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    hi guys, since the beginning of this contest, so many users contacted me to join here but I didn't, this time here I am but first I want to be sure about my responsibilities here. I read the rules in first page but that was too long, and I'm not a fan of Eurovision to know its format. so in short I have to pick an Iranian song in next couple of days (I already have one or two in my mind) then I have to listen to all those selected songs from all countries to pick 12 and rank them from 1st to 12th. that's it ?
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    Who gets it right? The World is already counting hours to the next edition of TISC, which will be held in Kaunas, Lithuania this weekend. Nations from all around the World are gathering as we speak. Some are hoping for a win, some are hoping to get as many points as possible and break their personal bests, while some others are mostly here to enjoy the show. As we approach the Grand Final, we've been wondering which nations usually give points to the winner, and how many points each nation usually gives to the top 3 finishers. To sum it up - we want to see which nations get it right. We start by looking at how often each country gives at least one point to the eventual winner. If you are looking to get a win, you should keep an eye on votes of Canada, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Tunisia and Turkey. These 7 nations have always given points to the winner. Denmark, Italy and Lithuania competed in every edition of TISC, which makes their ability to pick the winner even more amazing. Which nations are on the opposite end of the scale? Indonesia, USA and Romania. Indonesia never gave any points to the winner, however they competed only once. USA on the other hand competed in every edition, but they gave points to the winner only once out of six times! That was at the 2015 Annual contest, when USA interestingly gave maximum 12 points to the winning Irish song. Romania gave points to the winner only once in four participations. This map shows tendencies of each nation to pick the winner. Dark blue nations usually don't award points to winner, light blue nations are around 50-50 in that respect, light red nations give points to the winner most of the times, while red nations always do. Only nations competing in this edition are shown on the map. The second criteria we look at is how many points each nation usually gives to the top 3 finishers. Note: if a nation finished in top 3 at some contest, then a nation that finished 4th at that contest counts as a top 3 finisher. Switzerland (two-time participant) is on the top of the list with an average of 25.00 (33 is the maximum, 12+11+10). They are followed by Denmark (22.83), Italy (22.67), Australia (20.50), Egypt (20.20) and Russia (19.75). Nations that usually give the least number of points to the top 3 finishers are Algeria (4.00), United States (5.83), Portugal (9.50), Colombia (10.67) and Croatia (11.00). Following map shows tendencies of each nation regarding the average number of points that they give to the top 3 finishers. All nations are included. Nations in dark red tend to give considerable amount of points to the top 3 finishers, those in light red usually give a good number of points, those in light blue tend not to give that many points while those in dark blue don't give many points to the top 3 finishers. Note that whole South America as a continent doesn't really give that many points to the highest ranked finishers. Also, Portugal seems to be quite an exception in predominantly red Europe. However, if we have to choose one nation that gets it right the most, then that would be Denmark. Apart from the fact that they gave points to each of the previous winners, they also usually give a lot of points to the eventual top 3 finishers, making Denmark the ultimate TISC trend setter. Special thanks goes to @OlympicIRL who provided most of the data
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    Before saying goodbye to everyone, there is a surprise waiting for you and it was prepared by uk12points. Great Britain is getting ready to welcome everyone to TISC Annual 2017 Hand over to the next hosts Whilst the Totallympics International Song Contest 2016 may be coming to an end, the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2017 is just around the corner. So to get everyone excited for the next contest here is a promo video inviting Totallympics to 'Come with us' to Great Britain for the 2017 Contest!
  4. 8 points
    I will summarise this topic for everyone: My country sucks at this sport or i have no interest in it -> remove said sport from the Olympics My country is good at this sport or i have interest in it -> expand this sport into more categories and athletes/matches /thread
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    Also, I would really like to thank @OlympicIRL for coaching me through this, working on the template design and keeping my mental health together. Would like to thank @vinipereira for the beautiful logo. @heywoodu and @dcro for their awesome statistics. And most of the other users for being supportive and participating in the contest. Well, see ya in the United Kingdom!
