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  1. This is not the right to talk about that, but I have already suggested and I will push to add a rule with a minimum number of posts or a minimum time of actitivity on the forum to be elogible for the next Contests.
  2. Men's Volleyball FIVB World Championship 2018

    Posts written between 23.45 and 00.45 CET here on October 25th-26th and between 03.30 and 20.30 CET on October 25th on the results forum went lost. Everything is fine now so @LDOG please do the edits again in the results thread and sorry for that.
  3. PS: I have splitted also threads for MLB and NHL so we can have a different thread for each of the top american sports leagues. Now only NFL is missing, if you want to open it
  4. I agree with you about that, but I think it should be the other way around: when there is enough interest for a thread, that thread will have the "rights" to be stand alone thread. And this is what we are already doing in other threads. For example, there were some posts about FIFA U17 World Cup, and those posts have been splitted from the discussion thread to become a separated thread. Of course in a perfect world there would be enough interest and posts about every single event any user open the thread for. And if Lesotho national league will ever become so interesting for users that there will be hundreds of posts about that, of course we would have that thread separated from the discussion thread. But it is normal than in an Olympic Sports forum the club sports gain less interest, so we have to find some general and objective rules to follow all around the forum, because of course NBA will gain more interest than Lesotho national league, but there could be many examples of events/leagues which would gain lots of interest in my eyes and zero interest in your eyes and the other way around.
  5. I have changed it back to NBA, but if other national league threads will be opened in the future those thread will be merged into the same one. And I thought it was ok to have a thread where to talk about all national leagues instead of the general discussion thread, and the same could be done for Football and other team sports. Let's say tomorrow a user from Lesotho register and opens a thread about Lesotho national championship, do you think that thread should stand alone ? I understand you and other users find the conventions too systematic and pedant, but without them the forum would become a huge mess where to find a thread you are interested in you would need several time.
  6. As for the bolded part, I think reminders are great because some users do not take part on the forum 12 months a year but with the reminder they come back for the TISC, and that's great. I can even help with that giving the organizer the emails or other contacts of the users they want to contact. And as I said, even contacting users who are active around the forum but did not ever take part in the contest is ok. What worries me of those new users is not just that they do not take part in other threads of the forum, but that they do not even connect on Totallympics at all after they post their song. This would also mean some of them will of course not even vote, and in the worst case scenario their songs could even win (or be very well placed) in a Contest and they would not even know that.
  7. I agree, and I think in the future we should at least think about adding a rule which would allow only "real" users to take part in the contest. With "real" I mean users who are registered on the forum by at least X days/weeks or with at least X posts around the forum. We could even find users from Cook Islands or San Marino if it's just to register and post a song from their nation, but I don't think that's the aim of the contest and it is better to have some countries less but with all real users rather than having nations represented just by an user who registered, posted the song and never came back on the forum (and it would be even worst if one of them win the contest one day). I think reminders to users are great because some users are away from the forum for some periods, contacing active users who still have not registered for the contest is ok too, but to find new users from nations not represented just to increase the number might be dangerous because there is no point in bringing users who are not interested in Totallympics at all but just come here for the contest. It should be the other way around, when the forum grows and has more nations represented around the whole forum, automatically more nations will be represented in the TISC. I don't want to enter into the organization of the TISC but it is just a suggestion for those of you who organize
  8. Latest World Championships Medal Count Edited August 20 by Sindo
  9. The post (Summer) olympic year has been tough also in 2013, hopefully we will find new users next year when the Olympic qualifications will start. Also right now my free time is limited and I am focusing more on setting up the results forum, hopefully from next year I will be able to focus more on promoting the forum, but this is something every user can do in their national sports communities/forums/groups