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    United Nations has named Robert Mugabe of all people as 'goodwill ambassador', what the hell https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/21/un-lambasted-after-naming-mugabe-goodwill-ambassador What's next, Kim Jong-un or Erdogan as UN free press ambassador?
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    Arianna Fontana (short track speed skating) http://www.gazzetta.it/Sport-Invernali/20-10-2017/olimpiadi-pyeongchang-2018-portabandiera-l-italia-sara-arianna-fontana-23015682366.shtml
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    Ancient Olympia in Greece will host the Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony, on Tuesday October 24, 11:30 (GMT+3) ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games which will be held in PyeongChang. Watch Live Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony PyeongChang 2018
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    Finally, a bit of nice news from the Brazilian team can be shared Last season they were coached by Tobias Torgersen, the coach of the Swedish IBU Cup team, He went to Poland's women's team however (sadly, but deserved), and long story short: Brazil needed a new coach and place to train instead of with Torgersen with Östersund as 'base' in Europe. Well, they found it, and a nice one it is! Together with the Australian team, Brazil will set up base camp in Livigno, Italy, where they will have the fantastic opportunity to have specialist shooting trainers, skiing trainers, technique trainers, a specialist waxman (in fact, he went to five Olympics as waxman of the Italian team), a ton of available equipment and facilities and everything....basically, they're making a huge step in terms of professionalism! Luca Bormolini (the ex-biathlete, older brother of the more succesful Thomas Bormolini) will be the new coach
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    Yep, I am liking this game a lot. Also, those obnoxious politically correct people who want to do away with all traditions for no reason at all can go with them..... you know the type who decide that Christmas is no longer an acceptable term and that Winterville would be a much less discriminatory idea. Those people should also be on the ignore list
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    Silvio Berlusconi is back on the italian political scene He is like Voldemort..
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    That might be true, but when i decided to participate, i also decided that i will only consider german-language songs. If everyone picks english songs, this competition makes no sense in my opinion. I also could have picked songs by Robin Schulz, Felix Jaehn, Zedd and so on ... but then this competition comes just down to "who wins" and i then i wouldnt be interested in it anymore, i think the aim should be to pick: - lesser know artists from your home country that most foreign/non-german people would otherwise never hear of - songs in the country's own language, because language is the key to understand other cultures and maybe some people will see that german can be a very nice-sounding language too For example, this used to be one of my favorite songs when i was young and i still like it, but how exactly does it "represent" Germany? It could be from artists from any other country and you wouldn't hear the difference, so what is the point of entering it as a german song in a competition ... ? I also could have picked this song, but it would have been the same problem ...
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    British votes have been sent! I had a top 4 that I've really struggled to rank from 12-9, all of them have been added to my playlist. This was probably the toughest vote I've ever had to make in the contest.
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    Sorry, i completely forgot about it, now its sadly too late. I hope you guys will have a lot of fun (as you always do) and may the best song win ... Maybe i will participate for the first time next year ... This was my early favorite to represent Germany by the way:
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    Last minute empty net goal in the AHL match Belleville - Syracuse ended by this here the moment
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    You have never read any news about Duterte? you live in another planet?
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    I sing along the harmonies nonstop with my 12-pointer
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    Philippines have almost no record of doping, our athletes are very clean. Other countries should take notes.
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    Maybe next time I should join. In my country I like English songs more than Tagalog ones, maybe that will change in the future.
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  17. 1 point
    Lieke Martens won the FIFA Award as the BEST Women's Player in the world!! As for the mens, Cristiano Ronaldo won the award for the 5th time!!
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    Rossi, Cristina.. a lot of people whit Italian origins here
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    First time Portugal wins a Senior medal in Track Cycling, and won 2, a silver and a gold (by 2 twin brothers), Portugal has never been represented in the Olympics in Track Cycling so maybe Tokyo 2020 will be a debut!!!
  20. 1 point
    Why is that by definition great news? Centre-left doesn't automatically mean something is good
  21. 1 point
    Great news from Slovenia! Pahor and Sarec will go to the ballot for the president election and both are from centre-left. Probably - I hope - Pahor will win the ballot
  22. 1 point
    Another futile attempt to discredit the Chinese success in sports. Such attempts are rightfully bound to end failure.