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    Which is the most successful TISC Nation? Since its premiere in 2013, six TISC contests have been successfully held. As we eagerly await for the 7th edition to be held in Lithuania next month, we ask ourselves: Which nation has had the most success in TISC contests? Ireland is the first nation that comes to mind, as it is the only one with two wins. And that is very much the right answer, however we will use a couple of different methods to determine how much success each and every TISC nation has been having so far. We start by looking at grand total of all points that each nation got throughout the first six editions. Ireland is once again in the first place, with astonishing 1013 points. Interestingly, Ireland's 1000th point came thanks to the Italian jury at the latest TISC held in Slovakia. At the moment Ireland is the only one with more than 1000 points, as Great Britain in second place has 912 points. They are followed by France (707), Italy (690) and Germany (645). To put Ireland's massive grand total into perspective, if USA (6th all-time with 617) got 12 points from each jury in Lithuania and Ireland finished with null-points, Ireland would still be in front! Full rankings can be seen below. All-Time Points However, total number of points might not be the best way to establish the all-time rankings, considering that not all nations have competed at every edition of the TISC. To get a clearer picture, we can use the average score that each nation got from all of the juries that ever voted. Ireland is again first, with the average of 4.82 pts from 210 different, non-Irish, juries. Great Britain is again 2nd with 4.34 while Germany is now 3rd with 3.64. They are followed by Australia (3.62), Vietnam (3.61), Indonesia (3.45), France (3.37) and Italy (3.29). Full rankings can bee seen below. There is one thing where Ireland is not the best. Great Britain is the only nation that scored more than 100 points in every contest. At the 2014 Annual contest Ireland failed to do so as they got stuck on 97 points. Only 13 nations have managed to win 100+ pts at more than one contest, so regularly going over 100 pts is rather an impressive achievement. So how can my nation improve its all-time stats? By getting a lot of points, of course! To give you more precise answer, we've calculated what your nation needs to do in Lithuania in order to match its previous performances. Incredibly, Ireland needs to get 154 points just to be on-par with its previous achievements. It must be a hard a job to be an Irish selector with all that glory that needs to be lived up to! TISC Analytics
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    I discovered the Special Agent of Antartica that try to boycott the flag. He isn't very happy actually
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  11. 6 points
    To make everything clear: I don't know the username of the user who registered with username "niger" some hours ago and I would like to never know it, because I do not want to "discriminate" in the future the user who did that. I am just sure it was a false registration because the user was not connecting from Niger and already has an account here. I do not want to lose time checking who is the user who did that, but of course I will have to do it he/she will try again. So I am sure that if this user is reading this, will not try again to do that As a general rule, don't do that because you will always get caught
  12. 6 points
    So instead clean athletes from every other country now suffer. Even clean athletes from Russia will not be taken seriously in Rio. No one will trust their accomplishments, and worse they will be blamed for taking medals away from more deserving competitors. Maybe that is unfair to clean Russians, but they have no one else to blame but their own national Olympic committee. The irony is that Russians believe they are being treated unfairly due to politics, when in reality if this was a small or less powerful nation, like India or New Zealand, they would have been banned months ago when the whispers first started. The only reason Russia is getting away with this is because it is Russia, and if they want to stop being accused of cheating then they should stop cheating. The victim card is getting old.
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    Today we celebrate Independence Day!
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    I can explain why I take time to vote during a longer period of time. Firstly, it is proven that you need to listen to a song more than 2,3 times to fully experience the effect of it and to realise its full potential. Secondly, I make 3-4 day breaks after every consecutive re-listening in order to see how time changes my perception of a song. Also, ranking your selected songs on different days help you achieve more well-rounded results, because there are always mood swings (after that you can averagely see which songs constantly do well and which tend to jump around in your rankings) Then, after you have your twelve, there's another ranking required, because your brain gets accustomed to the order in which the songs are played, so you mix them up to see how they rank once the listening order is not specific Final listen to the top 12 to see that you are certainly happy with your decisions and you don't need to regret your votes after 2 days of sending them. Long story short, if your song got points from me, it travelled a long and tough road through my selection process At the moment I am down to 12, but I'm having trouble shaking off 13th and 14th places as they deserve the points as well.
