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    London Calling: Personal Bests, Milestones and Number 8 Only weeks are separating us from the Grand Final of the 2017 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest, and it promises to be nothing short of spectacular as 35 nations will fight it out to earn the honor of having the best song. Though it's not all about winning, as some nations may be looking just to have their best performance ever. 35 nations will compete in the upcoming contest, a record since the transition to the new forum, but also an overall record for the TISC Annual contests. Every nation will aim to get points from the other 34, but how many points do you need to beat you personal best, or even "personal worst" in this case? Here it is. A graph has three segments. Blue arrows represent how many points a nation needs to get to match their average performance over the years. Top of the each black line represents the points needed to match the personal best, while the bottom of the each line represents the points needed to match the personal worst. Exact points for each of the three aspects are given in the table below. So what do we see in this graph. Well, first of all, another proof of Irish dominance. There are only 5 nations whose best ever performance is better than Irish average one (those are GBR, GER, FRA, ITA and MEX)! Moreover, if we take a look at Ireland's "worst" performance, it is still higher than the best ever performance from 10 other nations competing here. But it's not all about Ireland. One nation that stands out is just about the most consistent one, Portugal. They need 75 points for the best ever, and 64 for the worst ever result! In all of their three participations they finished on very similar points. Totallympics' very own Mr. Consistency One nation is missing from all this however, the "wild card" Iran, our only debutante this year. No history records can help us pinpoint their performance, but we will take a look at what Iran needs to do to be the most successful debutante ever (excluding the nations that debuted at the very first contest). But let me tell you, getting a crown for being the best debutante ever is no easy task. When Colombia debuted back at the 2014 TISC Open contest, they earned massive 228 points and finished second. Some of the most successful debutantes also include Switzerland (5th place at the 2014 TISC Open) and Australia (6th place at the 2014 TISC Annual). It appears as though first time performers have never won this thing however, excluding the very first contest of course. Milestones Now we take a look at some of the milestones that are bound to happen at the 2017 TISC Annual contest. First of all, our British hosts should get their 1000th point in TISC history. As of now, they are on 996 points, so just about the first voters may wrap this up. Hosting this contest should make this milestone even more special to the team GB. Some of the smaller, personal milestones, include the possibility (probability) of reaching their 500th TISC point for team Argentina (497 as of now) and Greece (459). There are also some of the overall milestones bound to be reached. Indonesia, which will open the voting proceedings on April 29 will also become the 250th jury to present their votes. Also, 20000th overall TISC point will be awarded in this edition. It will be awarded by the jury number 8 in the voting order, Algeria. More specifically, it will go to the nation that gets 8 points from Algeria. Notice the recurring theme? Well, I guess we should keep an eye on number 8 in the Grand Final of this, the 8th edition of TISC.
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    Keeping It Nip And Tuck Year in and year out we are proven that winning the desired TISC title is not everything. There are always so many other battles and curiosities that keep us glued to the scoreboard as the Grand Final progresses. One of those things are the battles between certain nations that seem to happen at every single occasion. So, in this article we will focus on some of the biggest rivalries of the TISC family. Algeria and Tunisia's rivalry might be one of the shorter lived ones, but it has been just as intense as some of the longer ones. Algeria and Tunisia have met each other at no less than three contests, starting at the 2015 Open when Algeria made its debut. Back then Tunisia won easily, scoring 82 points to Algeria's 28. However, 2016 brought much tighter affairs between these two African nations. 2016 Annual contest was, generally speaking, the most successful one for the African continent. Both Algeria and Tunisia went over 100 points, becoming the first African nations to do so. However, it was Tunisia that edged out Algeria 126 to 118. 