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    I think this is the list of users who have competed in all 10 editions to date.... @LDOG @vinipereira @titicow @Agger @Bohemia @Janakis @OlympicIRL @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker @Werloc @Glen @mrv86 @rybak @DaniSRB @dareza @Wanderer @justony @uk12points and @dezbee2008 I hope I didn't leave out anyone.
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    The playlist is ready the description "name of country" of each song will be added ASAP
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    Medal tables and points tables from each contest are available from today. Only 2014 Annual Points Table is missing sadly.
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    Ireland claim the Grand Slam with victory in Twickenham It was a historic St.Patrick's Day for Irish sport as the men's rugby team defeated England in Twickenham to add the Grand Slam to their Six Nations title. In a controlled performance Ireland blasted out of the blocks with first half tries from Garry Ringrose, CJ Stander and Jacob Stockdale leaving England trailing 21-5 at half-time. England, unbeaten at home in the Six Nations since 2012 had tries in either half by Elliot Daly and a stoppage-time try by Jonny May was not enough to spoil the Irish party as they ran out comfortable 24-15 winners in the end. It is just the third time in history that Ireland has claimed the Grand Slam and follow in the footsteps of the Irish heroes of 1948 and 2009. It is also Ireland's third Six Nations title in 5 years for Joe Schmidt's men, who now lie in second place in the world rankings behind the mighty All Blacks. What A Day!!!! Grand Slam champions 2018 The Final Standings of the 2018 Six Nations Tournament:
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    Well, I discovered some FOOTBALLLOVE FIFAFOOTBALL FIFA-COCA-COLA 2018-COKE-GAME COKE-BEST-GOAL Just go under ''Promo code'' and type in.
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    For those who want to know the order of the songs in the playlist @amen09 made: Portugal Algeria New Zealand Serbia France Switzerland Argentina Finland Mexico Tunisia Indonesia Slovakia Italy India Bulgaria Colombia Sweden Poland Moldova Croatia Venezuela USA Romania Azerbaijan Ireland Austria Great Britain Greece Lithuania Netherlands Norway Germany Slovenia Denmark Estonia Iran Canada Kazakhstan Malta Russia Brazil Turkey
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    Hey duck. There is only room for one bird in this town....
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    Happy St.Patrick's Day Live coverage of the Dublin St.Patrick's Day parade from 12:15pm (GMT) https://www.rte.ie/player/ie/live/8/
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    Dear friends, it has been a while since i have visited the forum. However, I would like to confirm the participation of Azerbaijan in the contest and present our entry: Vugarixx - Yol (Official Video) ft. Alim Qasimov
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    Two idiots on one place. Only Theresa May is missing for ful experience
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    Aaah, it's the usual lovely Milan-Sanremo weather.
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    5. 1995 Handball world championsip The first title, the first world championship of many for the french handball NT, which was also the first world title for any team sport in our history. From Group C to world tittle in a decade. Quite the uprise . A bunch of complety over the top guys too. Long live Les Barjots 4. CSP Limoges' 1993 Euroleague Just like the Handball's title, this one was also an historic win: The first french club to ever win the biggest european cup (just a few weeks before Marseille's one). And like pretty much everything else in our sport history, no one expected it. Fred Forte (1970-2017) 3. 1991 Davis Cup victory 59 years after the last Davis Cup, France finally claimed back the title thanks to our wild card Henri Lecomte who decided to show up on the right day and a shacking Guy Forget scoring the last point against a young Sampras. Yannick Noah even managed in making us believe for a moment that Saga Africa was actually not a terrible mistake Chapeau. 2. France - New Zealand, Rugby World Cup 1999 To the kids around here, France as a rugby world beaters might sound like something from an uchronian steampunk novel. Yet, there was a time,.. Beeing beaten by the mighty All Black by 14 points and with 30 minutes to play or so. We said fuck it and decided to score 3 tries to win the game 43-31. According to some people, the game was called a "semi final". I've no idea what they're talking about 1. France 98 Winning the World Cup on home soil for the first time ever ? Nothing can beat that. Millions upon milions took up the streets in celebration. Long live the 90's
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    I'll not include any olympic moments in this list since there is a thread about the best olympic moments too, but if I was including olympic moments, at least Franz Klammer winning the downhill in Innsbruck would have made the list, and probably a few other ones too (Hermann Maier's wins in Nagano, Raich-Herbst-Schönfelder podium sweep in the 2006 Slalom for example) 5.) Austria's ninefold win on the Patscherkofel in 1998 For everyone not caring about the alpine skiing world cup, no, having skiers from only one nation from the first to the 9th place is not ordinary. A display of dominance which will probably never be repeated. 4.) The whole nordic skiing world championship 2011 7 gold medals for Austria in one world championship is something I probably won't ever see again. Tbf the medal count is partly so high because there were both two team events for the ski jumpers and the nordic combined and Austria won all 4 of these events. But anyway, this was a mightily impressive world championship, with gold in all 5 ski jumping competitions (plus silver in the two men's single events), two gold medals for the nordic combined relay (which tasted even sweeter because they were won in close sprints against Germany) and a bronze medal for Felix Gottwald in the large hill event. 3.) Werner Schlager becomes table tennis world champion 2.) Thomas Muster wins Roland Garros 1.) CÓRDOBA The Austrian national team beat Germany 3:2 in the 2nd group stage of the 1978 FIFA world cup (man, the format of the world cup was weird back then with two group stages and no knock out stage) Austria didn't even achieve anything big by winning this match but still this is probably the most legendary moment in Austria's sport history just because we could spoil our big neighbors world cup. I honestly have no idea why this game even got such a legendary status but Austrians still can't stop talking about how they kicked Germany out of the World Cup in the most famous game in Austrias football history.
