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    I don't really follow athletics, but as a reminder to myself in case I decide to follow it someday, I should never come close to some people discussing the results here. I've seen some sexist, LGBT-phobic, and apparently racist comments, and I'm surprised some of you just let that slip as if it's nothing. It's one thing when you are not a huge fan of such and such athlete. It's a different thing altogether when you purposely misgender people or when your remarks about someone might come off as racist.
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    I doesn't look good in this photo, but I wanted share of whom I saw today
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    Im back after our travel to Japan, here some pictures of that journey
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    We will try to work on that on the future and I agree with you something has to be improved under this point of view. But just as a reminder to every user, you can (and should) report posts if you find them racist. Even when we will have a better organized moderation team, moderators are not reading the threads 24 hours, and when you make a report a notifications will arrive to moderators and the post can be checked more quickly. I have received 3-4 reports during the World Championships and all of them have been dealt pretty quickly. Also (I am not talking to you but in general) we should differentiate between racist comments and comments made by users we can not stand. For the latest ones, you should all use the "Ignore" feature this forum allows everyone to use (apart from me, even though I would love to be able to use that function too )
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    if you want to follow the ECLIPSE LIVE NOW! 21-08 in usa will begin at less than 2 hours
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    Yeah, that was just fantastic. 1000m walk vs 1400m run, brilliant. Can't wait for the 130m (human) vs 250m (horse).
  7. 2 points
    He'll have to take his measly gold medal that he won by 31kg, shame
  8. 2 points
    Q&A: -------- What the hell ? : First, thank you for this great question. The Roller Games are the first roller sports games organized by the roller sports federation also known as the "Fédération internationale de Roller Sports", pardon my french). During these games, 110 events from 10 disciplines will be show off during 15 days. 4,000 athletes are expected. Nanjing, like in Nanjing, China ? : Yes, very good ! Not exactly your roller sports mecca, the city was initially chosen to host the second Roller Games in 2019, but after the withdraw of Barcelona in early 2016, both cities switch places making Nanjing the host city of these inaugural games. So what are the sports ? : Immagine the Winter Olympic Games but without the snow and the ice ? Excited yet ? No ? well, you should, because that is exactly what you're going to get: Artistic, Alpine, Speed, Hockey (x2 !)... Wait...two hockeys ? : Yes ! One is played on classic quad skates, when the second one is played on inline skates (pro tip: don't mention the existence of the other hockey to the other group). Rink Hockey, Artistic and Roller Rerby are played on quad skates; Alpine, Downhill, Freestyle, Inline Hockey and Speed are played on inline skates; and finally skateboarding is played... well, on skateboards. No rollerball then ? I'm affraid no. But you have Roller Derby (but yes, that's not the same without the explosions) Why should I care? Because... it's on TV !. Ah forget about that, it probably won't be. Still, with 110 events, the odds are one of your countrymen is going to win one of these medals. And you like some random medals as much as the next guy, right ? Any streams anywhere ? The federation actually has a pretty serviceable streaming service here. There is some hoping, we will be able to catch most of it.
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    Well, I guess, it's good to know. Still a discipline that has nothind to do with the Olympics IMHO.
  12. 2 points
    I found it on reddit, and wow! It's the Lithuanian flag on nature
  13. 2 points
    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1916070325312790&id=100007295226625 Covek objasnio, konacno da neko od novinara uvidja realnu sliku nase atletike!!
  14. 2 points
    Viktor je opet obećao medalju Što bi Dobrev rekao, 'on to uvek kaže'
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    FEI has published the Qualification systems. Dressage: http://inside.fei.org/system/files/DRESSAGE Tokyo 2020 - Qualification System_7 August 2017.pdf Jumping: http://inside.fei.org/system/files/JUMPING Tokyo 2020 - Qualification System_7 August 2017.pdf Eventing: http://inside.fei.org/system/files/EVENTING Tokyo 2020 - Qualification System _ 7 August 2017.pdf
  16. 2 points
    BBC is also broadcasting the Eventing europeans... Saturday and Sunday they will be live on Red Button Channel (viewable also FTA on satellite @ 28.2 East)... and Sunday there will be a full 2-hr summary on BBC 2 (from 17.45 to 19.50 CET)... of course all this will be also available online (with a VPN)... here you can find the BBC Sport Schedule (full week, all sports included of course)... http://www.bbc.com/sport/36722726
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    By the way, my biggest frustration when people go and spread hate towards Semenya is that, if the stories are to be believed, Semenya is one of the friendliest people in the world of athletics. Never a bad word about anyone, always goes to each and every competitor after every race (win or lose) for a little 'well done'. Small gestures, but I don't see anyone else doing this kind of thing after every race. Treated like this for 8 years and still not turning into an angry woman, one must have one hell of a good character to remain so friendly to all their competitors.