2016 Open contest brought another close battle between these two. Moreover, both nations finished on 70 points! But once again it was Tunisia who finished in front on tie-break, keeping their record clean at 3-0. At the end of the year, Algeria and Tunisia met yet again, but this time in the final round of bidding. Tunisia edged out again and won the hosting rights for the 2017 Open. Will 2017 be Algeria's year? Who says that only winner gets a trophy? Sometimes even finishing in 27th place can bring you a trophy. The Czechs and the Slovaks have friendly rivalries in all kind of things, and TISC is definitely no exception. Sadly, this time we will not see a Czechoslovakian battle, as the Czech team dropped out after failing to submit their votes. The Czechoslovakian trophy has been won by Slovakia on 4 occasions, making them the more successful of the two. Moreover, Slovakia has 100% efficiency when it comes to the Annual Contest. Maybe that's why Czechs dropped out? Or maybe they are still recovering from the nasty defeat at the 2016 Open, when Slovaks defeated them by a single point thanks to the very last jury? It is a well known fact that French and Italians are regular sport rivals. Their sport rivalry has been well translated to the TISC contests. France has won 4 times, while Italy has 3 victories. France is also leading in the all-time points. But perhaps the most curious thing about their battles is the fact that the winning side always seem to crush the other. Italy crushed France by 117 points at the 2013 Open, France crushed Italy by 118 points at the 2014 Open. Their closest battle came at the 2016 Open, when France won by still a big margin of 24 points. Battle of the giants, we should say. Over the years, Great Britain has been pretty much the only nation that could match Ireland's successes on regular basis. This may come as a surprise, but Great Britain has actually been the more successful of the two, defeating Ireland at no less than 4 occasions! Ireland has 3 victories, and all of them actually came when Ireland won the overall contest. It seems like Ireland needs to come up with a winning combination to keep their neighbors at bay! Despite having a positive head-to-head score, the British have only one overall victory. That's indeed some tough luck! This is perhaps the biggest of all TISC rivalries. Canada and the USA have been fighting close battles ever since the TISC contests started. Moreover, at the TISC premiere in 2013 they actually finished on equal 150 points! This prompted users from both nations to desperately seek answers over who won the tie-break. It was Canada that edged out eventually, earning them a top 5 finish. Canadians and Americans kept it nip and tuck at pretty much all of the following contests. Their rivalry culminated once again at the latest 2016 Open contest in Lithuania. Going into the final round of voting, it was the USA that held the final place on the podium. But there was one problem... They were drawn to be the final voters. They awarded points to Canada and, in the process, they also handed them their own place on the podium. Looking at their battles over the years, it seems like the Canadians always get their way in close finishes. They won once on a tie-break, and two more times by single-digit differences. USA, on the other hand, have won only once, and that was by a big 35 points difference! TISC Analytics
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    Hi guys, I'm at work right now (Saturday is workday in Iran lol) but managed to find few minutes to post my votes
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    It would be cool to see @vinipereira making logo for his own contest this time.
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    One last thing to do... reveal the Scoreboard: 0 / 35 Juries Voted Jury Voting: Netherlands 0 Indonesia 0 Finland 0 Romania 0 Argentina 0 Slovenia 0 Great Britain 0 Ireland 0 Morocco 0 Russia 0 Mexico 0 Croatia 0 United States 0 Slovakia 0 Tunisia 0 Algeria 0 Portugal 0 Lithuania 0 Canada 0 Malta 0 France 0 Iran 0 Greece 0 Moldova 0 New Zealand 0 Bulgaria 0 Azerbaijan 0 Kazakhstan 0 Germany 0 India 0 Brazil 0 Denmark 0 Serbia 0 Poland 0 Italy 0 Remember the contest begins tomorrow morning at 10:30 UK time (GMT+1)! I hope to see you all there! Goodbye for now!
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    And with that we have a special guest and new Totallympics member I hear to open the contest! "It is with great pride I declare the 2017 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest open" Thank you everyone for joining us tonight for the Opening Ceremony!!
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    wow 4th place ! and just 1 point away from the podium. have to say I didn't expect that at all. actually I would be happy with just not finishing last to me that was a very good music but I didn't expect non-Persian speakers to vote for that. I was somehow following the thread in evening, was kind of busy to write anything myself but that was fun, thanks everybody who voted for Iran
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    12 and 11 for Brazil and Netherland. How much did you pay for this? @heywoodu
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    If nobody from Slovenia shows up, I wonder if Slovakia wants to announce the results! I think we could pull it off without anyone realising!
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    Anyone excited for the Grand Final? TISC analytics will continue the tradition of following the leader's average score per jury. Most of the updates to come on judging breaks. Let's not forget The Committee of Key Nations (nations that always give some points to the eventual winner). 7 of those are competing here. Draw has been quite favourable, with most of them coming later on. And here's a map of voting. Good luck everyone.
