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    @JoshMartini007 has recently opened a new blog following the 2020 Olympic Qualifications and we agreed to bring the blog under Totallympics family, offering the hosting to the blog Here is the link: https://qualifyingtothegames.totallympics.com
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    Flags from outside the International sailing center The crowd between races Some foiling action just in front of the main spectator area
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    Okay, I'M SORRY. This evening, I can't, too much emotions I don't remember the last time that I felt like this, two very similar scenarios, two very different outcomes. One very talented young lady - Liveta Jasiūnaitė saving the day for Lithuania and winning an extremely unexpected bronze medal, but a medal that means so so so much. Seeing a medal from someone other than Gudžius or Palšytė means trumendously for Lithuania, this is one of the most successful European Championships for us. I'm extremely happy with what I got to experience today and this is one of the days that'll stick with me for my entire life, just like Athens 2004 with Skujytė
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    How I feel while studying chemical synthesis AND reading olympic qualification criteria
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    Final Standing available here dcro rybak hckosice Second gold medal in a row for @dcro Very consistent prediction throughout the Contest and well deserved win. Congratulation! New medal for Poland and finally new medal for @rybak, last days were unfortunate a bit, but I guess he's satisfied with a silver as well! Congratulations Hockey and @hckosice in the same sentence? Seems legit to me Was excellent during the group stage, but choked a bit during the knockout stage. I cannot remember him winning a medal during the contests I managed, so am pleased to see someone winning after years of participation Congrats! Great finish for remaining of the top 10, this was second participation for @thepharoah and already second top 10 finish. @juliosilva and @Henry_Leon dangerous as always. @LDOG kinda flopped, and what is a top 10 picture without @Pablita and @chrischi08. Better luck to @suchyy7 next time, was in top 3 at some point Special mention goes to @Gianlu33 who was the only one to predict Spain's bronze medal. Thank you everyone who participated. Now, onto Sailing and European Athletics!
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    Finally made it to the Championships. Lovely big crowds and a great atmosphere for Ida and Marie's win! Meanwhile some Nacras are on the way out to test the waters.
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    Final Standing available here thepharoah crovitlaci chrischi08 And @thepharoah did it! Fantastic predictions from the start until the very end. Not first medal in football prediction contests but I am sure the first gold one! Congratulation! Congrats to @crovitlaci on silver medal, it was a close race. But also, congrats to Croatia on amazing achievement, playing in World Cup final. Great success. Well done @chrischi08 on winning bronze medal! Always close to the top, and what it looked like another top 5 finish and no medal, this time luck and more faith in certain teams brought the podium for you. Congratulation Leading during contest, @amen09 couldn't handle the pressure and last three of four predictions went down the drain. A definition of a choke Sorry and better luck next time Same could be said for @Vojthas who had more than 5 points lead at one point but latest matches didn't turn out the way he expected. To finish in top 10 with 50+ participants is not bad Thank you everyone who participated, I hope you had fun, enjoyed the contest and the Cup! Let's swim now!
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    Some pictures from my trip today to Glenariff Forest Park in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
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    Is it April 1st or something? Everything is alright at the airport. The 1st pic is from 2012, Frankfurt. The 2nd one is from February, Marseille.
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    no , oh goooood your pc is possessed by Berlusconi
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    Anabolic steroids, bridge is fucking hardcore. Roid rage everywhere.
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    I am pretty sure Totallympics collectively could create a better sports program.
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    personally i'm for the president who reveals these secrets of UFO/Roswell ..etc
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    20 years later, we did it again!!! And this time I can really celebrate it Congrats to Croatia, a great team that deserved to win the WC too, they played really well today
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    If that joke of a sport that is baseball5 ever makes it to the Olympics I am done.
