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    Hello everyone, the post-Olympic year is going to finish and a new sports year is going to start, a year with the Winter Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and the first Olympic Qualifications for Tokyo 2020, which hopefully you will all follow on Totallympics and more people will join us before, during and after the events. A special thank you to the 6 users who last year subscribed to the Premium Membership, allowing me to have some extra motivations during the last year when my motivations to keep up the project were a bit low. So thank you @Prashanth, @nitinsanker, @OlympicIRL, @hukbrazil, @heywoodu and @Pavlo for your gesture. Now that I have more motivations, I was able to reduce the costs of hosting the website and I am able to pay most of them with the money I receive from the ads (which is very few, but still enough to cover most of the costs), the Premium Membership and the donations are not necessary anymore and Totallympics is free for everyone again. So you are all now allowed to add your own signature in your profile, which will be shown after each of your posts. As always, everyone can help Totallympics to grow trying to get more users from his/her own nation on national forums/social networks/communities and a way to do so is to make your National Thread active (see Serbia and India, more users attract more users as everywhere around the web) and I wish in the future every national community on the forum can get bigger
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    London Calling: Personal Bests, Milestones and Number 8 Only weeks are separating us from the Grand Final of the 2017 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest, and it promises to be nothing short of spectacular as 35 nations will fight it out to earn the honor of having the best song. Though it's not all about winning, as some nations may be looking just to have their best performance ever. 35 nations will compete in the upcoming contest, a record since the transition to the new forum, but also an overall record for the TISC Annual contests. Every nation will aim to get points from the other 34, but how many points do you need to beat you personal best, or even "personal worst" in this case? Here it is. A graph has three segments. Blue arrows represent how many points a nation needs to get to match their average performance over the years. Top of the each black line represents the points needed to match the personal best, while the bottom of the each line represents the points needed to match the personal worst. Exact points for each of the three aspects are given in the table below. So what do we see in this graph. Well, first of all, another proof of Irish dominance. There are only 5 nations whose best ever performance is better than Irish average one (those are GBR, GER, FRA, ITA and MEX)! Moreover, if we take a look at Ireland's "worst" performance, it is still higher than the best ever performance from 10 other nations competing here. But it's not all about Ireland. One nation that stands out is just about the most consistent one, Portugal. They need 75 points for the best ever, and 64 for the worst ever result! In all of their three participations they finished on very similar points. Totallympics' very own Mr. Consistency One nation is missing from all this however, the "wild card" Iran, our only debutante this year. No history records can help us pinpoint their performance, but we will take a look at what Iran needs to do to be the most successful debutante ever (excluding the nations that debuted at the very first contest). But let me tell you, getting a crown for being the best debutante ever is no easy task. When Colombia debuted back at the 2014 TISC Open contest, they earned massive 228 points and finished second. Some of the most successful debutantes also include Switzerland (5th place at the 2014 TISC Open) and Australia (6th place at the 2014 TISC Annual). It appears as though first time performers have never won this thing however, excluding the very first contest of course. Milestones Now we take a look at some of the milestones that are bound to happen at the 2017 TISC Annual contest. First of all, our British hosts should get their 1000th point in TISC history. As of now, they are on 996 points, so just about the first voters may wrap this up. Hosting this contest should make this milestone even more special to the team GB. Some of the smaller, personal milestones, include the possibility (probability) of reaching their 500th TISC point for team Argentina (497 as of now) and Greece (459). There are also some of the overall milestones bound to be reached. Indonesia, which will open the voting proceedings on April 29 will also become the 250th jury to present their votes. Also, 20000th overall TISC point will be awarded in this edition. It will be awarded by the jury number 8 in the voting order, Algeria. More specifically, it will go to the nation that gets 8 points from Algeria. Notice the recurring theme? Well, I guess we should keep an eye on number 8 in the Grand Final of this, the 8th edition of TISC.