  18. 2 points
    I entirely agree with you on the first part of this quote. Semenya, Niyonsaba, Wambui, etc, are most definitely women. A complicated situation where it's not wrong to study possible unfair advantages, yes, but that doesn't mean they're all of a sudden men or should be called men. The advantages require study, the fact whether their male of female doesn't, because they're female, that's merely a fact. Not all African women look the same, obviously. But it's not racist, at all, when one would say it can be difficult to see if a certain athlete (no matter their nationality) is athlete A or athlete B, because both of them have the same nationality (meaning the same colour of clothes), the same haircut, the same length, the same running style etc. In athletics most of these cases happen to be with Kenyan athletes, in cycling it's usually even Dutch athletes I can't tell apart on the TV cameras because with helmets on many of them look alike. If they were wearing the same clothes I couldn't keep Susan Kuijken and Lynsey Sharp apart, merely because they're both as white as snow, both have the same hair (in model, colour, length, everything) and even their faces are alike. In exactly the same way there are (mostly women's distance) races where I find it rather hard to tell apart one Kenyan from another. Yes, racism and everything is a problem, entirely agreed. It's also a problem that (at least in my country) it's become nearly impossible to even talk about it, because a large majority is either on the 'everything is racist' side ("you don't agree with me? Oh you're a filthy racist!!") or on the 'nothing is racist' side ("Saying black people are stupid is not racist, it's normal!"), anything in between is sadly just ignored or put in one of the two sides anyway. Oh well, I guess that's part of today's world: everything is drawn into extremes more and more and even people you basically agree with will accuse you of all kinds of stuff because you're not going far enough.
  19. 2 points
    Dear Lord, just when I think people will finally get it, things get worse. Transgender people are not an aberration so that they need their own category. They have to completely "reprogram" their bodies through hormone treatment. I know a transgender woman who said the hormones "ate" her muscles and she feels like her body is much weaker now. It's not like at the Olympics an 100+ kg weightlifter could ever put on a wig and compete among women because he thinks this will be okay. Besides, hyperandrogenism is a condition that still needs to be studied deeply. Not even scientists know for sure the effects of this condition for the sport, but this still doesn't stop people like Jozwik and Sharp to be stupid and harmful in interviews speaking about what they know nothing of. Take Dutee Chand for example. If high testosterone levels had been enough, she would have been among the best in the world by now.
  20. 2 points
    Mnogo naporno, lepse ovako kad je na tanjiru
  21. 2 points
    Plus of course not any post that someone considers racist is immediately a racist post that should be deleted. Especially in today's world you've got to be careful just deleting everything that makes someone uncomfortable (since there's a huge amount of 'everything is racist'-feel on internet). I'm guessing this could be about Semenya: calling her a man is not racist, for example It's factually incorrect and (unlike saying there's a very complicated situation) it's incredibly unfair to her, but it's not racist (don't know if that's what was meant, but I'm just pointing it out since I've seen a lot of people on other places on the internet pull the racist card whenever some idiot says Semenya is a man)
  22. 2 points
    While waiting for the results, I want to suggest a different predictor design for the contests where we have to guess the winners instead of the results. The idea is due to the fact that it could be very hard-working filling a big table like in Swimming and Athletics and many errors can happen for example wrong cut-and-paste, accidentaly copy two times the same athlet or have misteriously mix up the whole table. I think the design shown below could help to make the prediction quickly because you have only to put 'x' instead of copy-and-paste the names avoid cut and paste errors make easily the prediction also with smartphone because you have only to copy the big table and then fill it with 'x' What do you think? Could it be useful? Maybe we can make a test at the beginning of 2018. Here a couple of examples (if you have to guess the first 5 athlets it's enough to add two more columns on the left) Example 1: 3 different athlets Event and Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's 100m Day 2, August 5th, 2017 Ben Youssef Meité Jimmy Vicaut Chijindu Ujah Yohan Blake Usain Bolt x Thando Roto Akani Simbine Christopher Belcher Christian Coleman x Justin Gatlin x Any Other Example 2: option Any Other used twice Event and Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's 100m Day 2, August 5th, 2017 Ben Youssef Meité Jimmy Vicaut Chijindu Ujah Yohan Blake Usain Bolt Thando Roto Akani Simbine Christopher Belcher Christian Coleman x Justin Gatlin Any Other x x
  23. 2 points
    What a shitty world championships all around. Disappointments a plenty. Really tough to watch the Canadian team struggle. As a nation that probably falls in the top 10 in the world in athletics, sucks to leave with no medals. Chalk it up to injuries and bad luck, but I expect to see Canadians back on form in Doha.