  15. 5 points
    Good to see our german friend is back to normal, i was getting worried, since he was very nice the past couple of days.
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    THE BIG REVEAL... OF THE TISC 2017 LOGO! A big thank you has to go to @vinipereira for making the stunning logo! The logo itself features the four flowers of the British Isles, representing the countries that make up our great nation. The English Rose, Welsh Daffodil, Northern Irish Clover and Scottish Thistle, all featured on the logo and in the video. Here is the logo in all its glory:
  17. 5 points
    I'm stepping up to help Wanderer and LDOG with the point calculation of the predictions for Cycling, Swimming and the Miscellaneous Events, since I'm having a few days off work. I'm planning of finishing the results next week. Still I think you shall be patient; it's a hard work filling out each form without mistakes, so please consider that.
  18. 5 points
    Okay, I am very sorry, but I desperately needed a break, because I was exhausted beyond understandment. After coming back from my trip to Germany, I was dreading to log in to Totallympics, because I was completely done. I have dealt with my exams, prepared for a tour and undergoing some very important music stuff in my life. I finally feel free and capable to visit Totallympics yet again and I promise to work on the multi jury votes after the Christmas tour (with the TISC competition winner Leon Somov & Jazzu). It will be on 23rd/25th/26th/27th and 28th, so I should get around to finishing my TISC work after that period of time. Thank you for understanding.
  19. 5 points
    And most importantly, they come at the expense of more competitive, more historical and more prestiged events, which devalues the whole sport. I don't want to say it, but many of the changes seem to be just for the political correctness.
  20. 5 points
    Wow first of all, thank you Lithuania for This Amazing contest. Thanks to all who voted for Canada. Thanks for the others countries to have Provided amazing songs. Congratulations Ireland. i was so on the fence for my top two. I am a fan of Kelly Clarkson for so long, but I love This song of Santana with Rob Thomas. So for me they were almost at the same level. Anyway, i would like to apologize to not have attented today. Had a very busy day. I had to see my mother at the hospital and a lot of things. So Thank you to Werloc to have posted Canada's choices for me. Ready for the next contest. bring It on.
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    Good morning everyone! Another TISC Grand Final day is here Best of luck everyone, I hope we all get some points and that we are in for an exciting show As we all know, hosting a live 12 hour show is extremely daunting so I'd like everyone to offer full support to our Lithuanian friend today and show patience and understanding. Especially so since Werloc is operating from almost no sleep as he just got back from his own concert at 6am. As such, the scoreboards will be prepared as the proceedings go along so if everyone can just offer to keep a close eye on the calculations it would be a big help. Werloc has shown us huge dedication despite being extremely busy so I want to thank him now before the live show gets underway. Once again, good luck everyone
  23. 5 points
    Thank you everyone for coming to the opening ceremony, it was a great honour and pleasure to show you what Lithuania has to offer. We hope that you enjoyed the show and we will be seeing you tomorrow at 12:00 GTM+2 in the Grand Final. Totallympics Open International Song Contest Lithuania 2016 Juries Voted 0/33 Denmark 0 Bulgaria 0 Malta 0 India 0 Canada 0 Algeria 0 Mexico 0 Argentina 0 Colombia 0 Italy 0 Netherlands 0 Czech Republic 0 France 0 Greece 0 Portugal 0 Tunisia 0 Great Britain 0 Croatia 0 Lithuania 0 Serbia 0 Poland 0 Moldova 0 New Zealand 0 Indonesia 0 Turkey 0 Ireland 0 Slovakia 0 Azerbaijan 0 Brazil 0 Romania 0 Finland 0 Slovenia 0 United States 0
  24. 5 points
    Everyone should learn to be supportive. Running a prediction contest is a difficult task on it's own, let alone running 9, during the Olympics (Which I believe as sportsfans they wanted to watch too, instead of spending their time counting points). The position of running prediction contests is stressful and it's a monotonous task. Deuce did it for many years and got so tired of it that he quit the forum for good. If you're still hoping to have more prediction contests in the future, stop pressuring them too much and let them work at their own pace. I fully understand that everyone is eager to witness the results, but we can't forget about the people behind the results.