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    Wow, 3rd place, and to think we led for much of the voting round, it was funny that we never left the top 3 (or something like that) the entire time. Also, not bad considering Dia Frampton was a last-minute choice, so I didn't know how it was received, but it seemed to be overwhelmingly positive, and for that, I am grateful. Thank you to those who gave us points 12 - @intoronto @justony 11 - @Werloc @Dolby 10 - @kungshamra71 9 - @Gianlu33 @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker @mrv86 8 - @OlympicIRL @bestmen @amen09 @dcro 7 - @Janakis @uk12points @Damian @heywoodu 5 - @Herki @Glen @rybak 4 - @Bohemia @Benolympique @africaboy @konig @LDOG @Matt 3 - @hckosice @Agger 1 - @MHSN @Griff88
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    And I'll write a song for the annual TISC: Just an emotional girl In an emotional world That other members need to nurture Cause I don't have musical culture Sad songs are what I do best So let's put it to a test What to play to beat the rest Having neighbours also helps And the conspiracies brew I wanted points, but I have two And what else can I do But give twelve points to @heywoodu
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    The scheduling. Two hours with only one ice hockey group match, followed by two hours with 3 medal events going on.
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    Hello, i came from France, near Paris. I Watch my first olympics on TV at Albertville 1992. I never miss any olympics on TV since Albertville. I follow your website since a few years and i have decided to register. For me, olympics is not a sample event, it's the event of all sports and this is why i like the olympics.
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    @vinipereira @titicow Thank you so so much!!!! This is going to be long in my memory! Thank you!! @dezbee2008 and @Damian really hard way to end great contest, I don't wish anyone to lose in this way. But thank you for making this a memorable race. I can't believe it, this was the most unexpected of them all, I never in my wildest dream imagined when choosing the entry that this would be the outcome! Thanks to all who voted for The Stunning and for all who spent the day with me here making this a really fun weekend. And thanks so much to @amen09 for all his efforts and a wonderful staging of the event. You must have been bursting with excitement when you realised how the draw made for such a climactic finish. But to pull all this off on your own is not easy and you have done an amazing job. Now go and have a well deserved rest Me and this little guy are gonna get rather drunk now.... Go raibh míle maith agaibh!! Thank you!!!
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    Ladies and gentlemen for the first time in Africa TISC is finally here in Tunisia before the start of the ceremony let me present you the official Logo
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    Keeping It Nip And Tuck Year in and year out we are proven that winning the desired TISC title is not everything. There are always so many other battles and curiosities that keep us glued to the scoreboard as the Grand Final progresses. One of those things are the battles between certain nations that seem to happen at every single occasion. So, in this article we will focus on some of the biggest rivalries of the TISC family. Algeria and Tunisia's rivalry might be one of the shorter lived ones, but it has been just as intense as some of the longer ones. Algeria and Tunisia have met each other at no less than three contests, starting at the 2015 Open when Algeria made its debut. Back then Tunisia won easily, scoring 82 points to Algeria's 28. However, 2016 brought much tighter affairs between these two African nations. 2016 Annual contest was, generally speaking, the most successful one for the African continent. Both Algeria and Tunisia went over 100 points, becoming the first African nations to do so. However, it was Tunisia that edged out Algeria 126 to 118. 2016 Open contest brought another close battle between these two. Moreover, both nations finished on 70 points! But once again it was Tunisia who finished in front on tie-break, keeping their record clean at 3-0. At the end of the year, Algeria and Tunisia met yet again, but this time in the final round of bidding. Tunisia edged out again and won the hosting rights for the 2017 Open. Will 2017 be Algeria's year? Who says that only winner gets a trophy? Sometimes even finishing in 27th place can bring you a trophy. The Czechs and the Slovaks have friendly rivalries in all kind of things, and TISC is definitely no exception. Sadly, this time we will not see a Czechoslovakian battle, as the Czech team dropped out after failing to submit their votes. The Czechoslovakian trophy has been won by Slovakia on 4 occasions, making them the more successful of the two. Moreover, Slovakia has 100% efficiency when it comes to the Annual Contest. Maybe that's why Czechs dropped out? Or maybe they are still recovering from the nasty defeat at the 2016 Open, when Slovaks defeated them by a single point thanks to the very last jury? It is a well known fact that French and Italians are regular sport rivals. Their sport rivalry has been well translated to the TISC