  24. 2 points
    It wont' be competitive enough until Germany wins a medal.
  25. 2 points
    Btw about the wrong anthems thing, Don´t know how I missed this pure gold but just now found that, everyone staying for the Bosnia and Herzegovina National anthem only the winner not, because she is from Belarus Grosetto U20 European last month
  26. 1 point
    GROUP A VENUES Warsaw (Match vs :SRB) - Stadion Narodowy stadium capacity : 65.000 Gdansk/Sopot - Ergo Arena stadium capacity : 11.409 PARTICIPATING TEAMS ESTONIA squad TBA HEAD COACH Gheorghe Cretu FINLAND SETTERS: Eemi Tervaportti, Niko Haapakoski ATTACKERS : Olli-Pekka Ojansivu, Antti Ropponen RECEIVERS : Jan Helenius, Elviss Krastins, Niklas Seppanen, Antti Siltala MIDDLE BLOCKERS : Markus Kaurto, Henrik Porkka, Tommi Siirila, Sauli Sinkkonen LIBEROS : Lauri Kerminen, Eetu Pennanen HEAD COACH TUOMAS SAMMELVUO POLAND SETTERS: Fabian Drzyzga, Grzegorz Łomacz ATTACKERS: Dawid Konarski, Łukasz Kaczmarek MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Bartłomiej Lemański, Mateusz Bieniek, Jakub Kochanowski, Łukasz Wiśniewski RECEIVERS : Michał Kubiak, Bartosz Kurek, Rafał Buszek, Artur Szalpuk LIBEROS: Paweł Zatorski, Damian Wojtaszek HEAD COACH FERDINANDO DE GIORGI SERBIA squad TBA HEAD COACH NIKOLA GRBIĆ
  27. 1 point
    http://gms.kualalumpur2017.com.my/RS2017 this updates faster but still same quality
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  29. 1 point
    Suprise of the day: the french baseball team defeated the home team in front of a packed stadium
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    i don`t think that "Europe"will do sth Europe doesn`t hurt as such, they undertake many tough jobs, economies probably like them normal people hurt and there will be "one magical moment" of crossing the border. I think that some kind of gangs, ultra-right groups of "IRA" character (military groups) will start get created, not big even, 5-10 people per city - it will be enough. ISIS probably only waits for this and sadly this way or another it will start to happen. When there`s action there`s reaction...that was, is and will be a nature of mankind. The reaction is so slow up-to-date really only because Europe got really civilized and forgiving. In former ages it`d be totally different story. Guess why ISIS wants innocent muslims to be killed... :/
  32. 1 point
    The future semi-senil grand pa in me wanted to share something It's actually not the first time, the Nîmes romans arenas host a sporting event. In the early 90's the arenas were coverted and a couple of handball matches and a Davis Cup tie were played there. Thank you for your time.
  33. 1 point
    I just realized that you didn't stated it was a men's road cyling event in the thread's tittle. And yet, I didn't get confused, thinking it could be a women BMX event. intriguing
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  35. 1 point
    Yes, she is a team member. You can ceck it here
  36. 1 point
    How convenient for Canter, the only one in this team rotation without refusal.
  37. 1 point
    Gender equality... same amount of men/women competitors... tragic indeed
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    I want to ask everyone to test this SEA Games streaming link: https://www.vidio.com/live/5360-17-aug-12-30-aquatic-synchronised-swimming-solo-free-routine Can you access it? If it available it means http://vidio.com/live can be another SEA Games Experience
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    That would be so completely fantastic. And no, not in some fancy new stadium! In the Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi, where only last month the World U18 Championships were held. The most electrifying atmosphere ever seen in any athletics championships....and it was 'only' for U18 athletics! Imagine the total and complete party if it's the real deal!