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    National Thread News In the past few weeks, I have thought about the best way to deal with National Threads, there were some options on the table but at the end I have decided to keep all the National Threads open and running, without having new National Threads for each Olympic cycle. Anyway, we will change the title of the thread in each new Olympic cycle, writing "Road to X", where "X" is the next Olympic Games, and this part will be in the national language of that National Thread (it can be translated in a bit different way if the literal translation of "Road to" makes no sense in your language, anyway that is the meaning). Example 1: United States National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020 Example 2: Italy National Thread | Strada per Tokyo 2020 This will help people to understand they can also write in their national language in the National Thread, and as always let me remind you that National Threads are important if you want more users from your nation to join in the long term. We have some communities well represented here but with an inactive National Thread and I hope this can change in the long term future. Now, users who opened their National Thread can edit the first post and add the "Road to Tokyo 2020" part in their national language. If you are not the user who opened yout National Thread (so you can not edit the first post), then contact me in private and give me the translation in your language and I will add that part in the title. Thank you!
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    I speak Hungarian, I study Hungarian language and culture at the univeristy, I write Hungrian-Polish-English sport dictionary, I support also Hungarian athletes, but I'm 100%
  19. 3 points
    I have listened to all songs quite some times so far as a host, and I don't know if I'm biased or not, but I thought the level of this contest is very strong, probably the best in years.
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    @heywoodu @Werloc Dutch Jury Pulls a Shocker
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    Am I the only one weirded out by the fact that @heywoodu is doing the reminders?
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    Friendly?! I'd say it's about time for an aggressive reminder HEY!
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    15:18 za Celica danas na drzavnom na 1500 Prvi put neko u istoriji nase zemlja pliva ispod 15:20! Ali treba napomenuti i 15:48 za decaka od 15 godina koji se zove Boris Lacanski Od ostalih rezultata, Velja je na dobrom putu da se vrati u svoju staru formu. 1:57.56 na 200 delfin (drugo vreme u Evropi) i 1:47.33 na 200 slobodno (drugo vreme u Evropi). Takodje devojcica rodjena 2004 iz Leskovca je oborila mnogo rekorda danas, treba izdvojiti drzavni za u18 na 100 prsno. Plivala je 1:12.34
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    Adolf Erdogan deserves a place there too, don't leave him behind
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    Hello ! It was just a missunderstanding , but everything was solved. The Romanian jury selected a new song for this contest - please consider this for this edition :
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    Hello there !! Japan goes with this song
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    Qualification System Tokyo 2020 -Surfing- http://isasurf.org/downloads/FINAL-2018-03-16-Tokyo-2020-Qualification-System-Surfing-eng.pdf
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    Yes, RTÉ is wonderful isn't it
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    Angela Merkel is for the forth time in a row German chancellor. Is she dictator now? Russia is aggressor in Ukraine and Syria, but its fine and democratic when USA and UK invaded Iraq, Afghanistan. Serbia is responsible for war crimes in Kosovo, Bosnia or Croatia, but USA is innocent for 2 million of dead Vietnamese UK made a resolution that characterizes massacre in Srebrenica as act of Genocide (for killing 8,000 Bosniaks), but hundred of thousands of dead in India when that country was British colony is not a act of genocide. Or millions of people in Congo under the Belgian rule? Vladimir Putin is evil but Obama is Nobel peace laureate? Afghanistan is part of the US sphere of interest, but Crimea which has always been part of the Russian state can't be the same for Russia. American military base on Kosovo (Bondstil) with 3,000 US soldiers is perfectly fine for all western "democraties" but Russian humanitarian center in Serbia with 5 Russian humanitarian worker is problem and abnormality for all that democraties. I'm sick of their fake democracy and so called fight for human rights across the globe. They build their fortune and perfect society on slavery and blood and today plays moral icons and human rights activists. So I personally wish all the same for UK, USA, France and all others, same as they did to people across Africa and Asia for the centuries of their colonial rule there.
