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  1. Asian Games 2018

    This reminds me of our old forum which was not supporting the half/hour time zone differences So all the Indian users were not able to set the right time on the forum.
  2. You and @Federer91 can decide about that, but if you will bring here more users for the game I would have nothing against having another thread for the game only and using this thread to discuss about WWE competitions.
  3. As for team sports, only for Field Hockey because it's an olympic qualification event. Same for the other 3 individual sports which are qualifying events (archery, sailing and tennis). And a few other sports which could have lots of posts, to avoid having them all in the main thread. I have thought about Athletics and Swimming (big sports), Badminton and Wrestling (very high level). If there won't be many comments it will be very easy and quick to merge the thread in that sport's discussion thread at the end of the Asian Games. And vice versa, if many comments in the main thread will be about one single sport, we can split the posts into a separate thread.
  4. Yeah, this is something I can introduce again in the future
  5. I can't decide the placement of the ads I have asked not to have ads between posts at least for logged users, let's see if it will work.
  6. Ads covering posts should be a kind of mistakes, because it shouldn't happen. Can you send me a screenshot when it happens again so I can send it to the support ? Thanks
  7. This is because you have your cookies not updated on your browser. Try to press F5 multiple times, or delete cookies from your browser
  8. For those who are nostalgic for the waving flags, you can still use them as I have uploaded them on the forum. You can find them in the smiley list or with the following shortcut: :wXYZ: where XYZ is the IOC country code.
  9. It's just because of the cookies stored in your browser. Just wait for some time and you will see all the new flags. Or keep pressing F5 and it will be ok
  10. The new set of flags have been uploaded, I hope you like it