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  1. I live in Madrid right now so I have been to the Tennis tournament on Saturday and Sunday. I have taken some selfies with some players (Kukushkin, Istomin, Larsson, Strycova, Siniakova, Dodin and Cirstea) after their matches, here they are
  2. Hello everyone, 2017 is going to start soon and it's now time to open the new 2017 Discussion Threads for each of the Summer Olympic Sports. I ask the users, everyone who wants to do that, to open the threads in the next 3 days, so that the threads will be opened by different users. You can choose one or more sports (let's say no more than 3 per users in the first 24 hours), go in the section, check the 2017 Discussion Thread has not been already opened and open the new thread, with the title SPORT 2017 Discussion Thread, where instead of "SPORT" you obviously write the name of that sport . The first will be empty (don't put any comments there), choose the logo of the sport from this post , where vinipereira has uploaded all the logos, copy and paste it in your thread. The most discussed sport events will then have a separate thread but we will see during the year how to deal with that. I have already splitted all the winter sports discussion threads into 2015 - 2016 and 2016 - 2017 Discussion Threads. The contributors are working everyday on the results portal and we hope very soon the Events of the Week will come back Happy 2017 everyone!
  3. Hi everyone, this is to announce the results portal of Totallympics has been launched and you can find it here: http://results.totallympics.com Some users are working on it since a couple of months, and we have now opened the following threads: All Rio 2016 Olympic Games threads with complete results (including Paralympic Games results) All Winter Sports 2016 – 2017 World Cup Threads Most of the 2016 – 2017 summer sports european club championships Users who want to contribute can start to register on the forum, even if we still have to decide and work on many things, for example how to “link” the 2 different websites one to each other. Please use the same Username you have here when you register. Also before to open or start working on threads, contact me or another admin. IMPORTANT: do not register if you do not want to contribute, because there will be no discussion on the results website. All “discussion posts” will be deleted.
  4. To make everything clear: I don't know the username of the user who registered with username "niger" some hours ago and I would like to never know it, because I do not want to "discriminate" in the future the user who did that. I am just sure it was a false registration because the user was not connecting from Niger and already has an account here. I do not want to lose time checking who is the user who did that, but of course I will have to do it he/she will try again. So I am sure that if this user is reading this, will not try again to do that As a general rule, don't do that because you will always get caught
  5. Yes, there were 3 new slots so I have added them. So now all emitocons are in the box and you don't have to open the "category" menu to see all of them (apart from flags but I hope nobody adds flags from the emoticons box )
  6. About the other Prediction Contests, Wanderer told me he will probably come back on the forum during next weekend.
  7. Hello to all Indian users! I hope you have enjoyed the Olympic Games! I have been informed that a Whatsapp group has been created and I guess many live comments by Totallympics users have been posted there. In fact, I was epecting many more messages here in the India National Thread during the Olympic days. Of course, I don't want to "ban" the Whatsapp group from the forum, neither to ask users to leave it, because I am not a dictator and anyway would be totally useless. I just hope that the Whatsapp group would not hurt the Totallympics Indian community in the future. I think that to discuss on a forum is different than some quick Whatsapp messages, so of course all of you could choose whatever you prefer. I would like to challenge the reason why the Whatsapp group has been created, anyway. I have read somewhere that it has been created to avoid the "spam posts" with live comments during the competitions. I can assure you that comments during live competitions are not spam at all, very far from that, especially in the National Thread. It is actually one of the main reasons why Totallympics has been created. Therefore all Indian users will be able to choose whatever they prefer, Whatsapp group, India National Thread or both of them, but please don't feel like live comments about Indian athletes performances on Totallympics are spam. I would really be sad the Indian Totallympics community to be weakened because of a Whatsapp group, especially if the Whatsapp group is used for a reason which is not a problem for Totallympics. Now that Rio is over there will be a physiological drop of interest, but I hope you will be able to keep the Indian community alive also in this after-Olympic period and confirm the India National Thread to be the most active also for the next Olympic Quadriennium. Thanks, Sindo
  8. We will try not to follow only Olympic Qualification events, anyway. In our "golden era" we were following all world championships, continental championships, world cup, junior/youth events. So the events you have listed would be followed even if they are not Olympic qualification events.
  9. They will release them in the next months. Anyway, Olympic Qualifications do not start more than 2 years before the Olympic Games, so we have time There will be some "pre-qualification" events anyway. For example, we should be 99% sure that Handball European Championship 2020 will be an Olympic Qualification Event, and the qualifications will start in November Same for FIBA World Cup 2019, UEFA U21 2019 European Championship and so on.
  10. They are too early to open the new forum in time for Paralympics, but we will follow them here. I will try to open the new discuz forum as soon as possible, but the first months will be more like a test. Hopefully we will be in full activity by the start of 2017.