  25. 5 points
    HEEEELLLL YEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Bronze medal!!!!!!! WE HAVE A MEDAL!!!!! For all you that are from countries that usually get a lot of medals, this sounds like overreaction, but Portugal had 23 medals in 23 olympic editions (previous to Rio), so you can do the math and see how much a medal means for my nation!!! Our social media is going crazy!!! And it's Telma, who's a 5 time EC and always missed the medals on Olympics, so she was the one everyone was really cheering, she totally deserve this!!!! My medal's goal is achieved, from now on it will be (an amazing) bonus!
  26. 5 points
    wow, voting for the logo of a modern pentathlon competition. I'm sure the masses out there are desperate to take part.
  27. 5 points
    BREAKING NEWS: Slovakia gives 12 points to Slovenia to show that they are not actually the same country!!
  28. 5 points
    I give an example. There is a drug called GW 501516. It works well at helping with endurance so some cyclists and athletes take it. One Olympic champion has been banned for taking it. Trouble is that research on the drug for medical use was stopped when it is was found to cause cancer in rats. Basically if you legalize doping you have to accept that sportspeople will take anything that helps them to win. If you have children then a parent must accept that the only way your child will become successful is to feed him or her massive doses of steroids or EPO or whatever drug which may effect their health or even kill them, If a person is happy to do that then they really should not be allowed to have children, Anti-doping today is bad but the thought of people taking anything they want to take scares me. If that ever happened I hope all sports would be banned forever.
  29. 4 points
    as Bestmen is the first to vote and doesn't know what to do ,... walking alone in London waiting the rest
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    Salutations from Leon Somov & Jazzu and our band from the tour
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    Okay so some details on the Competition to find our next TISC Open host: Heat 1: Tuesday, 27th December (18:00 GMT) Competitors: Qualification Criteria: One nation will advance to the Final Heat 2: Wednesday, 28th December (18:00 GMT) Competitors: Qualification Criteria: Two nations will advance to the Final Heat 3: Thursday, 29th December (18:00 GMT) Competitors: Qualification Criteria: Two nations will advance to the Final FINAL: Friday, 30th December (18:00 GMT) 5 Nations compete to win the Golden Ticket and the right to host TISC Open 2017! No nations will be punished for not being present to compete in their heat or final. I have decided it would be unfair to do so since it is short notice. So instead another user from the site will take part on their behalf should any of the competitors be absent at the time. I haven't decided on a game format yet so I can't specify on how the heats will work yet. Good luck to all 9 bidders @amen09 @bestmen @DaniSRB @dcro @dezbee2008 @intoronto @mrv86 @rybak @Wanderer
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    Good evening, fellow Totallympics users! This edition was truly magical. Countries were awarded 12 points for the first time in their TISC history, every single country got their song featured in a top 3 (uk12points) got the last three in a spectacular fashion. People were asking for something to happen and it happened with every new voting card. The only thing that we didn't get is the 1000 point for Great Britain, but what an occasion it is going to be for them to get that in their homeland. We would like to congratulate Ireland yet again, with their 3rd TISC win. As well as we would like to congratulate Mexico and Canada for a valient effort for the second and third place.
