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    Weinstein currently has more than 90 accusers. Toback and Spacey numbers are in the dozens. Others have been accused by several women/men and some of them are being investigated by the police. But yet let's blame the victims, even calling them "bitches". Not at all surprised by the comments here, unfortunately.
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    this is th'e best discovery i did during my travel , the Aliens are real they live under the bridge
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    well, Francesca would be even better if those idiots of the ISU and IOC adopted the Dutch Marathon Cup format...the races would be a billion times more exciting (and fair to the better athletes)... when they skate in the traditional 400m ovals, they normally make 80 laps (32km)...and of course there are no silly (and senseless) intermediate sprints... p.s. the boys usually skate over 125 laps (50km)
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    @konig i didn't travel to japan yet but i visited one japenese garden
  7. 1 point
    I know it's not a simple situation, I was just talking about some cases where there's undeniable proof that the men have done something (in form of recordings, witnesses or even in some cases they confessing the misconduts), but of course there has to be some kind of investigation. I just like that the victims now have the liberty to come forward, so that an investigation happens in the first place. Some time ago their claims were usually completely dismissed. Remember that many men who were accused of sexual assault went on to win Oscars, Grammys and whatnot, so I like the direction this is taking. Also, while we're talking about Hollywood, we also have to turn our eyes to the world of sports (like Aly Raisman and other gymnasts). This is not an exclusivity of the entertainment business, and it just makes me sad.
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    Im not saying that but we cant proceeding on the basis thats all the acusations are true and more without evidence.
  10. 1 point
    I'm very, very happy for Nathalie... unfortunately she got close, but not quite to the top..however, it's definitely a great result for her... on the other hand, it was a shameful day for the girls who still represent the Italian Flag...especially for Navarria (who won the first stage 3 weeks ago) and Fiamingo (as usual, not in good shape in the early stages of the season), who were beaten already in the round of 64...
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    Katharina Truppe Katharina Gallhuber Katharina Liensberger Katharina Huber What's with Austrian skiers and that name?
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    Dude, again with your 10-15 Enters after your post and the phrase 'edited by' looking like one retarded who forgot and correct himself
  13. 1 point
    Hold on, there are a lot of different cases. I'm not talking about the ones like Weinstein that have been accused by half the world, but here (I don't know how that's going in other countries) people like actors, directors, TV hosts etc are actually getting fired and seeing their careers destroyed after one single accusation. Not blaming anyone there, but it's a really dangerous situation that people are ruined for life as soon as someone says "He/she did this", even when it's impossible to back that up. It's good when more people dare to take legal action, but it's not good when people have the power to destroy someone with one sometimes impossible to prove accusation - because just like there are a ton of rich and powerful assholes and bitches who think they can do whatever they want to anyone (e.g. the suspected Weinsteins of this world, possibly most of the accused people), there are also without a doubt assholes and bitches who hold a bad grudge and use something like this to ruin someone's life. All in all it's not a simple black and white situation.
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    1. Not surprising that there's a lot of assholes in the world of famous people who think it's ok to do whatever they want (not only in the world of famous people, but I can imagine there's a bit more in the world of the super rich) 2. It's really hard to judge and I don't think it's good that as soon as someone's name is mentioned, this person is kicked out of everything without any sort of evidence, trial or whatever Anyone can say any random thing about any famous person now and this person is kicked out without any sort of evidence, that is a very dangerous development. The other hand is that these 'powerful' people are probably protected (since they're rich) and that is not good neither. It's all just really complicated.
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    what do you think about those stories of sexual harassment in Hollywood Harvey Weinstein, James Toback ,Ed Westwick............... and today Steven Seagal i'm shocked seeing that as most of the actress are b...ches, so for what reasons they complain the doping destroyed the sport and this the cinema