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    FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 In the FANZONE at Fifa site, there are many games for this WC 2018 (with prizes), and other survey-games will be open during the World Cup. For who was already registered at FIFA_Club (or played the Panini Album), can use the same email/password, don't need a new registration but only the acceptance of term and conditions PREDICTOR BRACKET Deadline Wednesday at 17:00 CET MATCH PREDICTOR Join in the league "Totallympics Cup" for an ultimate challenge >>>>>>>>>>> code: 648B36F3 FANTASY FOOTBALL For who play, I have a private league (code:NKZTIZXF), all are welcome. Panini Digital Sticker Album (for who hasn't completed yet) @Vojthas @thepharoah @Agger @crovitlaci @vinipereira @toulousain @stefanbg @Gianlu33 @africaboy @tuniscof @bestmen
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    i am looking at results and Colombia has boxer John Lennon
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    They are in no way prepared to host a panamerican games. Would be a big step back in terms of standards for odepa to give it to them.
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    How about Germany, since their 'empire' once bordered the Mediterranean?
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    Anderson Ezequiel de Souza é medalha de bronze no Mundial de Ciclismo BMX!!!
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  8. 1 point
    I'm surprised he's not here writing something yet...
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    Women's Race Gold: Laura Smulders Silver: Merel Smulders Bronze: Judy Baauw
  10. 1 point
    usual? Her last medal was in 2014.
  11. 1 point
    actually, second, third and fourth for 3 different South American Countries (COL, CHI and ARG) in that race...
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    Of course no one is expecting that... my best scenario was Mexican teams avoiding a total disaster... btw women's game against Canada is on the second quarter and already the locals are losing 4-0 Livestream if anyone is interested
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    Medal for team today The young K4 squad Samuel Baláž, Gábor Jakubík, Milan Fraňa and Tibor Linka earned Silver in the "non-Olympic" 1000m. Congrats guys for your first ever medal and the continuing of Slovak tradition in this event. Tibor Linka is also a part of the A team that will compete in tomorrows A-Final in the newly Olympic event 500m. Also Peter Gelle/Adam Botek will compete in the K2-500m and try to improve their mood after todays 4th place some cm from medals in the 1k event. Ivana Mládková did qualified today for the K1-200m finals, she will compete also in the 500m final tomorrow.
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    We defeated Bolivia, yeah!
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    Stephens lost the match in 2nd set when she decided to depend only on Halep's mistakes , if she played her offensive way maybe things would have changed this final
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    Congrats Halep, it was log overdue! Best claycourter, and well deserved! Still, I prefer Simona's game from 2013/2014. Stephens was waaay to passive at the end of the second set and there she lost the match. Also, she just gives Halep balls with pace which Simona redirected pretty much successfully.
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    WTA finals for the win, everything going every way like someone threw a dice
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    after the largest cake of blawberry here is the longest table of diner to break fasting
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    Ok, let's start. Go Simooooo
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    Italy played a great game. Egonu is unbelievably good, so are Italy's middleblockers Danesi and Chirichella. The Dutch team without coach Giovanni Guidetti has become a very weak team. The Dutch public and media love Celeste Plak, but the only thing she does is delivering bad passes, getting in the way everywhere in the field and spike out the most easy balls. It looks like she shut her eyes during the play. Besides Plak we have two bad libero's. So, as you can understand, I am very jealous of your team (De Gennaro is one of the best libero's in the world). Still I love players like Dijkema, Buijs, Belien and our talented new setter Bongaerts.
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    I'm ready to bet on the fact that this won't be the trio on the podium in Tokyo...
  22. 1 point
    Former Yugoslavio was one of the founding members of Mediteranien Games, so Serbia as succesor country got that right. However, San Marino and Andorra are lndlocked countries too but they still take a part
  23. 1 point
    Why not add all of Europe and Africa while we are it?
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    Today one final, considering Olympic events only, was disputed: the Men's 10m Synchronized Platform. Chinese were far beyond reach, but the drama came in the final dive, when one of the Mexican divers completely failed his dive and cost him a place in the podium. Men 10m Synchro Platform: Gold: CHEN Aisen/YANG Hao Silver: BELEVTSEV Aleksandr/SHLEIKHER Nikita Bronze: BEDGGOOD Domonic/STACEY Declan Also qualified to 2019 WDS: Also contested were the 3m Women Springboard, in which Jennifer Abel was leading until the last dive when she crumbled (as usual in her ) and let the Chinese girl take first two places; besides those three, everyone had a mediocre competition, but it seems everyone is really trying to save their best for the finals.
