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    Yes, under the competition schedule section.
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    for those looking for some streamings, the Catalan TV channels Esports3 and TAC12TV will offer a lot of hours of broadcasting from Tarragona (even if they're going to show only the usual things we probably have already on the Olympic Channel)... http://www.ccma.cat/esport3/jocs-mediterranis/especial/4050/ http://www.tac12.tv/ http://www.tac12.tv/graella
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    Deepika Kumari on verge of getting her 1st world cup medal after 3 years. Bronze medal match :.India vs Taipei Mixed team compound bronze medal match : India vs USA
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    Well It wasn't Spain's desition. Men's foil is out best fencing event. Also, we wanted Race Walking un but It was left out due to low entrys past games. The only thing Spain probably push for was Womens hammer, due to Berta Castells being from Tarragona and probably wanted a local icon. All other Athletics event taken out of the calendar were the least competitive in Mersin.
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    2019 Pan American Games Quota Summary 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) - Host 18 (9 Men & 9 Women) 16 (7 Men & 9 Women) 15 (9 Men & 6 Women) 14 (7 Men & 7 Women) 13 (7 Men & 6 Women) 13 (6 Men & 7 Women) 4 (Women) 4 (3 Men & 1 Women) 3 (Men) 1 (Woman) 1 (Woman)
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    You can now see some of the streams on the Olympic channel schedule
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    even on the fake tables they put us in the last Pos
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    Looks like they used the Commonwealth Games results lol. Uchida won silver and Kwan the bronze in the individual all around
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    They even had the medalists inputed. Perhaps @thiago_simoes knows something about this rhythmic gymnast that won a silver for Canada? Or this one that won a bronze for Malaysia.
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    all tunisians in coffee celebrate the iranian goal btw costa scored but assist for own goal
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    @mrv86 thanks for your help with the final results...