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    NOTTINGHAMSHIRE (MID) The county of Nottinghamshire is located in the Midlands, home to the legend of Robin Hood! For the next 3 weeks this Archery mad county will be home to the delegations of United States @dezbee2008 and Russia @vovanA, some of the most successful competing nations in Archery at the Olympics. You may be thinking what an unlikely pairing, but there is an important history to this region that makes this pairing very interesting.. United States - Sherwood Forest With the longest journey yet Team USA arrived slightly tired, but excited for their next few weeks in the glorious Sherwood Forest, home to the legend of Robin Hood, an outlaw who took from the rich and gave to the poor. The county of Nottinghamshire is positively obsessed with the legend, placing him on their flag, road signs and across the county in statues. But the forest, originally called Birklands and Bilhaugh, has long been a royal hunting ground and is home to the Major Oak, thought to be almost 1000 years old. The importance of Robin Hood to the region cannot be understated, the annual Robin Hood Festival recreates the medieval atmosphere and acts as a celebration of the legend that has put the region on the map. But perhaps for this pairing of countries there is something more important than Robin Hood hidden within Sherwood Forest. There is one place in Sherwood Forest that dates back to Viking times called the Thynghowe, which was only discovered 10 years ago, yet during the 14th-17th centuries it was the place where people and communities came to resolve and settle their disputes. Maybe some of the magic of Sherwood Forest might send this pairing to the opening ceremony as best friends! Russia - Nottingham The Russian delegation arrived early this morning into the city of Nottingham, their home for the coming weeks. Nottingham was originally named Tigguo Cobauc, meaning 'City of Caves' and the famous Nottingham Castle itself sits atop a network fof sandstone caves. It is this castle that has housed Richard the Lionheart, who led the crusades and the Sheriff of Nottingham. But there are a few quirks in this town! Nottingham has one of the smallest cinemas in the world with just 22 seats, the worlds first professional football club (Notts County) and one of the oldest pubs, dating back to 1189, but beware Team Russia supposedly anyone who cleans the Trip to Jerusalem pub will die! Most of the caves within Nottingham are man made and have been used thorughout history for a range of purposes from pubs to air raid shelters and sums. There are over 500 known caves, and over 100 of those have been discovered since 2010. But these cave shave a dark past of disease and revolt. In 1330, King Edward III and a group of conspirators crept through a secret tunnel into the city's castle and took prisoner Roger de Mortimer, a nobleman who had until then effectively been England's ruler. During the Industrial Revolution landlords would house the inlux of workers in the caves, creating slums where disease was rife. Today how about heading to the Hand and Heart pub located in the caves for a drink!
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    Scenes at the AMEX Stadium in Brighton - where the thousands of British TISC fans have just found out GB has won!
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    Well, do you wanna go the seaside? Because that's where Totallympics is heading, to the coastal city and home to the Kooks, it's ....
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    COMHAIRLE NAN EILEAN SIAR (SCO) Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is a council/county area that covers the Western Isles of Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides, it is a part of Scotland I definitely want to visit, but have never had a chance so I am very jealous of the delegations who get to stay here. For the next week this county will be home to Tunisia @amen09@tuniscof and Ireland @OlympicIRL, the founders and next host of the contest, maybe they can have a meeting about the future of the contest on the islands! Tunisia - Isle of Lewis (Outer Hebrides) The Tunisian delegation will make the Isle of Lewis their new home for the coming days. The Isles of Lewis is located at the Northern tip of the Outer Hebrides and therefore, as the picture suggests, the Northern Lights can be seen at certain times of the year from the Island. Also shown in the picture are the Callanish Stones, a ritual site during the Bronze Age, one tradition goes that the stones are petrified giants who refused to convert to Christianity, whilst the history might be disputed they are definitely a maginficant site. And this is where the Tunisian delegation will be staying, seriously, these ancient houses have been rennovated and are now a holiday accomodation site on the shores of the Atlantic (Garenin blackhouse village), not advised to go paddling in these waters! Ireland - St Kilda The beautiful, now uninhabited, Island of St Kilda will be home to Ireland for the coming days. The Island has a sad past, as the last surviving residents were evacuated from the island during WW2 after centuries of human inhabitation. The island itself is now a world heristage site and has a history of Vikings, Druids, raids and resistence. However life on the island is incredibly challenging, as brutal storms can strike the island. St Kilda may not have many humans left, but that has been more than replaced by wildlife! Thousands of seabirds flock to the island as a breeding ground, but because of the salt spray and strong winds, no trees grow on the island. We hope a storm doesn't trap the most sucsessful TISC nation of all time on the island for the grand final, or was that the scheming plan of the hosts all along...
