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  1. The post (Summer) olympic year has been tough also in 2013, hopefully we will find new users next year when the Olympic qualifications will start. Also right now my free time is limited and I am focusing more on setting up the results forum, hopefully from next year I will be able to focus more on promoting the forum, but this is something every user can do in their national sports communities/forums/groups
  2. The official Schedule of the Winter Olympic Games have been announced ! You can find the complete schedule here.
  3. Triathlon 2017 Discussion Thread

    Exactly. World titles will be awarded to the winners of Junior, Under 23, and the huge numbers of Age Groups. The Elite triathlon will be "only" the last stage of the World Series so the final ranking of the World Series will not be the same of this race. Anyway, as you can see in the results thread, a bigger amount of points are awarded for this stage.
  4. Please try again now, it should be ok. I will then delete that account.
  5. I do not understand how one very short post with only basilar information about an event can be so annoying. By the way that is just a copy paste of the thread on the results thread, which you probably do not care about but there are other people who are more interested in that thread than the discussion thread. And until a couple of years ago there was much more than this in the first post (and in following posts too). If you want to propose another format feel free to do it. I do not live in a "sovietoid dystopian universe" but I want to set some "rules" not only for the content but also for the format. If tomorrow an user register and he starts opening random threads for any kind of sports and competitions, we should allow that just because we need threads ? I really do not see the point of having more threads, I prefer to have less impressions on the forum but to have threads with a criteria than the forum to be a jungle where everyone can open the first thread it comes to his mind.
  6. I have enabled some options that you can now change in your notification settings page. Some other of them are impossible to change even for me.
  7. The thread is back ! Everything is updated as of today. Enjoy
  8. World Championships 2017 Medal Count
  9. Latest World Championships Medal Count