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    Closest finish in Formula 1. Indianapolis 2002 - Schumacher and Barrichello....what a finish it was...
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    i don't see it Impossible for Syria to beat Australia in Asian Play-offs , this's the weakest Australian team i've seen for years , a team that tied with Thailand and beat them 2-1 hardly at home should not be the team to threaten Syria that much , they have made history for their country , tying with Iran and Korea home and away are just historical results and what if this team was really playing home , they're not even close from home by playing in Malaysia in very empty seats , so at the end Syrian players have to believe in their selves and they can go beyond expectations again
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    Despite our very bad show against Uganda , we managed to win and this's the most important , now we can say that we're much closer than ever to reach WC , but personally i got sick from Hector Cuper , this guy is a total loss and i barely see our team play in a good form under his administration
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    I made a little research and apparently it entered the country through German inmigrants in early XX century. Then two guys from Buenos Aires travelled to San Juan and founded a hockey club there and the people from the province just took a liking to the sport and it grew from then to these days.
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    Bolivia leading Chile in La Paz. Bolivia must be the biggest troll among South American nations with their altitude (all of their points came at home matches).