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    This gave me an idea. Chamonix 1924 St. Moritz coming up next week.
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    Ice Hockey Tournament at Chamonix 1924 The Toronto Granites tournament winners representing Canada The Hockey Tournament of the 1924 Winter Olympics took place from 28 January to 3 February at the Olympic Stadium in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, it was the 2nd Ice Hockey tournament played under the five rings, first in the winter olympics edition, it was at that time also counted as the second Ice Hockey World Championship. Eight teams participated at The tournament, which were divided into two groups. The first two teams from both groups moved to the final group. The Olympic title and world championship title was awarded to the Toronto Granites, who played here as the Canadian ice hockey team. For The first time the games was played for 3x20 minutes. At the time of the tournament, no one knew that it was the first Winter Olympics because it was as only part of the Winter Sports Week. However, no one questioned it, because after four years, both overseas teams came to Europe again. The Canadians and Americans were seeded in different groups and in fact as expected absolutely dominated them perfectly. They did not received any goals and defeated their opponents by two-digit differences. The Czechoslovak national ice hockey team did not come in the strongest team due to the internal problems in the domestic Ice Hockey federation. In the beginning, the team suffered the toughest defeat in all Czechoslovak history when the team did received twice the number of goals from Canada compared to the tournament four years ago. The Czechoslovak players were already too old for such tournament and they did not find any decent tactic against the Canadians resulting in a 0:30 slaughter. However, the team failed also in the next match with the Swedes and the final win over the Swiss could not save the team from the early elimination. The Czechoslovak team for the first time left the international championship without finishing among the first three. In the second group, the French failed to make the qualification for the final round, so it was the British team who altogether with the United States moved into the final group. The British hockey players won the bronze medal winning the final match against Sweden after the closest result of the tournament 4-3. At that time, the gold for the Canadians was already decided, in the previous match they were able to cope with the very hard play of the Americans and defeating them 6-1. No match of the tournament ended with a draw. Final Ranking: 1. Canada (Represented by Toronto Granites) 2. United States 3. Great Britain 4. Sweden 5. Czechoslovakia 6. France 7. Belgium 8. Switzerland
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    takes the last south american quota for WCh after beating Chile and Venezuela.
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    Riner Gold!! What a surprise!! 2 medals for Brazil
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    I know I know...your story was more dramatic Btw, you'll win this group despite last night lose
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    I know, right! I mean you have to respect Susan Nattrass as she achieved so much in her shooting career - but as a commentator she just a bit annoying because she interested more in the colour of glasses that shooters are wearing rather than competition itself.
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    How gentleman of you Personnaly; i'l go with awufull (with a special "Really ?" award for the french and the slovenian girls)
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    centers and short bench is the problems,similar to our team
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    Too bad, I thought Katanec was a great coach, what he achived with your team in his first stint as national coach was impressive. And the individual quality in your team looked solid enough that he might can guide you to Euro 2016 and at least to Play-Offs in this World Cup qualification campaign. If I was Katanec I wouldn't nominate Kampl anymore. Either you are part of the team or not. + Syria
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    do you want Alpine Skating results? here they are (just look at the post above this)...
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    Cool, maybe I'll tune in for the fun of it
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    4th and penultimate Canoe slalom world cup 2017 stage is held this weekend in Ivrea (ITA) Livestreams of todays finals Men C2, W C1 and M K1 start at 13:30
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    Imamo,vec par godina ide na juniorska prvenstva. Ali nije nikada bila dobra kao danas
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    we played terible.our coach should go. congrats to your team
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    Sporting the true people's banner which will spark one hundred millenia of terror against the imperialist Yankee pig-dogs. In all seriousness, I wore it to the stadium as a joke. One of the volunteers saw that shirt... and said "Go North Korea!"
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    According to our Media will be the hosts of 2019 men's European championship. The tournament will feature 24 teams
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    Nemoj da misliš da meni nije, ali... Ne znam, fali nam Ivović