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    COUNTY LONDONDERRY (NIR) County Londonderry is located in Northern Ireland and has the motto - help comes from the Lord - a reminder of the strong Catholic community in this part of Northern Ireland. For the next week this county will be home to Indonesia @Griff88 and France @Benolympique@Bohemia, with the nations enjoying contrasting urban/rural experiences. Indonesia - Londonderry The city of Londonderry, often known as Derry, on the banks of the Foyle river will be home to the Indonesian delegation for the coming days. Derry remains the only completely intact walled city in Ireland and these walls were bult in the 17th Century by the English and Scottish as defences. The city is often called The Maiden City, because the city walls have never been breached, despite a 105 day attempt in 1689. Derry was also where The Troubles in Northern Ireland began, with the Battle of the Bogside, but it was also part of the end, as many historians think a ceasefire was negotiated in Derry before any national agreement was reached. The city is also home to 1 of 15 World Peace Flame Monuments, that was unveiled by Martin Luther King's son and was lit by children from both communities. Derry has also become a hotspot for culture, after being UK Capital of Culture in 2013. One of these events is the Big Tickle Comedy Festival that has attracted big names like Dara O Briain over the years. We hope that Indonesia will be able to enjoy some comedy whilst they are here, but they may need to listen well as the accent can be quite thick in these parts! France - Binevenagh Mountain Team France will be based at Binevenagh Mountain, which has been used as a filming location for Game of Thrones. The mountain has a highest point of nearly 400m and has been classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The mountain is commonly used for Air Sports like Gliding and fishing, as an artificial lake at the top of the mountain is a popular destination for trout fishermen. The mountain is a popular destination for walkers and we hope the French delgation enjoy the amazing views from the peak of the mountain, but they'll need to muster the energy to climb the mountain first! For those of us not lucky enough to be based at Binevenagh, here is a little taster of what it is like...
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    Voting Schedule ORDER NATION HOST TIME LOCAL TIME 1 Indonesia 10:30 16:30 2 Romania 10:45 12:45 3 Slovenia 11:00 12:00 4 Ireland 11:15 11:15 5 Russia 11:30 13:30 6 Croatia 11:45 12:45 7 Slovakia 12:00 13:00 8 Algeria 12:15 12:15 9 Lithuania 12:30 14:30 LUNCH 12:45-13:30 10 Malta 13:30 14:30 11 Iran 13:45 17:15 12 Moldova 14:00 16:00 13 Bulgaria 14:15 16:15 14 Kazakhstan 14:30 19:30 15 India 14:45 19:15 16 Denmark 15:00 16:00 17 Poland 15:15 16:15 18 Netherlands 15:30 16:30 19 Finland 15:45 17:45 BREATHER 16:00-16:30 20 Argentina 16:30 12:30 21 Great Britain 16:45 16:45 22 Morocco 17:00 17:00 23 Mexico 17:15 11:15 24 United States 17:30 12:30 25 Tunisia 17:45 17:45 26 Portugal 18:00 18:00 27 Canada 18:15 13:15 28 France 18:30 19:30 DINNER 18:45-19:45 29 Greece 19:45 21:45 30 New Zealand 20:00 07:00 31 Azerbaijan 20:15 23:15 32 Germany 20:30 21:30 33 Brazil 20:45 16:45 34 Serbia 21:00 22:00 35 Italy 21:15 22:15
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    @bestmen you'll have to wait a week to find out. This time next week we'll be entering some of the last stages of voting! Will we know the winner? Sorry ive been a bit quiet on the thread, only just starting to dawn on me how much organising this thing takes! But we will have more delegations arriving throughout the week and voting templates will start making their way to your inbox as well! Also tomorrow the voting time slots will be announced, as well as the scheduled time for the opening and closing ceremonies!
