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    For those interested, a certain Brazilian biathlete got a chance to 'train' at the shooting club in my small town today (with my dad, a military guy, who she very clearly outshot on the targets )
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    I've got many - right now I'm doing a Hungarian-Polish-English sport dictionary for my master's degree, so the topic is really interesting for me. For example searching for "scissor kick" in football (called soccer in AmE) in Hungarian I found word "ollózás", which means scissoring. I checked in Google, if ollózás is really, what I'm looking for and... well, it is, but among the movies showing such a spectacular kick there were some... lesbian intercourses. The one with "basket" ("kosz" in Polish) seems to be a case in many languages, for example "rzucić kosza" (throw a basket) means to score. As well as @Gianlu33 said about Italian, we also use "fight" in all sports. In field hockey the stick is called "laska", which is also popular word for an attractive, young woman (probably because of the slim shape of a stick, not only in field hockey, but also the one used by elder people to help at walking). The word "canoe" (not the kayak) is "kanadyjka" which means (written with capital - "Kanadyjka") the Canadian [woman, girl...]. The ski-flying hill is called "skocznia mamucia" which means "mammoth hill". Also the "body check" came to Polish in a form of "bodiczek" (in Hungarian it's also "bodicsek"). My theory (maybe someone might confirm) is it was used by Czechs and Slovaks, which are the most hockey nations in our region, in original, English form, but as it sounds very Czech/Slovak, we adopted it as the word of Czech/Slovak origin, which is (at least in Polish) important because of declination. In modern pentathlon, before the name "laser-run" was introducted we used the word "kombajn" in everyday talk (rather not in official press reports), because it sounds like a "combined" which was the name of the event of run and shoot. "Kombajn" is a word for a harvester machine. Also Russians used such a word (our languages are quite similar) and when I typed the Russian texts about competitions to Google Translate it translated as "food processor..." About such a funny stories as @hckosice said about hole, our biggest sport journalism legend, Bohdan Tomaszewski, once said about Irena Szewińska "Pani Irena nie jest już tak świeża w kroku jak kiedyś" which may mean to thing - "she's not as fresh in stride as earlier" (which is what he meant as she was a runner) or "she's not as fresh in crotch as earlier" (which is why the sentence is so funny). Another double meaning, also by Mr Tomaszewski, about our cyclist - "Ryszard Szurkowski - cudowne dziecko dwóch pedałów" - "Ryszard Szurkowski - a wonderful child of two pedals" ("pedał" is also a vulgar word for homosexual).
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    Provisional Standing after Day 4 available here Camel "The Seer" Award @amen09 (Predicted exact score in Costa Rica-Serbia match and the only one to predict 1-1 score in Brazil-Switzerland match. Honourable mention: MCMXC and Vojthas (2-2 both in BRA-SUI match) and Pavlo for 1-1 in GER-MEX match) Walk of Shame Award @Felipe the Bagel eater
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    Provisional Standing after Day 2 available here Tiger Soccer Award @sounak (11 points out of 15 maximum) Walk of shame @Gianlu33 @NikolaB @rybak (amazing effort to collect one pity point)
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    btw a bit weird..but well, let´s go. During the PyeongChang Olympics Women´s Ice Hockey final our consultant of the commentator when speaking about one nice shot and goal said one memorable sentence - "She did it perfectly, what a shot it was, look, how she find a hole between her legs." ofc he immediately realized what he said but it was too late practically the whole nation still remember it and is still used as a common joke
  7. 4 points
    Provisional Standing after Day 1 available here Teddy Bear Award @thiago_simoes (predicted 5-0 for Russia) Walk of shame @Olympian1010 (predicted the win for Saudi Arabia)
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    PANINI Digital Sticker Album 2018 UPDATED!! The Panini Digital Album of WC 2018 is updated with 64 new players and 32 Fifa world Tour stickers. The new pages are at the end of the groups (new players) and at the end of the album You can find the new stickers simply open the packs or swap with other stickers Note: in 2nd Totallympics group, there is space for other users (ID: 278 password: 2018wc ) @africaboy @Agger @crovitlaci @LDOG. @Pablita @Rafoo @SteveParker @stefanbg @Vojthas @vinipereira @Fran-UDA @Gianlu33 @mrv86 @toulousain @tuniscof
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    Provisional Standing after Day 6 available here Crafty Marten Making Surprises Award @crovitlaci (Perfect score for POL-SEN match, and another point for the RUS-EGY. Honourable mention: tuniscof for POL 1-2 SEN, James for perfect 3-1 for Russia and the rest of the gang predicting Senegal's win - thiago_simoes and LDOG ) Walk of Shame Award @Olympian1010 @Ufilov @Herberth Nelson Balbi Silveira (triple bagel! Olympian1010 already with hat-trick and it's only Day 6!)