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    Final Standing available here Dunadan EselTheDonkey OlympicsFan What a day for @Dunadan! Two medals, bronze and gold one! It was a "photo finish", leading most of the time, but eventually winning the race. Two perfect prediction brought him the win: Men's Hammer Throw and Women's 200m. Another medal for you and team Italy! Congratulation! What second half of the championships for @EselTheDonkey! Very close to win the event, but one perfect prediction on Men's 400m Hurdles was enough for silver only this time. But I am sure he's satisfied with his second medal in a very few events he entered! Congrats It was either team Italy or team Germany, and Germany prevailed! Congrats @OlympicsFan on winning bronze medal. Great predictions throughout the championships. @Henry_Leon was there, but few points short for the podium. Finally top 5 showing for our beloved Belgian @heywooduGreat debut for @Speedy, another top 10 for @dcro and maybe a bit disappointing end contest-wise for @Monzanator but I believe he's actually very happy with the results of Polish athletes. Decent result for @chrischi08 and @Pablita Special thanks to my little elf @Werloc for all the help Thank you everyone for participation. General Standings coming in next three days and then we'll have few weeks break before we start our "fall season". I definitely need time off Until mid-September
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    Good, then you'd had decent pétanque players by now. How these pétanque players would have helped you in european athletics is still unknow though.
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    YAS please. My dad adores her My mom: "hon, it Schippers!" My dad be like: I would exchanged a total disaster for a bronze medal at any time.
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    I work for the organizing committee of the 2018 World Junior Badminton Championships. We are drafting up a release on introducing Li Ning as the main sponsor for the event, the company ofc named after the final torchbearer at Beijing 2008
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    Surely not in the 100m dash? Those races are over in a flash Ready, set go, A puff and a blow, 10 secs later heywoodu loses more cash
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    The gold medal winner came from the deep south. Shut your mouth.
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    The Replay list is now complete for time being and can be viewed here. If you wish to see further replays posted contact me with your wishes. Also, keep in mind that I am still actively looking for replays. Now, re-enjoy the games.
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    Bekric So happy to see him again on big competiton!
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    There is a Disney movie already in production to celebrate Ireland's penalty shoot-out success to beat Netherlands and lift the World title
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    3x3 ranking... strange ranking, with Andorra and Mongolia very High. Uhmm Andorra and Mongolia.. not so strong. Then... on what is based 3x3 ranking? Wait. I don' belive. It is based on individual ranking. Why? Ok, not by international tournament. But individual ranking? Incredible. From FIBA site: "The 3x3 Federation Ranking not only rewards the elite performances of the players but also the 3x3 activity in the territory of each National Federation. The position in the 3x3 Federation Ranking is driven by the number of players and their playing frequency. The more events are organised the more likely players will accumulate points and increase the national federation's standing in the 3x3 Federation Ranking". So, doesn't matter if players are strong, are good player. No. For a good ranking is necessary to organize many national events, so player can accumulate their points. Ok, my italian friends, let's organize some 3x3 torunaments!!! The worst sport thing i ever seen.
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    Did you know Bach is an OIympic Champion from 1976, in Fencing no less?
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    Because the men’s basketball final is always such a great match xD
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    Congratulations Frenchs!!, the team with less mistakes of the World Cup, i dont hide the fact that i want to East Europe has their first World Champion.....but like Hungary, Yugoslavia and Checoslovaquia, that curse of subchampion continues. By the way, nobody notes that Grey worm is World Champion.....
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    Just wait til the IOC get their hands on this event.... it will be the "Mixed Urban Cocunut Grating Medley Team Event"
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    Oh come on, if there is one showcase to actually show the world what you're capable of in terms of Olympic hosting hopes, it's the Asian Games...and then they screw it up with amateur stuff like this That website...man, it's like they hired a 12-year old who finished some HTML classes, all that's missing is a glitter marquee scrolling from right to left.