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    So I realize we actually have two similar topics on Totallympics, so this one may feel repetetive, but one of the other topics is just about the best moments in the Olympic Games for your country, while the other one is dedicated only to best moments from 2017, so I thought about opening a general one I want to ask you - what do you think are your nation's biggest successes in all of sport - World Championships, Continental trophy, or maybe some individual athlete's achievement? I personally will list only the ones I can remember , but feel free to post about any Moment, regardless if it is from the 1950's or already from 2018 Let me start with my top 5 5. Handball - bronze medal at the 2015 World Championships Honestly, I care about this bronze medal much more than that from the 2007 WC due to the circumstances the boys achieved it - after the shameful behaviour of referees in the semifinal game against Qatar I was sure their spirit was crushed. Then I saw one of the best Handball games by our legendary NT, and I will never forget the dramaturgy of the extra time. And then, at the end... 4. Cycling (Road) - GOLD MEDAL at the 2014 World Championships by M. Kwiatkowski I remember Michal's triumph came quickly after our win in Volleyball men's World Chamionship, and many people still in awe of that result kind of overlooked it It's a great shame, as it is definitely one of the defining moment for our Road Cycling. 3. Ski Jumping - Kamil Stoch's DOUBLE OLYMPIC GOLD, Sochi 2014 Just thinking about what Kamil has done then still gives me goosebumps. This just proved his amazing talent (and as it turned out, his full potential has not been reached until 2017/18 season) and it was the first time for many Poles,myself included, that they realized Kamil was someone special for Polish ski jumping - perhaps even more then Adam Malysz. 2. Athletics - Men 4x100 GOLD MEDAL & WR, Indoor World Championship 2018 Our Athletes brought home an amazing number of medals, but what really stood out to me was this one. I did not except such result and definitely not with a World Record. They made not only Polish history, but the history of the sport of Athletics as a whole. 1. VOLLEYBALL - MEN'S GOLD MEDAL, WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 (oh,come on, you knew this was coming the moment you opened the thread ) This one is unfogettable to me and millions of Polish people. What they achieved on their home soil was unbevielable. I remember the drama and tension I felt since the opening game against Serbia, and with every game I knew more and more that either something amazing or something terrible is going to happen. And it all culminated beautifully in this game. I remember this day as it were yesterday I really want to write something more, how big impact this win had on people... but I can't This was truly something one must experience to understand. The emotions are still too high But this truly was a magical night. Over 17 million people (a bit less than 50% of Poland's population) watched the deciding moments of that game. And the commentary of the decisive point I will never get it out of my head... ... But what was really special about this tournament was how it brought people together. I remember I was the only guy in the neighborhood which had access to the tv channel that broadcasted the games, so after the opening match which was broadcasted for free I invited some friends and neighbours...then, suddenly during the final - which was also broadcasted free for everyone - there were literally about 25 - 30 people watching the match in my house And after the game of course there was a big party Here is a footage of what was happening in Polish streets during the game ... And in front of the stadium after the final whistle
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    The swedish team is looking as if they are all thinking "god dammit, 3 weeks too late"
  34. 2 points
    Bruno Bošnjak wins our first ever Winter Paralympic medal. Bronze in snowboard slalom. So after all, we will be returning with a medal from Korea.
  35. 2 points
    You HAD to remind me, didn't you? this was without a doubt one of the most beautiful goals in Polish football history Though a strong contender for the title is this clasic
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    They're taking their sweet time. Next on the list: expel themselves. Turn the lights off at the AIBA office, bury that building deep in the earth and never look back again.
  38. 2 points
    Im memo with another acount, i forgot the password of the another acount.
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    BRAZIL It's time for the home nation's jury present their song. Le Tour du Monde is a music project by Lucas Mayer (singer) and Iris Fuzaro (producer), a brazilian couple who decided to travel around the world recording an album on the streets, capturing the atmosphere of each place. In this single from their album, they have invited Irish singer Dan Elliott and fellow brazilian Carlinhos Cruz for a song recorded in Dublin, which mixes english and portuguese lyrics in a video that shows beautiful images from Ireland - which, at the 10th edition of TISC, can also be considered a tribute to the nation that originated our music contests. "A Bird With no Feet" Le Tour du Monde feat. Dan Elliott & Carlinhos Cruz (Lyrics: Lucas Mayer, Iris Fuzaro and Carlinhos Cruz)
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    Thepharoah only will participate if someone put a gun in his head and order him to put a song, in another case, impossible. He is strong enough to resist my annoyng messages to participate here, over and over he reject the "invitation", dont understimate his powers and firm determination to dont participate.