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    SOMERSET (SW) The county of Somerset is located in South West England, home to the Glastonbury festival, Roman Baths and the Wurzels! For the next 3 weeks it will be home to the delegations of Denmark @Agger and Lithuania @Werloc, both former TISC host nations, but their contrasting experiences of urban and rural Somerset will make them wonder if they really are just a matter of miles away from each other... Denmark - Somerset Levels As the mist rises on the Somerset Levels at dawn the Danish delegation are about to arrive in an area renowned for its natural beauty and biodiversity. However, Team Denmark need to watch their step as the Somerset Levels is one of the most flood prone areas of the UK and by travelling to the Levels Team Denmark are helping the communities across the region who are attempting to increase tourism and gain World Heritage Site status in order to get better flood defences. There is a long history in the Somerset Levels, with perhaps the most interesting tales of all being the legend of King Arthur. The Hill Fort at South Cadbury has long been thought to be Camelot, the home of King Arthur. Arthurian legends surround the region and many locations have some link to the legend. TOP TRIP: Exploring the Arturian Legends at South Cadbury and Glastonbury Cathedral. Glastonbury Festival - a celebration of british culture, music and a whole lot of mud! Somerset is internationally known for its flagship music festival, but the music culture in Somerset extends far beyond the tents of Glastonbury. The hippie and folk music scene across the region is long established, and even in the humble beginnings of the Glastonbury Festival, the Pilton Pop, Blues and Folk Festival celebrated the music of Somerset. Whilst team Denmark may be thankful to miss the thousands of festival goers they will certainly not miss the music. The ceilidh folk music of the South West can be seen in local pubs and small festivals and to welcome Team Denmark to the Somerset Levels here is a special performance by the aptly named Somerset Levellers. Enjoy a jig to the music and a local cider! Lithuania - Bristol On a beautiful Bristol evening some of the last balloons return from the skies as the Lithuanian delegation arrive! But not without panic, as the team had to rush back to the Bureau de Change minutes before the flight was set to depart, as they had forgot to buy their Bristol pounds, a local currency only for the city. But it is not the skies, but the water around Bristol that has brought the city is brightest and darkest times over the years. The first English ships to land in North America set off from Bristol, but at the height of the slave trade over 500'000 slaves were transferred through Bristol from Africa to North America. But it is modern Bristol that has really made a name for itself. Street art, the home of Banksy, Bristol's rebellious streek. The city is not one to conform, but one to push boundaries and ask questions. Banksy has left his mark all over the world, yet some of his original work remains in Bristol and his work has inspired others creating a booming graffiti scene. Bristol has also been at the forefront of animation, with Wallace and Gromit proud products of the cities innovation. The question now for the Lithuanian delegation is what to do will it be Banksy or Brunell, Boats or Balloons. But really there's only one iconic choice in Bristol, it has to be balloon, so Team Lithuania better not have a fear of heights because its up, up and away!!
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    Don't worry,guys. I will send the votes in time
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    When you have more points than Ireland for the first time in history...
  27. 4 points
    lol. The end. Thanks all for congratulations. We will be good hosts
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    Second time I awarded 11 points to Kensington and not a cent to show for it But my reward is new found music that I listen again and again
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    You mean they are two different countries? That is news to me!
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    Let us start discussing the final results of TAISC 2017
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    To begin this ceremony we will rise, rise into the skies above the city of Brighton, look out along the Sussex coast, inland to the South Downs and out to the English Channel and mainland Europe and the world beyond. But look, now we are at the top of the tallest moving observation tower in the world, the i360, what can we see? In the distance the Irish delegation are boarding a raft leaving the island of St Kilda, we can see the Mexican and Moldovan delegations finishing their hike along Glyndwr's Way, we can see the Lithuania team's hot air baloon landing by the Clifton Suspension Bridge, we can see Potugal at the highest point in Britain and we can see Algeria in a bad mood counting down the seconds until they can leave the Giant's Causeway. So now is the time to bring the delegations of the world together and welcome the entire Totallympic's community to Brighton. So without further ado, let us welcome the delagtions to Brighton, region by region, welcoming them to the contest with a parade of nations, led by a cultural anthem from their host region.