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    Pan Pacs vs Euro 2018 (but let's wait for Team China Results in Asia Games, before we do our predictions for Tokyo) M 400 ind med. Chase Kalisz USA 4.07.95 P1 David Verraszto HUN 4.10.65 E1 Max Litchfield GBR 4.11.00 E2 Kosuke Hagino JPN 4.11.13 P2 Daiya Seto JPN 4.12.60 P3 Jay Litherland USA 4.12.87 P4 Joan Lluis Pons ESP 4.14.26 E3 Lewis Clareburt NZL 4.14.27 P5 W 400 ind med. Yui Ohashi JPN 4.33.77 P1 Fantine Lesaffre FRA 4.34.17 E1 Ilaria Cusinato ITA 4.35.05 E2 Hannah Miley GBR 4.35.34 E3 Melanie Margalis USA 4.35.60 P2 Aimee Willmott GBR 4.35.77 E4 Sakiko Shimizu JPN 4.36.27 P3 Zsuzsanna Jakabos HUN 4.38.48 E5 M 400 free Jack McLoughlin AUS 3.44.20 P1 Mack Horton AUS 3.44.31 P2 Mykhailo Romanchuk UKR 3.45.18 E1 Zane Grothe USA 3.45.37 P3 Henrik Christiansen NOR 3.47.07 E2 Henning Muhlleitner GER 3.47.18 E3 Felix Aubock AUT 3.47.24 E4 Victor Johansson SWE 3.47.74 E5 W 4x100 free Australia 3.31.58 United States 3.33.45 Canada 3.34.07 France 3.34.65 Netherlands 3.34.77 Japan 3.36.93 Denmark 3.37.03 Great Britain 3.37.26 W 400 free Katie Ledecky USA 3.58.50 P1 Ariarne Titmus AUS 3.59.66 P2 Simona Quadarella ITA 4.03.35 E1 Ajna Kesely HUN 4.03.57 E2 Leah Smith USA 4.04.23 P3 Holly Hibbott GBR 4.05.01 E3 Anna Egorova RUS 4.06.03 E4 Sarah Kohler GER 4.07.68 E5 M 100 breast Adam Peaty GBR 57.10 E1 James Wilby GBR 58.64 E2 Anton Chupkov RUS 59.06 E3 Yasuhiro Koseki JPN 59.08 P1 Jake Packard AUS 59.20 P2 Kirill Prigoda RUS 59.20 E4 7. Joao Gomes Junior BRA 59.60 P3 8. Fabio Scozzoli ITA 59.61 E5 W 100 fly Rikako Ikee JPN 56.08 P1 Sarah Sjostrom SWE 56.23 E1 Kelsi Dahlia USA 56.44 P2 Emma McKeon AUS 56.54 P3 Svetlana Chimrova RUS 57.40 E2 Elena Di Liddo ITA 57.68 E3 Ilaria Bianchi ITA 57.72 E4 Anna Ntountounaki GRE 57.77 E5 M 4x100 free Brazil 3.12.02 Russia 3.12.23 Australia 3.12.53 Japan 3.12.54 Italy 3.12.90 Poland 3.14.20 Canada 3.14.50 Hungary 3.14.51 / United States DSQ W 100 breast Lilly King USA 1.05.44 P1 Yuliya Yefimova RUS 1.05.53 E1 Jessica Hansen AUS 1.06.20 P2 Ruta Meilutyte LTU 1.06.26 E2 Reona Aoki JPN 1.06.34 P3 Satomi Suzuki JPN 1.06.51 P4 Arianna Castiglioni ITA 1.06.54 E3 Micah Sumrall USA 1.06.56 P5 M 200 free Duncan Scott GBR 1.45.34 E1 Townley Haas USA 1.45.56 P1 Andrew Seliskar USA 1.45.74 P2 Katsuhiro Matsumoto JPN 1.45.92 P3 Danas Rapsys LTU 1.46.07 E2 Fernando Scheffer BRA 1.46.12 P4 Mikhail Dovgalyuk RUS 1.46.15 E3 James Guy GBR 1.46.20 E4 M 100 back Ryan Murphy USA 51.94 P1 Kliment Kolesnikov RUS 52.53 E1 Evgeny Rylov RUS 52.74 E2 Ryosuke Irie JPN 52.78 P2 Mitch Larkin AUS 52.88 P3 Matthew Grevers USA 52.99 P4 Apostolos Christou GRE 53.72 E3 Robert Glinta ROU 53.81 E4 W 100 back Kylie Masse CAN 58.61 P1 Emily Seebohm AUS 58.72 P2 Kathleen Baker USA 58.83 P3 Regan Smith USA 58.95 P4 Anastasia Fesikova RUS 59.19 E1 Kaylee McKeown AUS 59.25 P5 Natsumi Sakai JPN 59.33 P6 Georgia Davies GBR 59.36 E2 W 200 ind med. Yui Ohashi JPN 2.08.16 P1 Sydney Pickrem CAN 2.09.07 P2 Miho Teramura JPN 2.09.86 P3 Ella Eastin USA 2.09.90 P4 Katinka Hosszu HUN 2.10.17 E1 Ilaria Cusinato ITA 2.10.25 E2 Melanie Margalis USA 2.10.67 P5 Maria Ugolkova SUI 2.10.83 E3 M 200 