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    I caught up on most of the post-result messages and commentary now, thanks everyone for making my night. I really love the fun we have during these TISCs, I am looking forward to the next one already. Since a few people have already asked about hosting I should say a few words on that. Right now I will defer making a definitive decision on that until the the new year. I truly love hosting these events and I have fond memories of welcoming you all to my little part of the world. But there are many users now who have been inspired to host TISC and share with us their country and their culture and I think it would be lovely to give people that opportunity to fulfill that desire. So it will be very likely that if the demand is there I will open the door for others to take on the mantle and honour of bringing TISC to their little part of the world. No matter where TISC 2017 will take us, rest assured Séamus will be there waving his shamrock and sharing a beer with his fellow participants
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    Thanks everyone for a wonderful contest, it has been a lot of fun all day as always Congratulations to @OlympicIRL for another win, Ireland is the king of TISC! And a big thank you to @Werloc for the very good organization! It was postponed by a week and everything, but it was absolutely worth the wait. Very nicely done and I loved the introduction to beautiful Lithuania! And so, here is a drink to both our fantastic winner and great host
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    Can I just say how funny it was to know that Great Britain would award medals to the three nations that did not have them? This has never happened in TISC ever before, which means that even if your song didn't finish that high up, someone did care for it.
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    Hi to all of you I hope you are all enjoying the contest and hopefully in the next contest I can restart participating in TISC contests
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    As soon as ACIS (Antarctica Counter-Intelligence Service) starts.
  42. 4 points
    At least we have this quote if he again really wants to host it.
  43. 4 points
    I know you don't like me, but can you stop being a prick every single chance you get? You're probably an adult, yet you're always acting like a 14 y.o. boy.
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    I'm truly sorry that life does not work exactly the way you want it to work. You have to understand that not everyone is here simply to entertain you. Everyone works at their own pace, everyone has different selection processes and there are still two good weeks until the deadline. For example, it's becoming boring for me that you complain about everything, because now it has become predictable. Now because I'm bored of your attitude, it does not mean that you'll stop complaining. It's the same that if you're bored that people don't post songs, that does not mean that they'll start posting them. Have a nice day
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    Letting host nation adding sports is a stupid idea, I understand if it happens in Universiade or some continental Games to make the host nation happy, but Olympics is bigger than this.
  47. 4 points
    Another track medal for a brit that should have been dq'd. But when it's time to bitch about Russia they're the first to get on their high horse.
  48. 4 points
    Kick weightlifting out. It's not popular, it's full of doping, it's unhealthy for those who practice it, etc
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    Hi everyone and welcome on the new version of Totallympics ! First of all, I am really very sorry to everyone who contributed on Totallympics in the last 5 years, because as you already know everything we did went lost. There are a series of reasons for this to happen, someone knows them someone don’t, but anyway now it is not important anymore, because we just have to look at the future. Anyway, I have decided to start everything again because the Totallympics community should not die. As someone already know, I have lost the motivations to go on with Totallympics in the latest months, maybe this new start will help me to find new motivations. As you can see, we do not have the chinese software (Discuz) anymore, I have opted for Invision Power Board which I have evaluated as the best forum software. Of course this is a new start for everyone and in the first period everything will be different compared to the past. We will not have the results part anymore, just the discussion about all sports. We will decide later whether to start again to post results (on the forum or maybe on a website we could create, with the forum becoming a part of the website). Anyway since we are just 6 months away to Rio 2016 I have did everything I could to start a new forum, with a new webmaster, a new software and everything else. In all honesty, I can tell you that the main reason why I have lost the motivations in the latest months was because Totallympics is not a source of income for me, but actually I have spent a lot of money during the years. And I have done a lot of sacrifices in my personal and professional life to be able to dedicate so much time to the forum. This is the reason why from next month there will be the possibility for users to “subscribe” to a premium membership. This will give some privileges to the premium members but the main reason is that they can contribute with some money per month/year to keep Totallympics community alive. Also donations will be possible, also for non registered users. Now, about the immediate future, I am still working on the forum and I will go on working on it in the next days. First of all please register and start having a look around the forum and test its features. I will organize the threads to be opened in each section with the admins, so that we will not have hundreds of threads in the very first period. So for the first days you will be allowed to post only in very few threads, starting from this one Thanks everyone for the kind words received over the past month and have a good time on the new version of Totallympics !