contests. France has won 4 times, while Italy has 3 victories. France is also leading in the all-time points. But perhaps the most curious thing about their battles is the fact that the winning side always seem to crush the other. Italy crushed France by 117 points at the 2013 Open, France crushed Italy by 118 points at the 2014 Open. Their closest battle came at the 2016 Open, when France won by still a big margin of 24 points. Battle of the giants, we should say. Over the years, Great Britain has been pretty much the only nation that could match Ireland's successes on regular basis. This may come as a surprise, but Great Britain has actually been the more successful of the two, defeating Ireland at no less than 4 occasions! Ireland has 3 victories, and all of them actually came when Ireland won the overall contest. It seems like Ireland needs to come up with a winning combination to keep their neighbors at bay! Despite having a positive head-to-head score, the British have only one overall victory. That's indeed some tough luck! This is perhaps the biggest of all TISC rivalries. Canada and the USA have been fighting close battles ever since the TISC contests started. Moreover, at the TISC premiere in 2013 they actually finished on equal 150 points! This prompted users from both nations to desperately seek answers over who won the tie-break. It was Canada that edged out eventually, earning them a top 5 finish. Canadians and Americans kept it nip and tuck at pretty much all of the following contests. Their rivalry culminated once again at the latest 2016 Open contest in Lithuania. Going into the final round of voting, it was the USA that held the final place on the podium. But there was one problem... They were drawn to be the final voters. They awarded points to Canada and, in the process, they also handed them their own place on the podium. Looking at their battles over the years, it seems like the Canadians always get their way in close finishes. They won once on a tie-break, and two more times by single-digit differences. USA, on the other hand, have won only once, and that was by a big 35 points difference! TISC Analytics
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    hi guys, since the beginning of this contest, so many users contacted me to join here but I didn't, this time here I am but first I want to be sure about my responsibilities here. I read the rules in first page but that was too long, and I'm not a fan of Eurovision to know its format. so in short I have to pick an Iranian song in next couple of days (I already have one or two in my mind) then I have to listen to all those selected songs from all countries to pick 12 and rank them from 1st to 12th. that's it ?
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    IBU should introduce indoor biathlon for German girls, maybe they'd be able to medal in that case
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    The quality of my pics will be bad compared to leli's but here are a few from when I was in Ireland last year:
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    To Infinity And Beyond… Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a brand new TISC dedicated website! TISC movement is approaching its 10th edition jubilee, which will be held in Brazil at the first half of 2018. With that in mind, it was time to introduce a new, fresh and exciting feature – TISC’s very own News Site. Launched quite spontaneously on November 26th, 2017, this website is looking to become one of the hotspots of TISC celebrations. Right now TISC-News offers several sections: News – In this section you’ll be able to read everything you need to know about TISC, but also much more than that. It’s reserved for general news, news about the upcoming contest(s), bidding news, interviews, synopsies, stats and trivia, etc. Stats – In this section you’ll be able to look into the statistics of TISC contest. As of now, the results of all of the previous contest can be found there. This section will get expanded over time. Opinions – Every user will be encouraged to express his/her own opinions once in a while. It can be about absolutely anything TISC related, such as your favorite TISC moment, your favorite contest, music genres you’d like to see, rule changes you propose, contest reviews and so on. About – Short description of TISC, recommended for newcomers. Rules – General rules can be consulted here in PDF format. Testimonials – We encourage you to write your own testimony about TISC in general. Two randomly selected testimonials will be displayed at the home page at any given time. Contact – Have any questions? Feel free to contact us! That would be all for now. We hope to see you mingling around TISC-News soon! Go TISC!
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    Before saying goodbye to everyone, there is a surprise waiting for you and it was prepared by vinipereira .Brazil is getting ready to welcome everyone to TISC Annual 2018
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    A big thanks to our special guest Maria Carey in this closing ceremony full of emotions
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    You emotional ladies want to sleep and eat. Be a man and complete this farce of contest where only emotional songs win due to points from their neighbours.