fly Kristof Milak HUN 1.52.79 E1 Daiya Seto JPN 1.54.34 P1 Tamas Kenderesi HUN 1.54.36 E2 Leonardo de Deus BRA 1.54.89 P2 Zach Harting USA 1.55.05 P3 David Morgan AUS 1.55.82 P4 Federico Burdisso ITA 1.55.97 E3 Mack Darragh CAN 1.56.27 P5 W 200 free Taylor Ruck CAN 1.54.44 P1 Rikako Ikee JPN 1.54.85 P2 Charlotte Bonnet FRA 1.54.95 E1 Katie Ledecky USA 1.55.15 P3 Allison Schmitt USA 1.56.71 P4 Femke Heemskerk NED 1.56.72 E2 Anastasia Guzhenkova RUS 1.56.77 E3 Kayla Sanchez CAN 1.57.23 P5 M 4x200 free United States 7.04.36 Australia 7.04.70 Great Britain 7.05.32 Russia 7.06.66 Italy 7.07.58 Japan 7.08.07 Germany 7.09.31 Brazil 7.11.65 W 200 fly Boglarka Kapas HUN 2.07.13 E1 Svetlana Chimrova RUS 2.07.33 E2 Hali Flickinger USA 2.07.35 P1 Alys Thomas GBR 2.07.42 E3 Sachi Mochida JPN 2.07.66 P2 Franziska Hentke GER 2.07.75 E4 Ana Caterina Monteiro POR 2.08.03 E5 Katie Drabot USA 2.08.40 P3 M 100 free Kyle Chalmers AUS 48.00 P1 Alessandro Miressi ITA 48.01 E1 Jack Cartwright AUS 48.22 P2 Caeleb Dressel USA 48.22 P2 ex 5. Duncan Scott GBR 48.23 E2 6. Mehdy Metella FRA 48.24 E3 7. Marcelo Chierighini BRA 48.36 P4 Vladislav Grinev RUS 48.36 E4 M 200 breast Anton Chupkov RUS 2.06.80 E1 Ippei Watanabe JPN 2.07.75 P1 Zac Stubblety-Cook AUS 2.07.89 P2 Matthew Wilson AUS 2.08.22 P3 Yasuhiro Koseki JPN 2.08.25 P4 James Wilby GBR 2.08.39 E2 Joshua Prenot USA 2.08.44 P5 Luca Pizzini ITA 2.08.54 E3 W 4x200 free Australia 7.44.12 United States 7.44.37 Canada 7.47.28 Japan 7.48.96 Great Britain 7.51.65 Russia 7.52.87 Germany 7.53.76 France 7.53.86 M 200 back Evgeny Rylov RUS 1.53.36 E1 Ryan Murphy USA 1.53.57 P1 Ryosuke Irie JPN 1.55.12 P2 Matthew Katz Austin USA 1.56.00 P3 Radosław Kawęcki POL 1.56.07 E2 Mitchell Larkin AUS 1.56.12 P4 Matteo Restivo ITA 1.56.29 E3 Kenta Sunama JPN 1.57.03 P5 W 100 free Cate Campbell AUS 52.03 P1 Simone Manuel USA 52.66 P2 Taylor Ruck CAN 52.72 P3 Sarah Sjostrom SWE 52.93 E1 Mallory Comerford USA 52.94 P4 Rikako Ikee JPN 53.14 P5 Femke Heemskerk NED 53.23 E2 Charlotte Bonnet FRA 53.35 E3 W 200 breast Yuliya Yefimova RUS 2.21.31 E1 Micah Sumrall USA 2.21.88 P1 Lilly King USA 2.22.12 P2 Satomi Suzuki JPN 2.22.22 P3 Jessica Vall ESP 2.23.02 E2 Molly Renshaw GBR 2.23.43 E3 Marina Garcia Urzainqui ESP 2.23.63 E4 Reona Aoki JPN 2.24.46 P4 M 200 ind med. Chase Kalisz USA 1.55.40 P1 Mitch Larkin AUS 1.56.21 P2 Kosuke Hagino JPN 1.56.66 P3 Jeremy Desplanches SUI 1.57.04 E1 Daiya Seto JPN 1.57.36 P4 Abrahm Devine USA 1.57.81 P5 Philip Heintz GER 1.57.83 E2 Max Litchfield GBR 1.57.96 E3 M 100 fly Piero Codia ITA 50.64 E1 Caeleb Dressel USA 50.75 P1 Mehdy Metella FRA 51.24 E2 Jack Conger USA 51.32 P2 James Guy GBR 51.42 E3 Vinicius Lanza BRA 51.44 P3 Kristof Milak HUN 51.51 E4 Grant Irvine AUS 51.65 P4 / Egor Kuimov RUS 51.65 E5 ??? M 50 free Ben Proud GBR 21.34 E1 Kristian Golomeev GRE 21.44 E2 Michael Andrew USA 21.46 P1 Andrea Vergani ITA 21.68 E3 Vladimir Morozov RUS 21.74 E4 Caeleb Dressel USA 21.93 P2 Simonas Bilis LTU 21.97 E5 Yuri Kisil CAN 22.02 P3 W 200 back Kathleen Baker USA 2.06.14 P1 Margherita Panziera ITA 2.06.18 E1 Taylor Ruck CAN 2.06.41 P2 Regan Smith USA 2.06.46 P3 Kylie Masse CAN 2.07.00 P4 Kaylee