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    THE HIGHLANDS (SCO) The Highlands is not technically a county, but it is a region of Scotland that is truely stunning. It will be the base for Portugal @kungshamra71 and Croatia @dcro. Portugal we expect a photo from the top, you don't have long to climb it either, so you might want to cheat and take the cable car. Portugal - Ben Nevis (highest point in Britain) Croatia - Dunoon (home of the Highland Games)
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    Wish You Were Here.... As we await the Grand Final of the TISC Annual 2017 and as part of the Festival of Music, I decided to share some memories from the nations who have participated in the contest in the past but have sadly left us in the meantime. For the purposes of the list I have included the song with the highest finish for that nation. First up in the series are Egypt, Vietnam, Ukraine and Latvia..... Egypt Participations: 5 (TISC Open 2013, 2014, 2015; TISC Annual 2014, 2015) Best finish: 18th (TISC Open 2013) Vietnam Participations: 1 (TISC Open 2013) Best finish: 8th (TISC Open 2013) Ukraine Participations: 1 (TISC Open 2013) Best finish: 27th (TISC Open 2013) Latvia Participations: 2 (TISC Open 2013, TISC Open 2014) Best finish: 7th (TISC Open 2014)
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    A couple of thank yous at the end of the final! Big thank you to @OlympicIRL for his eternal help as guardian of the Totallympics Song Contest and for making the fantastic scoreboard! Another big thank you to @vinipereira for the logo he created - it was beautiful! And a big thank you to everyone on the forum and the people who got involved today who make the hours of template making so worthwhile when there is such a fantastic day at the end!
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    We've done another fantastic job in our secret work of deciding the winners of the contest. The travels to the other Committee Member Nations have not been for nothing.
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    If Brighton's music scene has impressed you so far, there's more of that to come! But the next part of the ceremony is very significant in Brighton. Brighton is a city that is very eco-conscious, it is where the Green Party has their only MP and this environmentally friendly community have come up with an excellent way to reuse waste - to use it as musical instruments! Yes, the amazing Stomp percussion group were founded in Brighton in the 1990s and here with a domestic recycling performance that is genius in so many ways is Stomp.
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    Welcome to the 2017 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest Opening Ceremony! There is only one possible way to open this contest and that is to celebrate the reason why we are here, in Britain, today. That reason is Birdy and Rhodes with their stunning song Let it all go. So everyone enjoy this special performance from last years winners, Birdy and Rhodes....
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    LONDON (SE) London, our capital and largest city, will be home to Brazil @titicow @vinipereira and @Federer91. But we will be sending our delegations to parts of London you may not have sene before... Brazil - Camden Town Bulgaria - Clapham
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    Sussex (SE) Sussex is a county in South East England, also known as Sussex-by-the-sea, and is technically divided into 2 (East and West Sussex - with the City of Brighton and Hove diving the two) and will be home to Serbia @DaniSRB@dareza and @rybak. As this is my home county you'll be treated to two of my favourite spots - so enjoy! With West Wittering do beware - on a sunny day most of the surrounding villages flock to the beach and it can be infested with people - but you shoudl be alright at this time of year. Serbia, your choice of Alfriston is a timy village in East Sussex, but it is beautiful! It is surrounded by rolling hills and the beach is just a few minutes walk down the road - it is one of the most picturesque villages I have ever been to! There is currently a big campaign in the village to stop the council putting in traffic lights as they will ruin the image of the village! Poland - West Witterings Serbia - Alfriston
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    CORNWALL (SW) Cornwall is located on the South Western most tip of the UK, with the landmark of Lands End, which marks the most westerly part of the UK. For the next week this county will be home to Slovakia @hckosice and Slovenia @justony, it was a pairing that was too good to miss, hopefully it doesn't confuse the Cornish people as much as it seems to confuse the UK media! Slovakia - Scilly Isles There is a long journey in store for the Slovakian delegation, but it is totally worth it! The Scilly Isles, located 45km off the coast of Cornwall, have been compared with Caribbean Islands for their white sand and blue sea beaches. The archipeligo contains 150 islands, of which 5 are inhabited, with the main island being St Mary's island. The biodiversity of the Scilly Isles is unique from the UK mainland, due to the complex climate and more than half of the Islands have been decalred Sites of Special Scientific Interest. But the Isles are not just a tranquil paradise, the Western Rocks are known as the graveyard, as many ships have been destroyed by the rocks, British, German and American ships have all come a cropper against the rocks of Scilly. In fact there have been more