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  1. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    Not for Rio, what is uploaded now for Rio will most probably not change for the time being. But for PyeongChang all the events will be uploaded (apart for Trainings). And as I said this should happen already on Sunday february 25th after the Closing Ceremony, unless any problem arise
  2. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    I have asked for it and apparently they will never upload Eventing and Jumping
  3. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    Is the jumping uploaded ? I can not find them either in the software they are using.
  4. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    Yes, all the sessions will be available right after the end of the Olympic Games, if things go smooth even from Sunday February 25th Apart from USA which is geoblocked for the first 10 days. Source: me as I am working for them during these days
  5. Both rybak and me remember it: your nickname was SwissFlag
  6. Yeah, both @Nathy and @Morgan already were with us in the old forum
  7. I have already done that during Rio 2016, I will be an editorial support for the team who is producing daily highlights. Most of them are great in their job or producing videos but do not know if Biathlon is a sport or a food or if Skeleton is also something else apart a group of bones
  8. I am working for the Olympic Channel as a freelance and my daily shift is 4am-2pm
  9. Also, a problem of the still flags (and it's the reason why I decided to use the animated flags back then) is that we have a completely white background here so the flags with a lot of white get mixed with the background. Examples: And take into account in the results portal there is not even the edge around the flag so you do not even realize where the flag ends.
  10. You can add any kind of image you want, so whenever you want you can use other kind of flags like: But we are talking about which ones to be the "standard" flags, which are uploaded on Totallympics and so they have 2 important features: 1) A shortcut can be used, which now is :+IOC country code and you will have the flag in your post 2) They will never go down until Totallympics will not be down. Which is very important because if you rely on a third party website, if that website will go down one day you will not be able to see the flag on Totallympics anymore.
  11. Do you mean the animated flags look old ? We can discuss about a new set of flag in the future, I thought the animated ones are the best but I am so used to see them that I did not even thing about any other set
  12. Added, the shortcut is : IOC (without space)