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    Provisional Standing after Day 5 available here Wolf Watching-Soccer-from-Home Award @Henry_Leon (All three matches perfectly predicted ) Walk of Shame Award @Olympian1010 (addiction is dangerous )
  12. 3 points
    Provisional Standing after Day 3 available here Confused Lion Award @Federer91 (15/20 on Day 2 with perfect 1-0 for Denmark and 1-1 in Argentina-Iceland) Walk of Shame Award @heywoodu (Miss Penalty is waving with two fingers )
  13. 3 points
    My avatar will be "the trophy" for the "walk of shame" award, thank you
  14. 2 points
    Watch out Zlatan, Sagan could hit you with an elbow.
  15. 2 points
    I must say that I may be biased by following Swedish media quite a bit
  16. 2 points
    Zlatan is king of everything.
  17. 2 points
    even on the fake tables they put us in the last Pos
  18. 2 points
    Looks like they used the Commonwealth Games results lol. Uchida won silver and Kwan the bronze in the individual all around
  19. 2 points
    First ever medals for Canada and Malaysia.
  20. 2 points
    The program is ridiculously stupid. Reminds my of the early Olympic Games
  21. 2 points
    all tunisians in coffee celebrate the iranian goal btw costa scored but assist for own goal
  22. 2 points
  23. 2 points
    Olympic Channe will stream it
  24. 2 points
    At least, Mexico managed to get a medal. I was afraid we could end up without one. @intoronto results are in, and these are the qualifiers for 2019 Pan Am Games: Men's Epee: + John Edison RODRIGUEZ & Pablo NUÑEZ Women's Sabre: + Aimara TABLADA PIMIENTA & Eileen GRENCH
  25. 2 points
    Sad vidim da je Vedran prebacio normu za EP 80.44, konacno preko 80m!!
  26. 2 points
    No, he is Marián´s nephew btw 2 years ago or something there were a quite huge medias fuss, because in a minor SVK challenger tournament were drawn in a first round a match Vajda vs Djokovič but it was Peter Vajda (Nephew of Marán) vs Djordje Djokovič (Brother of Nole) but Marián has 2 daughters considered as eventual talents for our tennis, especially the older Natália Vajdová
  27. 2 points
    Quando si analizzano i risultati della scherma non si può non tenere presente che il livello globale di questo sport è cresciuto in maniera esponenziale negli ultimi 15 anni, altrimenti si rischia di incorrere in analisi catastrofiche che non rappresentano la realtà .Detto questo in 4 prove a squadre su 6 siamo ampiamente da podio tutt' oggi.
  28. 2 points
    I know it's a bit late, but the 2017 events of the week thread is now completed and ready It includes all the international events of winter sports, summer sports, paralympic sports and non-olympic sports I will now start working on the 2018 thread which hopefully will be ready before the end of the year Of course any help by users will be much welcome and we can use this thread to organize the work. Users can take care of a single sport calendar, where then I will copy events into the events of the week thread. Or they can just report missing events which will be added in the thread.
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  30. 2 points
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    He? Crap, here we go again, I thought I finally knew who is a he and who is a she here on the forum.