shipwrecks around the shores of Scilly than anywhere else in the world! The World Pilot Gig Championships are held in the Scilly Isles every year and they will take place this weekend, just in time for the Slovakian delegation to take a look. These small boats would guide bigger ships through the treacherous waters years ago, and the tradition has continues in the form of a competition. We are going to enter the delegation as a beginner Slovakian team into the Championships for the first ever time and see how they get on, as long as they stay upright that will be a success! Here's a look at gigging: Slovenia - St Ives The traditional fishing town of St Ives will be home to the Slovenian delegation for the next week, a town that has twie been named the Best UK Seaside Town. At the peak of the fishing industry over 120 million fish were brought through St Ives! But Team Slovenia beware, St Ives is a hotspot for shark sightings, in 2007 a Great White Shark was reportedly spotted off the coast and in 2011 there was a suspected sighting of an Oceanic whitetip shark, both claims have been disputed, but nevertheless Slovenia need to watch their toes if they go in for a paddle! Art is very important in St Ives culture, with a St Ives branch of the Tate Gallery being established here. In particular, scuplture is important with famous artists like Barbara Hepworth and Naum Gabo being based here who were pioneers in modern sculpture. The sculpture garden at the Barhara Hepworth Museum is certainly worth a visit.
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    LANCASHIRE (N) The county of Lancashire is located in the North West of England. This county has played a large role in the indusatrialisation of Britain, in particular cotton, as 85% of the cotton manufactured globally in the early 1800s was manufactured in Lancashire's cotton mills. For the next few weeks this industrial county will be home to India @Dolby and Italy @Gianlu33@Henry_Leon@SteveParker@Pablita who will each stay in one of the regions great cities. India - Blackpool Having both travelled across Asia and Europe, the Indian delegation arrived at the seaside resort of Blackpool, a city with bustling promenades, fun fairs and a focus on tourism. Landmarks like the Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park and the Blackpool Tower (inspired by the Eiffel Tower) can be seen along the coast. Blackpool has followed the same journey of many seaside resorts across the country. The journey begins with sea bathing, a trend in Victorian Britain that was said to cure many diseases and became popular with wealthy city dwellers who would come to the coast for respite. But the most significant date for most seaside towns is the date the railways opened connecting these coastal towns to the city, for Blackpool this was 1846. After then holiday makers flocked to Blackpool during wakes week (the week when all the cotton mills closed), piers and amusements were built to cater for the tourists. Sadly, the package holiday abroad has resulted in the decline of Blackpool, but a strong culture remains in the seaside town. One of the fmost famous events in Blackpool is the Illuminations, the illuminations themselves are over 6 miles long and use over a million bulbs. The festival began in 1879 and is still growing today, with greater business interest and a new focus on sustainability. And to welcome the Indian delegation here is the Blackpool Illuminatiosn in all their glory! Italy - Manchester The large Italian delegation required a big host area to cater for the 4 users and additional team, therefore Manchester as the UKs 2nd largest city is a perfect place for the Italian team to stay! Manchester, aptly nicknamed Cottonopolis, is the UKs 2nd most populated city, behind London and was the world's first industrialised city. And each Italian user will discover a little bit about the culture of one of Britain's most important cities. Sport City Manchester's sport is known world wide for the football teams of Manchester United and Manchester City, for the cricket ground where Shane Warne bowled the Ball of the Century in the 1993 Ashes, for being the host of the 2002 Commonwealth Games, for the location of the 'medal factory' the Manchester Velodrome where Team GB train for the Olympics and for many more. SportCity itself is the largest concentration of sporting venues in Europe and is rumoured to be preparing a bid for the 2023 European Games. Creative City Manchester's music scene exploded in the 90s, bands like Oasis and Take That were born and Manchester was put firmly on the musical map of Britain. Much of the new wave of culture in Manchester came from bands, painters and acting groups making use of cheap, worn down warehouses and factories in Northern Manchester. Literary City Manchester has a long tradition of producing great writers and poets and also as an important location in the creation of literature. Manchester was where the first meeting of Engels and Karl Marx took place and the two begain writing the Communist Manifesto in Chetham Library in Manchester. The John Rylands Library also holds the earliest known text of the New Testament. Famous books The Clockwork Orange and The Secret Garden were also written in the city. Media City Manchester is an important location in the UK media and film industry, it is one of ITVs and BBCs main studios and shows like Mastermind, Coronation Street and BBC Breakfast, have been filmed there. Salford Quays has been redeveloped as MediaCity and is home to many TV, Radio and print based media companies.