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    Bestmen 101 for beginners: Step 1: Berate the host and make his life unnecessarily difficult Step 2: Claim that people only vote for their neighbours Step 3: Claim that people only vote for songs in English Step 4: Claim that people only vote for 'emotional songs' Step 5: Claim that no one on this forum has good 'music culture' Step 6: Scream conspiracy Step 7: Finally get a point or two and commend said person on having very good 'music culture' Step 8: Repeat
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    I somehow never received points from Uruguay either
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    By the Numbers: 2017 TOISC In less than two weeks, Tunisia is set to become the first African country ever to host the Totallympics International Song Contest and also the first non-European country to do so since Mexico hosted it in the Spring of 2014. Overall, this will be the 9th edition of TISC, and the 5th edition of Open. 35 countries are scheduled to take part, which equals the record from the "New" Totallympics. As much as 3 previous contests have had exactly 35 participants. Open Divas Out of 35 participating countries, only 2 of them have won TOISC previously. Ireland has won it twice, including the memorable win at the 2014 edition. Lithuania has won it once meanwhile, just like Sweden, which in turn hasn't participated in any TISC since the 2015 Annual. Lithuania's win in 2015 however came with the lowest points per jury average in history (3.95). To put that into perspective, this average would have put Lithuania only in 7th place at the very first TOISC in 2013. In fact, this average wouldn't have even put Lithuania onto the podium in any of the other 7 contests! Ireland's success at Open editions can hardly be matched though. They are the only ones who have never finished outside of top 10. Newcomers and Comeback Kids Uruguay will make its TISC debut, becoming the smallest South American country to take part. Overall, Uruguay is the 7th South American country that has joined the TISC family, consolidating South America's position as the second most represented continent. Uruguay is also the second nation that will make its debut in 2017, which surpasses 2016's number of debutantes by one. Meanwhile, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Spain and Turkey will all make their comebacks after missing one or more contests. Czech Republic has missed two Annuals thus far, but their record of never missing an Open will continue. Colombia and Turkey are coming back after missing the latest contest in Great Britain earlier this year, while Chile and Spain are coming back after missing the previous two contests. Estonia meanwhile is set to become the longest awaited nation which eventually made a return to TISC. They have missed the last 5 editions since making their debut at 2014 Open. The most notable absentee at this edition is Azerbaijan, which failed to register for the first time since TISC's introduction back in 2013. Goals and Wishes It's all about the personal bests at TISC Analytics. Here is a table with the required points for matching your PB (and required points for matching your average/worst performance). Good luck everyone. Go Totallympics! Go Music!
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    This has been a tough week for me. Some of you may have noticed that I have a picture of my dog, Benny, on my profile page. In fact when I was on the old forum, I had a photo of Benny as my avatar. I am very sad to tell you that this week I had to make the very tough decision of letting Benny go. He was injured a few weeks ago in a car accident and he suffered an injury to his back. He was given medication and rest and I was hoping and praying that he would be able to recover. As the second week passed it became clear that Benny was not progressing and a decision would have to be made. One more week but it was no good. He was made as comfortable as possible after his accident but I hard to make the awful decision of deciding that it was best to let him go. I am heartbroken and as much as I tried to distract myself for the last couple of weeks, it didn't prepare me for having to say goodbye . I am sorry if I have not replied to any messages and have not been updating any threads these last few days. I will be back on top of things soon. Here is a couple of pics to share with you of my lovely Benny.... he was a wonderful and loyal friend.
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    Hi guys, I'm at work right now (Saturday is workday in Iran lol) but managed to find few minutes to post my votes
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    I have renewed my passport and I am expecting to be in Pyeongchang too. (Should add that I am also going to Beijing and Tokyo) so hitting the next 3 hosts in one month
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    Not sure if I should write here and what but... hey there!
