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    Yes! we go to WC so we can lose to Germany 11-0 again, so excited.
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    Tests done. Guys, I am proud to announce you that I got my certificate and From today I am officially a Volunteer Firefighter
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    TISC Envoy Tim Touches Down in Antarctica Tim Scidmore, the TISC envoy who is traveling to WINTERFEST as a special guest of honour has arrived in Antarctica. Read more about his arrival here on TISC-News
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    Where Are They Now? Continuing the "Where Are They Now?" series, today we remember the original TISC Annual artists representing and . Let's take a trip down memory lane by listening once more to their contribution to our first Annual contest and follow it up with something more recent. Egypt Song: Neoul Aih Artist: Amr Diab Song: Ya Agmal Eyoun Artist: Amr Diab Azerbaijan Song: Damlalar Artist: Natavan Həbibi Song: SENE Artist: Natavan Həbibi Ireland Song: My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me Artist: Little Green Cars Song: Easier Day Artist: Little Green Cars
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    I would like to present a song from Iceland for the Festival of Music Iceland The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World
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    Festival of Music: North Korea and Mongolia Ri Yong Suk - Bangapseumnida (P.S. this is what I say about quality North Korean songs last year, @heywoodu ) Javhlan - Huh Shorgooljnii Domog
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    Good news guys. I finally spoke with @Ionoutz24 and he corrected his votes. You will be getting the voting templates through this week
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    For the qualification events calendar i have it till now waiting for other sports qualification pdf Competition.xlsx
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    Prediction Contests Are Just-For-Fun Games You don't need to be an expert to take part in a Prediction Contest. If a mistake penalizes you, always keep in mind that everyone is in good faith. Competition Details City Copenhagen Herning Start Date May 4th, 2018 End Date May 20th, 2018 Participants 31 Gold Topicmaster1010 Silver Pablita Bronze Henry_Leon Instructions In order to post your predictions, you have to do the following: Select with your mouse specified content of the Post named Prediction Contest Design Copy the selected content Go to Reply Box at the end of the Page, click on "Reply to this topic" Paste the copied content ( When information "You have pasted content with formatting" appears at the end of the Reply Box, ignore it, it will disappear eventually. DO NOT click on "Remove formatting" under any circumstances) Once you have specified content in new Post, start making your predictions according to the Rules To post your predictions, click on "Submit Reply" button Rules For this Prediction Contest you are predicting goal difference for each match. To do that, you have to write in empty Cell a number - goal difference for each match. If your prediction is that Nation 1 is going to win, you should type goal difference in appropriate Cell of T1 Column. If your prediction is that Nation 2 is going to win, then type goal difference in appropriate Cell of T2 Column. You must always pick a winning Nation (result AFTER Overtime/Penalties will count as final result). Example Group A Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 4th 2018, h. 16:15 Russia 2 France May 4th 2018, h. 20:15 Sweden 1 Belarus Scoring System: Basic number of points is 7 If you predict right winner for a match, you will get 7 points regardless of the goal difference. If your prediction is perfect (correct winner + correct goal difference) you will earn 7+5=12 points. Depending on difference between your prediction and actual result, earned points will differ. Example Group A Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 4th 2018, h. 16:15 Russia 2 France May 4th 2018, h. 20:15 Sweden 1 Belarus If Russia wins by 1, you will earn 11 ponts [7 pts for correct winner + 4 pts for goal difference: (5-1)] If Russia wins by 2, you will earn 12 points [7 pts for correct winner + 5 pts for goal difference] If Russia wins by 8, you will earn 7 points [7 pts for correct winner + 0 pts for goal difference: (5-6) - no negative points] If France wins by 1, you will earn 2 points [0 pts for correct winner + 2 pts for goal difference: (5-3)] If France wins by 3 or more, you will earn 0 points [0 pts for correct winner + 0 pts for goal difference: (5-5)] In the Knockout Round, points will be multiplied by: In the Quarterfinals, points will be multiplied by 1.5 In the Semifinals, points will be multiplied by 1.75 In the Medal Matches, points will be multiplied by 2 TB Rules If two or more contestants have the same number of points at the end, Tie-Break rule will be applied to break the tie. Number or perfect predictions throughout the contest will be compared for the involved contestants. If they are still tied, number of second best scores will be compared, then number of third best results and so on. Example Contestant 1: 3x12, 2x11, 2x10, 2x9 Contestant 2: 3x12, 2x11, 2x10, 1x9 Contestant 1 will be placed ahead of Contestant 2. Contestant with most points wins the competition. The Ranking is determined by the Sum of Points the Contestant scores in all predicted Matches. You can enter the Contest whenever you want. The moment you post your predictions is the moment when you are entering the Contest and your points will be calculated for all the matches you predicted AND which haven't started. In order to earn points from the start, you should post your predictions before the start of the second match of the Tournament - May 4th, h. 16:15 (GMT +2). You can EDIT your predictions whenever you want until the start of the first match of the Prediction Design Post. Once competition starts, you are not allowed to edit your post and any further changes will be ignored. On contestant's request, edited predictions will be accepted, but contestant will earn 0 points for finished matches and the matches that have started. Moment at the latest editing will be considered as the entry moment, in other words. If you want to comment on this Prediction Contest, please use Prediction Contests - Discussion Thread only. If you have problem with the format, you can post your predictions in simplified format. Also, if the forum is down, or you cannot access the forum for any reason, you can send your predictions on e-mail: totallympics.predictions@gmail.com. Make sure your predictions are understandable. For instance, RUS-FRA 3 means Russia beats France by 3. RUS 2 FRA means nothing. And please, write your Totallympics username so the contest manager can know who actually sent predictions. Every contestant MUST HIDE own predictions. To do that, you have only to delete the space between the bracket "[" and the text "hide" in "[ hide]" at the beginning of prediction post. Do the same with "[ /hide]" at the end of prediction post too. The hidden content will appear to other users as follows: [hide]You cannot see this[/hide] If you have any other questions concerning this prediction contest, problems with format, editing etc... please, contact the contest manager via Personal Message.