  42. 1 point
    Major events of the rest of the year
  43. 1 point
    Matej Tóth had today the possibility to present his defense in front of the Doping Agency court. After the process the Doping Agency declared this statement: The Disciplinary Commission has stated that it has not been unequivocally proven that banned substances have been used or banned methods have been used. We will ask for further expert explanations and expert analyzes We will now contact experts. It will not be easy to study 250 pages of academical text. I do not know how long it will take. I believe that there will be experts who will be able to express themselves in a short space of time. Then DK SAZ meets and we will see Full article https://sport.aktuality.sk/c/290567/video-matej-toth-vypovedal-pred-disciplinarkou-vylucujem-pochybenie/
  44. 1 point
    Nekad pomislim i da nas citaju hahhah, skoro sam video naslov na nekom sajtu na foru "Balkanski rat na YouTube u toku utakmice Bosna i Srbija" a to sam ja komentarisao ovde Mislim da je bolje da citaju nas nego sto prepisuju vesti jedni od drugih
  45. 1 point
    LOL i don't believe on these results they predicted evreything right
  46. 1 point
    Good thing about swimming is that you see everything (every heat, every final). Good thing about athletics is that it's infinitely more diverse (whereas in swimming you see the same athletes over and over and over and over again, I already have no idea who won which event )
  47. 1 point
    Koliko sam razumeo pravilnik IAAF-a, odluke su konačne i ne mogu ići na CAS, ne znam da li će se žaliti na propuste IAAF-a i tražiti odštetu, zlato dobiti neće.
  48. 1 point
    So, the FIG World Cup Series is over. I've closely followed it since April, and now that it's over, the only major event left this year is the World Championships (and the Grand Prix Final, though this is not an official FIG event and I've never been very enthusiastic about it). About the World Cup Series, unsurprisingly the Russians dominated the season. Not only Dina and Arina Averina, but especially Soldatova and, to a certain degree, Bravikova and Selezneva. Even Khonina and Lugovskikh who came out of nowhere managed to win gold medals for Russia. Amazing. The real surprises here are the Bulgarian gymnasts. Vladinova finally managed to win medals easily, and I'm glad Taseva, Kaleyn and Zafirova also got medals. Belarus also has some amazing gymnasts, especially Harnasko (my favorite) and Halkina. Kudos to Evchik for getting a medal as well. The performances of individual gymnasts from Ukraine are the biggest disappointment of the season. Diachenko is not bad, but she's not on par with the likes of Bessonova or Rizatdinova. Still, I'm glad Diachenko got a medal, and even Mazur also managed to earn one. But Ukraine has a long way to go. Israel did pretty well with many medals earned by Victoria Filanovsky and Linoy Ashram. I'm surprised their group was absent all year, though. Not sure about what's going on. The United States earned medals with Zeng and, surprisingly, Generalova. I believe Generalova is the first person of African descent to ever win an individual medal at the World Cup series ever (Francielly Pereira from Brazil was the first one, as far as I can remember, in 2013; but she was part of the group event). The World Cup exists since 1983 and I might be mistaken, but still it goes on to show how difficult it is for a non-white person to earn medals in this sport, so kudos to Generalova all the same. Also, first ever medals for Kaho Minagawa (Japan) and Sabina Ashirbayeva (Kazakhstan). Both are amazingly talented, and I'm happy for them. Speaking of Japan, they have become one of the top contenders for a group all-around medal at the World Championships, and I'm rooting for them. Spain is going through some serious renovation, but the group still got a bronze medal somehow. They have some work to do, but I hope they are ready for 2020. Italy is probably stronger than ever in the group event, and they even have a talented individual gymnast who earned many medals this season. Looking good. Salome Pazhava from Georgia has just recovered from injury, and I reeeeally hope she looks confident at the World Championships. My favorite gymnast, ever. I know she will not challenge for a medal at Worlds, but all I want is for her to go back on track. Finally, Brazil was a late show at the World Cup, with only one participation, but still enough to make it to a final. Hoping for a top 12 finish at the World Championships in the group all-around. This would be great at this point for us.
  49. 1 point
    But Brazil loves a 4th place in race walking
  50. 1 point
    Including the italian? Or you're saying that all the other top athletes should be disqualified and the italian should've won gold?