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  1. There is the Facebook page, theoretically. I say "theoretically" because most of the times I also do not know what happens Anyway, right now we have a daily backup so we do not risk to loose everything again, we can loose 24 hours of posts as a maximum. I think we did not loose anything this time.
  2. Thanks for reporting, the user was actually not Algerian and has been banned.
  3. We already have a calendar of World Championships, that's not really a problem: http://results.totallympics.com/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=916&pid=11430&fromuid=1 The problem is to start setting up all the posts of the single nations medals
  4. Hopefully in 2018. I am trying to find the quickest way to deal with that but I doubt I will have time to start it in 2017, sorry.
  5. No, I think dcro meant the opposite process: having a thread for everything and then merge the threads with very few replies. I meant the opposite process: having everything together and then split the posts regarding one subject which deserved a dedicated thread. The first option is a matter of merging, the second option is a matter of splitting. Both options are ok and the result would be the same, we have to find out which one is the best one in term of time saving for the one who will have to deal with that (heywoodu? )
  6. Found it on Google ? Searching something about Tour de Suisse ?
  7. @Melonade Have you actually found the forum searching for something about Tour de Suisse? Or you already knew the forum since some time? Just a curiosity which could help us to understand if splitting the thread could help to find more users in the future.
  8. I understand the point. The general discussion thread is necessary, because we can not have thousands of threads with just few posts inside each of them, but I agree some threads should be separated, otherwise after few months it will be impossible to find comments about an event held at the start of the year in a thread with many replies. My plan for the future is to decide whether a thread "deserves" to be by its own instead of inside the general thread with an objective criteria. The objective criteria is of course how many replies there are about that subject (event-news-general thread, whatever). This is not so easy though because there is not an automatic tool which could split the thread, it should be handled by a person who would split and/or merge threads. I think this could be a daily "job" for someone who wants to become a moderator and take care of this on a daily basis, checking all the threads and splitting them according to the objective criteria we will have decided. I can not do that right now because I am working far from my home until the end of the year and I want to spend my time on Totallympics mainly on the results portal. Any volounteers ?
  9. I live in Madrid right now so I have been to the Tennis tournament on Saturday and Sunday. I have taken some selfies with some players (Kukushkin, Istomin, Larsson, Strycova, Siniakova, Dodin and Cirstea) after their matches, here they are
  10. Hello everyone, 2017 is going to start soon and it's now time to open the new 2017 Discussion Threads for each of the Summer Olympic Sports. I ask the users, everyone who wants to do that, to open the threads in the next 3 days, so that the threads will be opened by different users. You can choose one or more sports (let's say no more than 3 per users in the first 24 hours), go in the section, check the 2017 Discussion Thread has not been already opened and open the new thread, with the title SPORT 2017 Discussion Thread, where instead of "SPORT" you obviously write the name of that sport . The first will be empty (don't put any comments there), choose the logo of the sport from this post , where vinipereira has uploaded all the logos, copy and paste it in your thread. The most discussed sport events will then have a separate thread but we will see during the year how to deal with that. I have already splitted all the winter sports discussion threads into 2015 - 2016 and 2016 - 2017 Discussion Threads. The contributors are working everyday on the results portal and we hope very soon the Events of the Week will come back Happy 2017 everyone!
  11. Hi everyone, this is to announce the results portal of Totallympics has been launched and you can find it here: http://results.totallympics.com Some users are working on it since a couple of months, and we have now opened the following threads: All Rio 2016 Olympic Games threads with complete results (including Paralympic Games results) All Winter Sports 2016 – 2017 World Cup Threads Most of the 2016 – 2017 summer sports european club championships Users who want to contribute can start to register on the forum, even if we still have to decide and work on many things, for example how to “link” the 2 different websites one to each other. Please use the same Username you have here when you register. Also before to open or start working on threads, contact me or another admin. IMPORTANT: do not register if you do not want to contribute, because there will be no discussion on the results website. All “discussion posts” will be deleted.
  12. To make everything clear: I don't know the username of the user who registered with username "niger" some hours ago and I would like to never know it, because I do not want to "discriminate" in the future the user who did that. I am just sure it was a false registration because the user was not connecting from Niger and already has an account here. I do not want to lose time checking who is the user who did that, but of course I will have to do it he/she will try again. So I am sure that if this user is reading this, will not try again to do that As a general rule, don't do that because you will always get caught
  13. Yes, there were 3 new slots so I have added them. So now all emitocons are in the box and you don't have to open the "category" menu to see all of them (apart from flags but I hope nobody adds flags from the emoticons box )