  32. 2 points
    I wish I could award trophies for the improved contestants too but it would be too much details to pay attention to But @NikolaB was even better, he scored 14 points today
  33. 2 points
    I was reading the list of topics and the national thread of Slovakia had the sentence "Cesta do Tokia" added to it. Then I remembered that in Portuguese we usually say "cesta" (literally: basket) when someone scores (one, two or three points, it doesn't matter) in basketball. This made me curious about other languages, since there might be different or unique terms related to sports and we have people from all over the world here, so I would like us to share what we might know. As a side note, it's amusing that in Portuguese the name of the country Peru refers to both turkey (the animal, not the country) and a penis. Their slogan, "arriba Perú", is sometimes understood by Portuguese speakers as "rise up, cock".
  34. 2 points
    Deuce is a legend. I still remember the London Olympics where he managed multiple contests alone and still all the results were posted within minutes of last match of the day. P.S. after some false starts, we are back to properly run contests this year
  35. 2 points
    I am glad there are 50+ participants. But that UEFA Euro 2012 prediction contest will remain legendary it seems. There were more than 100 participants from the start I think, and eventually the total number was around 130 which was wow! And I remember that one cause it was my first prediction contest win and podium at all. I think @thepharoah was the second. I still wonder how Deuce managed to run the contest
  36. 2 points
    Kara in Polish means penalty or punishment so you're right about that However pilka also means hand saw in Polish It's generally a term for any kind of a ball in first place. Hand saw: Football magazine: Dostoyevski's "Crime & Punishment"
  37. 2 points
    so only Pablita predicted the win for KSA
  38. 2 points
    Indeed, also daylight on Nuuk currently lasts 21 hours. I really hope Greenland team uses all this advantage and qualifies for the Worlds.
  39. 2 points
    Maybe with 48 teams in the World Cup we could have more unusual tournaments. Maybe half the tournament in Spain, the other half in Morocco but the final in Paris? Or half in Argentina, half in Colombia, final in Sao Paolo? Half in India, half in China, final in Hong Kong?
  40. 2 points
    I see there is no league for Bracket, so I created one: 92982a4d
  41. 1 point
    2019 Pan American Games Quota Summary 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) - Host 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) 16 (7 Men & 9 Women) 15 (9 Men & 6 Women) 14 (7 Men & 7 Women) 13 (7 Men & 6 Women) 13 (6 Men & 7 Women) 4 (Women) 4 (3 Men & 1 Women) 3 (Men) 1 (Woman) 1 (Woman)
  42. 1 point
    Well there were only a few events canceled, it’s more like the organizing Committee didn’t bother trying to include some in order to favor Spain. The Organizing Committee is the absolute worse, which is a shame given the quality of the competition.
  43. 1 point
    How Totallympians tried to fail on Day 6: Team 1 WIN1 TIE WIN2 Team 2 50 5 0 29 22 4 9 32 14
  44. 1 point
    Mexico confirmed a delegation of 634 competitors. Names probably to come in the following days Today ends the period to register athletes, so probably tomorrow we could have news about size of other teams.