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    Congo DR KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! Well... If this song participated in this TISC edition, it would be my absolute 12! I cannot describe how much I love this band and their song "Tokoliana". Original, quirky, absolutely creative, catchy, raw, with huge post-punk vibe, mixed with electronica, definitely danceable. Love it! KOKOKO! is a collective of artists and musicians formed in Ngwaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Incredibly creative and friends since childhood, they invent their own instruments out of found objects: a one string guitar, a typewriter drum machine, water bottles pitched to play melodies, and a talk box made from a car cassette player. While such inventions came into being at first out of necessity (the artists not able to afford guitars), the group soon realized that the innovative instruments gave their music an original sound. KOKOKO! linked up with Débruit, a French producer and serial fan of African music. Together, they have brought merged sonic worlds and, in doing so, electrified their raw psychedelic sound and took it out to downtown clubbing. KOKOKO! typically improvise much of their music, and though they arranged and structured “Tokoliana” more formally, removing a few of their ad-hoc instruments and adding more traditional electronic sounds, that thrilling unpredictability remains. Their instrumentation moves at many speeds, sounding both vibrant and narcotic, and the many layers of percussion push the beat in and out of sync. Sometimes a metallic chime takes precedence, while other times, a bass line shines. KOKOKO! list Tupac, Biggie, and Congolese jazz as influences, but their noisy rhythms find some precedent in no wave groups like ESG, too. Cutting through the beat is a clear message: “We’re devouring each other,” they chant in Lingala, “Here in this jungle/ Like animals devouring each other.” Backed by bubbling instrumentals, this macabre chorus becomes almost tongue-in-cheek, and further demonstrates how KOKOKO! excel at turning chaos into euphoria. KOKOKO! - Tokoliana Further reading: https://www.kokokomusic.com/ http://www.okayafrica.com/kokoko-kinshasa-congo-music/ Tokoliana! Tokoliana! Tokoliana! Live version:
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    Happy birthday @rybak (it's still the 16th as I write this) and @Bohemia
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    Missed the Little Green Grass! Such a memory for the early days
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    Equestrian Jumping Equestrian Jumping Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf Dressage Equestrian Dressage Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf Eventing Equestrian Eventing Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf
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    How every football match should start
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    By the way, just namedropping here, but Helene-Marie Fossesholm is going to be freakishly good. Only 16 years at the moment and basically dominating everything in Norway that's younger than 20. Oh, she only started real competitions in January.
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    It's 29 km long. Can't find the gradient info.
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    Well, it goes from basically sea level to 1800m.
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    So apparently TISC has enough money to send a single official on an empty plane to Antarctica. And yet, @hckosice and Slovakian delegation were forced to embark on a long and dangerous sailing trip over the Atlantic due to budget restrictions... In any case, don't forget to follow the Official's journey to WINTERFEST (to be held next week) on our new Instagram experiment.
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    Tour of Croatia starting tomorrow. Stage 3 and 5 are the highlights
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    Represented Nations Users Songs Australia vinipereira "My My My!" Troye Sivan Belgium Werloc "Million Eyes" Loïc Nottet Chile vinipereira "Abrázame" Camila Gallardo DR Congo Wanderer "Tokoliana" KOKOKO! Cyprus rybak "Afto Ton Kero" Ivi Adamou Czech Republic hckosice "Holomráz" Slza Iceland Glen "The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World" Steindi Jr Jamaica mrv86 "Lions" Skip Marley Latvia carivan "Stūre" Carnival Youth Liechtenstein dcro "Pay Day" NazB, Al Walser Macedonia rybak "Kilometri" Lozano Mongolia Griff88 "Huh Shorgooljnii Domog" Javhlan Montenegro DaniSRB "Istine i laži" Sergej Nicaragua konig "Rompamos el Hielo" Israel Lanuza Nigeria IoNuTzZ "If" Davido North Korea Griff88 "Bangapseumnida" Ri Kyong Suk Philippines OlympicIRL "Maybe the Night" Ben & Ben Puerto Rico konig "Mayores" Becky G, Bad Bunny St. Vincent and the Gren. dcro "Slow Motion" Kevin Lyttle Singapore carivan "#0000FF" Jasmine Sokko South Africa OlympicIRL "Sunday Blues" Langa Mavuso Spain mrv86 "No Vaya a Ser" Pablo Alborán Swaziland Wanderer "Love Me" Tendaness, Velemseni, Bholoja
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    I understand now why can't I win medals in the biathlon predictions
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    It was a retirement, but Kathinka von Deichmann won her first ever WTA main draw match! This is also first WTA MD win in singles for at least on WTA. Von Deichmann won first set in tiebreak before Siegemund retired in the second. The whole tournament in Lugano turned into huge mess due to persistent rain. First round is yet to be finished so the tournament is moved indoors temporarily. Not much better situation in Bogota as well. There was also nice surprise. Talented Emiliana Arango of , born in 2000, beat top 100 and decent player Veronica Cepede Royg in three sets for the first WTA win.
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    ove kadetkinje u odbojci su katastrofa, nzm da li je igra ili prijem (najverovatnije ovo drugo), naprave 5-6 poena prednosti i onda im protivnik napravi +10