  25. 1 point
    I can't see Israel in here. Palestine should be. Same for Jordan and Bulgaria, seeing how Portugal got in..... I would push for Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Romania too, to be honest. Even Hungary and Austria, close enough for me. Gibraltar isn't an IOC member so I couldn't see this working, but I wouldn't mind the UK.
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    back at World Cup Finally!!!! With a 3-0 victory over Portugal (in Florence) "Le Azzurre" with a 100 per cent record of seven victories from seven matches , won their Group 6, with one qualifier still to play (away to Belgium on 4 September). France WC 2019 will be Italy's third appearance at a Women's World Cup , their first in 20 years. At the inaugural Women’s World Cup in 1991, the Italians reached the quarter-finals. Thanks girls!!! Congratulations at our coach Milena Bertolini for the good work did it!!!!
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    I got the call from the LOC today. I'm a volunteer. I'll be working with the doping testers.
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    That's insane It is also 470,000 usd more than what our government gave for a gold medal in rio 2016.
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    It's nice for athletes to earn something, but I believe gold medalists should receive a lot more. Curious thing: Aruna Reddy from India earned a bronze medal on vault at the Melbourne World Cup stage in artistic gymnastics this year, and the governor of her state paid her the equivalent to US$ 540,000.00. Diego Hypólito has won 69 medals at different World Cup stages according to his Instagram page, so imagine how rich he would have been if he lived in India.
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    Yugoslavia was always in , and Montenegro has detached recently what about Portugal
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    I don't get why our ukranian didn't compete in the mixed (one of many things i didn't understand in our delegation..) I think that taking here the absolute best athletes in every sport (and assuming the other countries remain the same) we would have won 14-18 more gold medals (5 or 6 in swimming, 2 or 3 more in kayak, 4 in Basketball, 1 in mens rugby, 1 or 2 more in shooting and 1 or 2 more between equestrian/athletics/judo). In 2014 we had the best athletes for everything that wasnt the team sports.
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    I prefer ranking countries by total number of medals, so in my world Argentina finished third. Even though they lost in number of gold medals to Venezuela, in my opinion Argentina's performance left a much bigger impression than their performance in 2014. I'm happy with Bolivia finishing in the top 10, and with a gold medal on the final day to close the Games perfectly. I'm also surprised with Argentina losing the gold medal in Modern Pentathlon to a duo of youngsters from Brazil. It's great to see this sport is not dead in Brazil after the retirement of (one of my favorite athletes ever) Yane Marques.
  33. 1 point
    Poor Bolivia they would be 8th if we didn't steal half of their racquetball team
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    wow! this is a world premiere! It's the first time ever I see the qualification rounds of a shooting event shown on tv (or online)... not even at the Olympic Games they've ever been broadcasted... chapeau! to Maltese TV for this wonderful effort... and now ISSF and IOC have no more excuses...they MUST show us also the elimination rounds of the shooting events in Tokyo...
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    Well, when we speak about luck. Our team is really great in this Q, but they are really without luck First we lost against Finland (own goal) at the end of match. then Spain beat us 2:1 with goal in 92min. And few days ago we played 1:1 against Austria in Austria and Austria was in SF at EC last year. And btw our team is very young and in next qualification circle they will be serious team.
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    Enzo Perez instead of Lanzini
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    In 2014 we had great competitors in gymnastics. Manrique Larduet, Jorge Vega, Tommy Ramos, Daniel Corral, Jossimar Calvo on his peak form, Jessica Lopez, Ana Sofia Gomez, Elsa Garcia, Alexa Moreno and Yessenia Ferrera (before she got injured). Rhythmics was only good because Cynthia Valdez competed, but still nothing really special. Since I only care about gymnastics, I expect nothing from this competition this year, unfortunatly. Most (if not all) of the gymnasts are far from their glory days. I hope they prove me wrong, but this will probably be the worst event of the year in gymnastics, which is quite sad considering how awesome it was in 2014.
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    Lanzini out of World cup, Diego Simonet out of panamerican championship, we finish 4th at south american games, del Potro trounced by Nadal, volleyball team keeps losing... What a day