  45. 1 point
    There is a Janine Flock Award for the person who finishes in the bottom three one day, top three the next day and bottom three the next day. Or the opposite. @dcro agrees
  46. 1 point
    Provisional Standing after Day 3 Rank User Nat. Total 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 TB 1 sounak 26 3 11 12 2 Federer91 25 3 7 15 3 James 24 3 9 12 3 Vojthas 24 3 7 14 5 thiago_simoes 23 5 7 11 6 Mkbw50 22 2 6 14 7 Jahiegel 21 3 6 12 7 MCMXC 21 3 6 12 7 titicow 21 3 7 11 10 Agger 20 3 6 11 10 Dolby 20 3 5 12 10 mrv86 20 3 7 10 13 AlFHg 19 2 6 11 13 Herberth Nelson Balbi Silveira 19 3 5 11 15 George_D 18 3 6 9 15 hckosice 18 3 4 11 15 mihamiha 18 3 8 7 15 Ufilov 18 3 6 9 15 Wanderer 18 3 6 9 20 africaboy 17 2 8 7 20 chrischi08 17 3 4 10 20 Dunadan 17 3 4 10 20 NikolaB 17 2 1 14 24 amen09 16 3 6 7 24 CiroMennella99 16 3 4 9 24 Henry_Leon 16 2 5 9 24 lapaj 16 2 5 9 24 Pabloffo 16 0 3 13 24 rybak 16 2 1 13 24 Werloc 16 2 6 8 31 ady48 15 3 5 7 31 dcro 15 3 5 7 31 Gianlu33 15 2 1 12 31 Glen 15 3 5 7 31 thepharoah 15 3 7 5 36 Felipe 14 3 5 6 36 Monzanator 14 0 5 9 36 Olympian1010 14 0 9 5 36 Pablita 14 3 5 6 36 suchyy7 14 3 5 6 41 bestmen 13 3 6 4 41 Gigs 13 3 5 5 41 hoversaBR 13 2 3 8 41 LDOG 13 3 6 4 41 Pavlo 13 2 7 4 41 toulousain 13 2 4 7 41 vlad 13 3 3 7 48 Benolympique 12 3 6 3 48 crovitlaci 12 3 4 5 48 juliosilva 12 3 3 6 51 heywoodu 11 3 6 2 51 OlympicsFan 11 0 5 6 51 SteveParker 11 3 5 3 51 Topicmaster1010 11 2 5 4 55 tuniscof 7 0 4 3 01: June 14th - Preliminary Round - Group A 02: June 15th - Preliminary Round - Group A and Group B 03: June 16th - Preliminary Round - Group C and Group D 04: June 17th - Preliminary Round - Group E and Group F 05: June 18th - Preliminary Round - Group F and Group G 06: June 19th - Preliminary Round - Group A and Group H 07: June 20th - Preliminary Round - Group A and Group B 08: June 21st - Preliminary Round - Group C and Group D 09: June 22nd - Preliminary Round - Group D and Group E 10: June 23rd - Preliminary Round - Group F and Group G 11: June 24th - Preliminary Round - Group G and Group H 12: June 25th - Preliminary Round - Group A and Group B 13: June 26th - Preliminary Round - Group C and Group D 14: June 27th - Preliminary Round - Group E and Group F 15: June 28th - Preliminary Round - Group G and Group H 16: June 30th - Round of 16 17: July 1st - Round of 16 18: July 2nd - Round of 16 19: July 3rd - Round of 16 20: July 6th - Quarterfinals 21: July 7th - Quarterfinals 22: July 10th - Semifinals 23: July 11th - Semifinals 24: July 14th - Third Place Match 25: July 15th - Final Mistakes are always possible. PM me if you notice any.
  47. 1 point
    Not much different than the English bagel for a 6-0 set (or of course the double bagel for two of those)
  48. 1 point
    Láska is in CZ/SK love btw there a lot of similar words between our nations, I remember quickly that in Ice Hockey for the penalty you use the word "Kára" which in our language mean Funeral Carriage lol. and in other sports, for example Ball is in PL - Pilka (Football - Pilka nožna) right ? Pilka is in our language a Hand saw And you are right. Body Check came from N. American hockey here, peoples started to use it as it sounds really similar to our language and was thus easier to remember, so we just adapted it to our writing - Bodyček.
  49. 1 point
    Well, after spending so many time in NZ, I learned it's better to use word "cheer" when I want to cheer for some team, athlete, or anyone instead of "root" cause it means something very different Of course, paired with for, has the same meaning as cheer for but... you never know
  50. 1 point
    Exactly. Their government approved last week a funding of 600 million HUF (1 868 634 EUR) for Ice Hockey "explaining it - for the Sporting, Strategic and development activities of the Hungarian Hockey" In fact the major part was actually for covering the mentioned payment and all costs of the two clubs to enter (buy the license) the SVK national championship. That also includes broadcasting rights in Hungary and other various privileges. In fact Hungary seems really starting to put huge funding amounts into hockey, they want for example build and open 19 new Hockey rinks in the next few seasons