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    New events Archery: But using bazookas Athletics: Race walk on a protest staring Kendall Jenner Badminton: Shuttlecock renamed 'shuttlevagina' for feminism Baseball: Powerups like Mario Super Sluggers Basketball: Every team is just made up of five USA players Beach volleyball: All the players are naked Boxing: Replaced with UFC Canoeing - Slalom: There are no longer any boats Canoeing - Sprint: There is no longer any water Cycling - BMX: Some mad freestyle eve- wait, this is real? Oh. Cycling - Mountain Bike: Athletes no longer have a bike, and only have rations for 2 months, to start a fire, and no emergency contact Cycling - Road: There are still cars on the road, so the athletes have to be mindful of traffic Cycling - Track: The biggest race in Olympic history: 1,000 athletes (all at the same time) - what could go wrong? Diving: It's now from the biggest sky scraper in the host nation Equestrian: No more outdated horses. For animal rights, the teams have two hours to make a Papier-mâché horse and use that Fencing: It's now going to be a medieval swordfight Field hockey: You get points for hitting your apponent with the stick Football: Now a full-age competition that everybody in football respects LOL HAHA JUST KIDDING it's one of those stupid 'freestyle football' competitions Golf: It's on a volcano à la Mario Golf Gymnastics - Artistic: It's now a twerking competition Gymnastics - Rhythmic: They throw the ball and play cricket using the clubs - throwing through the hoops as an impromptu wicket and the ribbon as the crease Gymastics - Trampoline: If an athlete does badly, the trampoline is removed before they land Handball: You can now use your feet Judo: It's now an "artistic judo" contest, where you have to be the most stylish no matter who wins Karate: It's the most stereotypical karate match ever, with all participants armed with ninja throwing starts to appeal to youth Modern Penathlon: League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 17, Rocket League, Pokémon Sun/Moon Rowing: All teams have no paddles Rugby Sevens: There is now 1 player on each team Sailing: It lasts 3 months on a voyage to Australia. It doesn't matter where the host nation is, it will always mysteriously last 3 months and be to Australia anyway Shooting: It's now for Black Lives Matter, participants have to dress up as policeman and shoot unarmed black people. Unfortunately, real people are used for some reason. Skateboarding: (It's in the Olympics in the first place lol) "Woah dude. That kickflip was gnarly" - The commentators will say that even if it's unrelated to a kickflip Softball: It's now a men only sport and baseball is a women's only sport Sport Climbing: The sea level slowly rises, meaning if you take too long you'll drown Surfing: Remember Club Penguin? Yeah. That. Swimming: Now with added sharks! Table Tennis: No table, now you just get points by hitting your opponent with the ball Taekwondo: Athletes will now be those stupid weeaboos that think everything Japanese is cool and will bring body pillows, then run away before the fight Tennis: The women where dresses but no underwear in a shameless attempt to get viewers, the IOC explain why this is actually pro-feminism Triathlon: Jousting, Hotdog eating, and The Suicide Race - The athletes did not know they meant actual suicide Volleyball: The net is now 20 metres high, all the time the athletes are on really wobbly ladders. Fifteen die, thirty-six wounded Water Polo: Now you HAVE to make your feet touch the ground, at all times Weightlifting: All done by douchebag gymlads that look stupid when they completely overestimate their lifting ability Wrestling: Anything is legal, like chair throwing, punching, and concealing a weapon and shooting the opponent
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