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    Today we celebrate Badnje veče (Christmas Eve). This is badnjak. Tradition is that housefather early in the morning cuts it and bring it into house. (In more riecent times, especially in the cities you can buy at market). You keep it through year and the one from last year burn. In front on the church lightening of badnjak is organized, too. The dinner on this day is prepared accordance with the rules of fasting. And there is one tradition for kids korinđanje (kids put on masks) or pijukanje when kids go through neigborhood and sing and ask for sweets. Tradition also varies from region to region. Srećno Bandje veče! Happy Christmas Eve!
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    From today on, @VolleyRuller96 is a new moderator of the forum. He will be responsible of checking posts around the forum and operate as soon as the discussions gets off topic or too animated. Good luck!
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    the last selfie of the year , say cheeeeese
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    If we ever have that meeting, we should definitely organise a culinary contest: T - Totallympics A - Annual S - Savoury T - Technique E - Entertainment
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    Cookies I made They are spicy, crispy and excellent with tea, coffee
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    Algeria Netherlands 11 Portugal 10 Poland 9 United States 8 Argentina 7 New Zealand 6 Slovenia 5 France 4 Canada 3 Tunisia 2 Serbia 1
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    Hello Guys, I returned to the forum after a long-long absence. I usually come here for results of small tournaments (like Archery Oceanian championships) or when I don't understand a rule of a sport or a competition. And I love Totallympics song contest!
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    Maybe this somehow will help to increase more users and countries
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    It would be cool to see @vinipereira making logo for his own contest this time.
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    One last thing to do... reveal the Scoreboard: 0 / 35 Juries Voted Jury Voting: Netherlands 0 Indonesia 0 Finland 0 Romania 0 Argentina 0 Slovenia 0 Great Britain 0 Ireland 0 Morocco 0 Russia 0 Mexico 0 Croatia 0 United States 0 Slovakia 0 Tunisia 0 Algeria 0 Portugal 0 Lithuania 0 Canada 0 Malta 0 France 0 Iran 0 Greece 0 Moldova 0 New Zealand 0 Bulgaria 0 Azerbaijan 0 Kazakhstan 0 Germany 0 India 0 Brazil 0 Denmark 0 Serbia 0 Poland 0 Italy 0 Remember the contest begins tomorrow morning at 10:30 UK time (GMT+1)! I hope to see you all there! Goodbye for now!
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    And with that we have a special guest and new Totallympics member I hear to open the contest! "It is with great pride I declare the 2017 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest open" Thank you everyone for joining us tonight for the Opening Ceremony!!
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    From last summer (Aosta Valley)
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    Thanks for everything @amen09 The US delegation is grateful to have visit your country for the contest. I thank you all for suggesting I should host. I won't make promises, but I would definitely put on a great show if chosen.
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    Thank you everyone for coming to the opening ceremony, it was a great honour and pleasure to show you what Tunisia can offer. A big thanks to the artist @vinipereira for preparing the Logo and a big thanks also to @olympicIRL who support me and help in everything We hope that you enjoyed the show and we will be seeing you tomorrow at 10:00 GTM+1 in the Grand Final TUNISIA 2017 Bulgaria 0 Lithuania 0 Tunisia 0 Italy 0 Romania 0 Ireland 0 India 0 Turkey 0 Malta 0 France 0 Colombia 0 New Zealand 0 Denmark 0 Greece 0 Spain 0 Canada 0 Slovenia 0 Great Britain 0 Netherlands 0 United States 0 Iran 0 Mexico 0 Uruguay 0 Estonia 0 Portugal 0 Serbia 0 Argentina 0 Chile 0 Poland 0 Czech Republic 0 Indonesia 0 Algeria 0 Croatia 0 Slovakia 0 Brazil 0
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    And Yess @dcro is the first to Guess the city @bestmen was close to guess Carthage is a commune in Tunis Governorate, Tunisia. It is named for, and includes in its area, the archaeological site of Carthage. and the old capital of the Empire of carthage the Grand Final will be held in The Carthage Amphitheater
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    Ain Draham ! Aïn Draham is a city in northwestern Tunisia in the Jendouba Governorate, Its name describes the sulfurous hot springs in the area used by the Romans in antiquity. Ruins of Roman baths are also found in the area. And yes we have snow
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