McKeown AUS 2.07.01 P5 Emily Seebohm AUS 2.07.12 P6 Daria Ustinova RUS 2.07.12 E2 W 800 free Katie Ledecky USA 8.09.13 P1 Simona Quadarella ITA 8.16.45 E1 Ariarne Titmus AUS 8.17.07 P2 Leah Smith USA 8.17.21 P3 Ajna Kesely HUN 8.22.01 E2 Anna Egorova RUS 8.24.71 E3 Kiah Melverton AUS 8.25.64 P4 Sarah Kohler GER 8.25.91 E4 W 50 free Sarah Sjostrom SWE 23.74 E1 Pernille Blume DEN 23.75 E2 Cate Campbell AUS 23.81 P1 Ranomi Kromowidjojo NED 24.21 E3 Simone Manuel USA 24.22 P2 Emma McKeon AUS 24.34 P3 Maria Kameneva RUS 24.40 E4 Taylor Ruck CAN 24.47 P4 M 1500 free Florian Wellbrock GER 14.36.15 E1 Mykhailo Romanchuk UKR 14.36.88 E2 Gregorio Paltrinieri ITA 14.42.85 E3 Jordan Wilimovsky USA 14.46.93 P1 Zane Grothe USA 14.48.40 P2 Domenico Acerenza ITA 14.51.88 E4 Jack McLoughlin AUS 14.55.92 P3 Henrik Christiansen NOR 14.56.97 E5 W 4x100 med. Australia 3.52.74 United States 3.53.21 Russia 3.54.22 Japan 3.55.03 Canada 3.55.14 Denmark 3.56.69 Great Britain 3.56.91 Italy 3.57.00 M 4x100 med. United States 3.30.20 Japan 3.30.25 Great Britain 3.30.44 Australia 3.30.52 Russia 3.32.03 Brazil 3.32.16 Germany 3.33.52 Lithuania 3.33.70 M 800 free Mykhailo Romanchuk UKR 7.42.96 E1 Zane Grothe USA 7.43.74 P1 Gregorio Paltrinieri ITA 7.45.12 E2 Jordan Wilimovsky USA 7.45.19 P2 Florian Wellbrock GER 7.45.60 E3 Henrik Christiansen NOR 7.46.75 E4 Jack McLoughlin AUS 7.47.31 P3 Jan Micka CZE 7.49.73 E5 W 1500 free Katie Ledecky USA 15.38.97 P1 Simona Quadarella ITA 15.51.61 E1 Sarah Kohler GER 15.57.85 E2 Kiah Melverton AUS 16.00.08 P2 Leah Smith USA 16.00.82 P3 Ajna Kesely HUN 16.03.22 E3 Kareena Lee AUS 16.03.26 P4 Tjasa Oder SLO 16.10.46 E4 Mixed 4x100 medley Australia 3.38.91 Great Britain 3.40.18 Japan 3.40.98 United States 3.41.74 Russia 3.42.71 Italy 3.44.85 Netherlands 3.45.57 Germany 3.45.82
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    Final Standing available here LDOG crovitlaci Dunadan There you go, a gold medal for @LDOG and Argentina after...? And I guess his favourite events are yet to come? Congratulation! Medals for Croatia in prediction contest keep pouring. After FIFA World Cup, and dcro's double win, new medal for @crovitlaci! Congarts on silver Can someone ban these Italians! Medals everywhere Congrats to @Dunadan on new and bronze bronze medal! Brazilian duo was few points short from the podium but great results nevertheless @juliosilva and @Herberth Nelson Balbi Silveira also great debut for @Cobi and Spain this season Choke of the event: @AlFHg. Special thanks to @dcro for help. Thank you everyone for participation. Let's see what's Dunadan's faith tonight in Athletics EC before we take a summer break from predictions contest!
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    Panziera is not an average girl...she was expected to this kind of level for years...but she has been underperforming for quite a while for personal reasons... p.s. for you is it more surprising a technically perfect swim like Panziera's bringing her to world excellence than the so funny and almost illegal swim by Burian getting so close to the Italian? c'mon! the only "amazing" and surprising clocking by an Italian this week is Codia's 