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    i'll connect my ip adress to the planet Venus the day there = 116 days on your earth
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    It's just annoyingly stupid and serves no good purpose. I don't know if you are familiar with the nursery rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep", well some politically correct morons have turned it around to say that this is too racist to teach children because it has racial connotations..... just go away already you silly people
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    Absolutely! You can add half my country to the list then nowadays (considering the whole 'Sinterklaas-debate' that is just freaking unstoppable in the past few years when everything has to be super politically correct)
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    People who make those decisions to put idiots like that in those spots should just be, I don't know, out of the game, forever. As in, disqualified from life or something. Like, when a DQ'ed person wants to go and buy some food at the supermarket, the employees there are like "sorry, but you're not allowed in here, you're disqualified". And when asking how to get food then: "I don't know, but sorry, you're out. Better just go home, because you're disqualified. Sorry." When going to a restaurant and asking for a table: "Sorry, but you're DQ'ed, you're out. No table." When buying a car: "Sorry, but you're DQ'ed. I can't help it but we can't sell cars to DQ'ed people." When trying to watch television, a message appears on the screen: "You are disqualified, we apologize for any inconvencience, but you're out. No TV."
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    Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has inspected uniforms due to be worn by athletes from the country at next year's Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. The uniforms, which include distinctive grey blazers, will be worn by athletes participating at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in the South Korean resort.
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    He is like Alf, he return in form of pogs
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    Nedovic, Milosavljevic, Guduric, Micic, Lazic, Kalinic, Stmac, Kuzmic (svakako ne bi zbog povrede), Milutinov, Dobric, Radicevic. Ostali mislim da mogu svi
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    Odmah se setim kvala za EP 2013
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    Mixed events finally starts In recurve China was eliminated after a very poor performance (35 - 34 - 35) by France... it was a big debacle. What shock for Nespoli-Andreoli, eliminated by a Mexican duo The most interessing match was won by Kumari and Das, two amazing archer, that defeat the russian Baldanov and Perova No big surprise in compound, maybe only Turkey that was defeated by Mexico.
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    Zato sto su odvratni poltroni, kod njih to najvise bode oci
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    NZ votes are in. It was a see-saw who is gonna get 11 and 10 points. I like a lot both songs. Decided to award higher points to the song I heard for the first time here. The second one I already knew. Good luck everyone
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    People in Portugal say that he is going to be a great goalkepper, there was already a lot of expectation, and he sound actually quite good! (he made that horrible mistake but come on, he is 18 years old, playing against one of the top teams in the world in the best competition in the world). I am not a Benfica fan, but I think they did a great purchase with this kid, looking forward to see him playing this weekend
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    Really nice national anthem you have, Bulgaria
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    Please, don't get angry but I have to point out a mistake that I see you are making often: the correct spelling is "with". Yes, I couldn't live without telling you that, sorry
  41. 1 point
    I was thinking the exact same thing . Come on users, let's get our Mokorotlos on
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    1st match-NO, second YES, third NO and last YES. Real-CSKA is probably derby of this round
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    It's time to continue the korean drama in quarterfinals.. Kim Woo-jin, olympic champion in Rio, is defeat by Wei and Kang is out too in women's recurve! Great results for Perova that defeat another strong athlete, amazing.. isn't easy defeat Kelmendi, Pavlova, Choi and Zhang.. it's so impressive. Soto, the biggest surprise of the tournament and the my personal hero, is defeat by Wijler Men's recurve semifinals #8 Baldanov - Wei #12 #38 Wijler - Im #2 Women's recurve semifinals #9 Brown - Perova #52 #3 Tan - Chang #2 Men's compound semifinals #1 Hansen - Gellenthien #5 #3 Deloche - Peineau #15 Women's compound semifinals #9 Heigenhauser - Bostan #5 #3 Sonnichsen - Song #7
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    Do you remember this steam train trespassing the Football stadium in the village of Čierný Balog ? One Polish channel came to make a report. it's in Polish but you can set subtitles.
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    Only 4 teams qualify to the Group Stage, the rest of the places is taken by the teams from the best ranked leagues (http://www.volleyball.ch/fileadmin/user_uploads/manually_uploads_via_webtool/EC_RANKING.pdf). There is no rule that says the reigning champions are pre-qualified. If they won't end season in their National League that would guarantee them a place at least in the qualifying round, they will be absent from the Champions League.
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    Not quite accurate. Tomashova and Aregawi have not been disqualified. Tomashova failed a drug test in 2008 but returned to compete in 2010. She is considered "clean" in 2012. Aregawi did not fail a drug test until 2016 and is also considered "clean" for 2012 Klocova crossed the line 8th but is now 5th. Dobriskey 10th but now 6th
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    Great selection! I want to add these to the pile.... Sorry, I couldn't help myself to include another