  41. 2 points
    Awfully sad news indeed Truly one of the few people in the world of who one can say "the world won't be the same without him"
  42. 2 points
    With about 24 hours left to publish the national selections, only 4 nations remaining: Will this be the first time a home nation doesn't enter a song? Stay tuned
  43. 2 points
    Meanwhile, Denmark enters a song with "Norway Norway Norway" lyrics.
  44. 2 points
    Myrkur - Ulvinde Lyrics: Ja med ondt skal ondt fordrives I en svunden krop Buret inde som et dyr de lukker aldrig op Fanget i en dårekiste, drypper af mit blod Mørkets trofaste lakajer lænket til min fod Norge Norge Norge Solen er gået bort I nattens regn og vind Min barndoms tunge port Låst i mit kolde sind Langt ned i de dybe dale Der spejler sig i søen Det er her at jeg vil leve, det er her at jeg vil dø Under flodens askegrene finder jeg min sjæl Skyggerne forstenes, lyset slår dem jo ihjel Norge Norge Norge English: Yes, by evil, evil must be fought in a bygone body Caged like an animal, they never open up Caught in a madhouse, dripping my blood The loyal lackeys of the darknes, chained to my foot Norway Norway Norway The sun has gone away In the rain and wind of the night The heavy gate of my childhood Locked in my cold mind Far down the deep valleys mirroring in the lake This is where I wanna live, this is where I wanna die Under the ash branches of the river I find my soul The shadows are being petrified, the light is killing them Norway Norway Norway
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    A R Rahman has 3 appearances (Patakha Guddi, Chale Chalo and Luka Chuppi) for India. (4 if you count Kaise Mujhe Mil Gayi, music by Rahman)
  47. 2 points
    Sinon, pour ceux qui veulent se replonger/découvrir la période 1992-2004. Je ne peux que conseiller cette fantastique chaîne, qui mérite beaucoup, BEAUCOUP, plus de vues. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYTIkyAl2uwxaR9XVmOB4rA/videos
  48. 2 points
    Will Denmark ever decide? As the final meeting of the Danish jury has started, reports state that no agreement is in sight. Though most jury members came smiling to the meeting, several unnamed members have told other unnamed people that things aren't going well between the members. The growing jury of more or less identical persons have never really seemed to be able to work together, but somehow still manage to find a solution, participating in all editions of the Song Contes and even more impressively leading the committee of countries voting for the winner every single time, making people speculate on whether the Danish jury members are actually controlling the entire contest. It is also still speculated whether the growing number of members are identical twins, clones or just the same person working under different personas. Everything about the jury chaired by "Agger" is questionable, but right now there are nothing to do but wait and see if he/they can decide ...
  49. 2 points
    Basketball no. #2 in Italy? it wasn't anywhere close to that even in its best days in the Eighties...TV ratings on free tv (1 game a week) are about 0.3% (apart for the Olimpia Milano games, which go up to 0.5/0.6)...there are just 1 or 2 exceptions a year for the possible game #7 of the final series if there's Milano on the court, but we still talk of 4/5% ratings on the 2nd or 3rd major Italian public channel... Euroleague games are not even broadcasted (they're on the eurosport player, with about 80000 subscribers in a 60-million people Nation)... NBA is only on pay-tv since the Middle Age (we're talking of 50/60k average for the RS and 150/200k spectators for the finals)... if this is our second most popular sport... and for what concerns F1 and MotoGP, they should write Ferrari and Valentino Rossi, because without those 2, nobody would watch a single race (apart for the usual few die hard fans, but this is common to all disciplines in all Countries) Cycling is indeed our 2nd most popular discipline... and no comment on Golf, Rugby or Tennis being more popular than Alpine Skiing or Swimming (actually, no comment on Golf at all...I guess we are no more than a few thousends here in Italy to know that golf is not only a Volkswagen car model )... p.s. they don't even name Boxing, but here it's still a big sport...if only there weren't many idiots trying to boycott it (together with all fighting sports) and they could still broadcast it in prime time on free TV (which at the moment is illegal), a good Boxing fight would make very good tv ratings (Clemente Russo and Roberto Cammarelle finals in London 2012 are 2 among the most watched sport events of the last 10 years outside the "magic circle" -Football, Ferrari, Valentino and Road Cycling)... and I don't go back to the Mike Tyson's prime (when his fights were broadcasted live on free tv and replied in prime time the day after)...he used to have soccer-alike tv ratings... I appreciate the effort, but they should live here for a while to make an idea of how things works (the sad truth is that outside the socalled "magic circle", all the remaining sports are just for the die hard fans...the average Italian people don't even know they exists)...
  50. 2 points
    Gigs, no worries at all about your paticipation.... you are an active user without a doubt and are most welcome