50.6...but still, sometimes it happens that you have a perfect race once in your life and get what you never expected before the race (and however, he had a PB of 51.0 and did make the final at the world and european champs -winning medals at the short course europeans, too- already earlier in his career...so, it's not that he improved more than 20 seconds in a year -any referral to Wellbroeck is not unintentional)... p.p.s. of course 2 or 3 Italians having the meet of their life is a farce... meanwhile teenagers like Milak, Kolesnikov, Chupkov, Chalmers or Freya Anderson coming out of nowhere -not necessarily this year, of course- and almost breaking world records or people like the Americans or Hosszu -not this time for obvious reasons, of course- winning multiple olympic gold medals in the most different disciplines is absolutely normal... or watching people swimming a sprint race with 2 secs advantage on the rest of the field is also absolutely beyond any suspicion... c'mon, man! calm down and let your frustration out of your door...shouting at the bad Italians is not gonna make you live better...
  41. 3 points
    Btw, that was the day when I became Olympic lover. It was a hot summer day when my sister and I started to watch this very impressive ceremony. And the rest is history.
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    Questo fatto di allargare l'Unione Europea ci è un po' sfuggito di mano
  44. 3 points
    Where I am - if it's not 14 degrees centigrade and lightly raining then there's something wrong with the world
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    Napravljena stranica za Viktora Rašovića. Ako neko zna kad je debitovao za VK Beograd, neka napise https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Rašović
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    the article is more an expample of how stupid and arrogant are those idiots of NADO Italia... that woman is a baby's doctor (pediatra), 55 years old and with blood pressure recognized issues (as many people of that age, especially here in Italy, where we like to eat spicy and salty food)... she obviously takes medicines for that, she's only guilty not to have claimed her usual TUE when she had one of the last doping tests... and she was also declared "not guilty" in the first pronounciation, but NADO Italia insisted that a warning wasn't enough and appealed that decision until in the second degree she was disqualified for 8 months... that's how it worls NADO Italia...and that's why you always see our flag at the top of this shame ranking... p.s. by the way, the substance is named Clortalidone (which is a diuretic regularly used to calm down blood pressure)... p.p.s. I also use a medicine like that (a different one, but still...it's one of my numerous TUEs)...
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    Another option would be to remove ice hockey, that would save a true boatload of quotas.
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    Schedule https://tokyo2020.org/en/games/sport/olympic-schedule/
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    People always root for the underdogs!