and some other sports will have world championships in 2018 so no events are added in 2017.
  3. Events of the Week Thread

    I know it's a bit late, but the 2017 events of the week thread is now completed and ready It includes all the international events of winter sports, summer sports, paralympic sports and non-olympic sports I will now start working on the 2018 thread which hopefully will be ready before the end of the year Of course any help by users will be much welcome and we can use this thread to organize the work. Users can take care of a single sport calendar, where then I will copy events into the events of the week thread. Or they can just report missing events which will be added in the thread.
  4. Women's Singles Semifinals Part #2, Men's Doubles Semifinals #2, Mixed Doubles Final and Women's Doubles Semifinals prediction design available here Remember: Men's Singles matches are best-of-five sets matches, so the possible outcomes are 3-0, 3-1, 3-2. Women's singles and all doubles events are best-of-three sets matches. Possible outcomes 2-0 or 2-1.
  5. You MUST hide your post. To do that, you have only to delete the space between the bracket "[" and the text "hide" in "[ hide]" at the beginning of prediction post. Do the same at the end of prediction post with "[ /hide]" too. PREDICTION DESIGN - START COPYING HERE ---> [ hide] Women's Singles Semifinals Part #2 Date & Time (GMT +2) Athlete 1 T1 T2 Athlete 2 May 7th 2018, h. TBD (15:00) [13] Simona Halep Garbiñe Muguruza [3] Men's Doubles Semifinals #2 Date & Time (GMT +2) Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 May 7th 2018, h. TBD (12:00) [8] Nikola Mektic [8] Alexander Peya Pierre-Hugues Herbert [6] Nicolas Mahut [6] Mixed Doubles Final Date & Time (GMT +2) Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 May 7th 2018, h. TBD (12:00) [1] Gabriela Dabrowski [1] Mate Pavic Latisha Chan [2] Ivan Dodig [2] Women's Doubles Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +2) Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 May 8th 2018, h. TBD Eri Hozumi Makoto Ninomiya Hao-Ching Chan [8] Zhaoxuan Yang [8] May 8th 2018, h. TBD [6] Barbora Krejcikova [6] KaterinaSiniakova Andrea Sestini Hlavackova [2] Barbora Strycova [2] [ /hide] ---> PREDICTION DESIGN - STOP COPYING HERE
  6. Summer Olympic Games 2016 Replay Videos

    From what I know, nothing will change in the future about Rio 2016 replays, what is done is done. I have worked with them during PyeongChang Olympic Games and this was their answer when I asked them about missing replays. Anyway I have just written to the head of digital department and reported your post to him
  7. Done! So Athletics, Basketball, Sprint Canoeing and Rugby Sevens still missing ?
  8. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Savona is a 82 years old man against Europe and against Euro. Mattarella has the power to refuse a minister and he did it, it's nothing so shicking and this already happened in the past, so the impeachment thing is just ridicoulous. If Lega and M5S really wanted to create a government they would have changed the name of the minister, but they didn't and this is the natural result.
  9. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    And all started on December 4th 2016 with the consitutional referendum
  10. Huge problems on the server during all the day on Wednesday. Hopefully everything is ok now!
  11. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    We do not have a real "tutorial", but I think the way a forum works is pretty easy and straighforward to understand if you have some experience on other forums or social networks. As you see in the home page there are different sections (one for each Olympic sport and some others), every section contains threads and any thread containts replies about that subject. Also in the home page you will find the latest replies block which are the latest threads where users posted something in chronological order. So that is a quicker way to open "hot" threads directly from the home page without passing from the section where the thread is located. And as heywoodu told you, if you have any doubt you can ask for anything you want in the suggestions and problems thread.
  12. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Maybe you have more than one Totallympics tabs open, or from different browsers ? Try to close the browser and delete the quote part again.
  13. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Right mouse button on the text box-select all-canc/delete on your keyboard
  14. I remember that at least ICF was the first federation to publish the qualification system for Rio 2016