  11. New registrations, but the registrations will be limited to those who will post results, other people can surf through the Discuz without being registered, because the comments will still be on the IP Board forum. We will put an option for which the new registrations have to be approved by the admins, explaining that if someone is registerting to comment, he has to go on the IP Board forum.
  12. Hello everyone! Rio 2016 is coming to an end and I would like to make an announcement before some users will enter into the "detoxification mode" of sports after the Olympic Games and will disappear for some months (hopefully not too much!) After the new start in March, as you know Totallympics has changed because from March on Totallympics has only been a discussion forum and not a results collection website anymore. I had to quickly restart the forum to avoid the community to die, we have lost some users, found some others, but in general I think it was a positive new start. As many of you know, I have started Totallympics in 2011 and I have had a motivation lackness in the past 12 months. Also thanks to some improvements in my professional life, I have now found some new motivations and I have already planned the new Olympic Quadriennium which will start tomorrow and will go until Tokyo 2020. What Totallympics offered until February and has totally missed after the new start is the results collection, something I would like to start again. My idea is to separate the discussion forum from the results collection part of Totallympics. And I think the best way is to keep this forum's software (IP Board) for the discussion forum (very expensive but very user friendly) and to use Discuz (the old forum's software, which is free) again for the results collection part. We would not use the Discuz part as a discussion forum, but the good thing is that Discuz is free and all Totallympics contributors already know how to use it to post results. As you may have noticed trying to post results here on IP Board, this software is very good for discussion but very bad for tables and complex formats in general. To post results in tables like we were doing on Discuz here on IP Board is not even impossible and to work with tables in general very time consuming. Also, I have tried some websites platforms in the past months but none of them are as good as Discuz for the tables and the formats we were already used to use until few months ago. So to make a summary my idea is: IP Board (Totallympics as it is now) for Discussion Discuz (Totallympics as it was from 2011 to February 2016) for Results I think this solution would make everyone happy: those who were interested to post/be informed about results and those who are just interested in the discussion. Hopefully most of you will be interested in both of the things On the Discuz forum we will have a limited number of users, because only the contributors will register, and only results will be posted. No general messages, no questions about results or olympic qualifications, no mistakes reports, everything which does not contain results will be posted on the IP Board forum. We will have some "rules" about which events to follow, I mean that everything will be standardized as it was before, to avoid someone registering and starting to post random results of minor sports competitions. Of course we will as always focus on Olympic Qualifications and hopefully we will be able to follow the biggest number possible of international competitions of both Winter and Summer Sports. All the discussions will still be here, and hopefully more and more users from each Nation will join the discussion to follow sport events with us everyday. One of the most important thing here will be to make all National Threads more and more populated so that each Nation will have at least 2 or more users who can discuss in their own national language in their National Thread. Another difference, a positive one I think because many of you complained about this, is that in the Discuz Threads we will not post "daily" results in the threads anymore, because there will be no discussion in the threads. So we will just have to update the post with results without posting "Day 1 Results", "Medal Count after Day 3" and so on anymore. We still have to decide together with admins some things, but this is the general idea. I think this is the best thing because people who wants to discuss can do it without comments being interrupted by very long results/medal count posts, people who want results will be able to use Totallympics as a source again as it happened before, and people who want to do both things will be able to do both things My main concern, right now, is who will take care of the Events of the Week Thread, because it is very time consuming and it requires a great general sports events knowledge and to be always aware of which sport events have started or will start soon. As you know, KSR was taking care of that since Totallympics launch, but I have not been able to contact him after February 2016. Hopefully he will come back one day, but I can't say when, so we need someone who will take care of that. I hope I will be able to contribute on this project as much as I can but I do not want to be in a position for which the whole Totallympics depends on me, therefore I prefer to help as much as I can, but not to let any thread or project depends exclusively on me. Another important thing is to easily and quickly link from one forum to the other one so that users can easily pass from reading results to comment and the opposite. For example, we could add a link in the first post of each thread to redirect users to the results/discussion thread in the other forum. As I said, this "split" will allow users to only use the results or the discussion part, but hopefully most of you will be interested and will take part in both of them. If you have any question or suggestion feel free to ask/propose because in the next days I don't think we will have many sport events to follow So we have time to think about the new quadriennium. In few hours Rio 2016 will be finished but Totallympics' strenght has always been to be alive for 365 days per year and our Olympic Games don't last 16 days but 4 years, so from tomorrow on our focus will be on Tokyo 2020, with of course Pyeongchang 2018 and all other daily sport events in between And I hope you will all be with us and more and more users from yours and from other nations will join us during the journey!
  13. Yeah, working with tables with this software is very bad. But don't worry, this problem won't exist anymore after I will post the next announcement in the next few hours
  14. Signature is one of the features only Premium Members can have