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  1. 2 points
    For all who forgot this rule in fencing world championships including me, hurry up before the deadline : @heywoodu @bestmen @George_D @africaboy @LDOG @Ufilov
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    https://theworldgames2017.com/en/results/ Click on "Athletes" in the bar above the schedule and then "By Country" -> "Ireland". So Ireland depend mostly on Tug of War.
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    Honestly, this is a question that every person in Lithuania is speculating about. Basically, the main theory is that she had good foundations built in Lithuania, but had some problems whilst training in UK. It is said that John Rudd made her develop too many muscles and she became too heavy, which in turn caused her to lose stamina and she was not able to go at her full speed as she constantly grew slower and her technique then suffered with every stroke. (she pretty much abandoned every other style she used to swim in during 2013-16, now she swims freestyle more often and is even trying 200m. breaststroke). Anyways, leading up to Rio, she had suffered from a huge injury, but her results started declining prior to that, so the injury was pretty much a good scapegoat from the lack luster performance in 2016. Of course, after that, everyone was confident there needed to be changes (a bit too late in my humble opinion), she got offers from all over the world, but for some reason she chose to come back to Lithuania and train in her hometown under a trainer, that does not have any experience with top athletes. Her results were very underwhelming the entire season, she participated in some low rank champs where she couldn't even finish 1st and had trouble holding back our second best breastroker. She also participated in our national champs, where she said that she was struggling with illness, missing some starts, participating in some until she was taken to the hospital on the 3rd and final day and there are no more news on her after that one.
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    It´s a water polo club btw pretty common in SVK to use lovely animals names in this sport The club of Košice is named Hornets Košice
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    That's a clever way of getting your swimmers to go a bit faster, add some piranhas to the pool
  6. 1 point
    on the FIE biography they wrote that she started fencing at age 7, she did study at Corvinus University in Budapest (now she's a full time athlete) and she speaks German, too... about her sport results, she was cadet world champion and got a silver and a bronze among the juniors... among the seniors, instead, she didn't get any particular success... that's all what I found about Miss Kreiss... meanwhile, coming back to today's competitions I was really impressed by Deriglazova's performance against Errigo...but Volpi almost made me cry with a fantastic comeback... unfortunately her inexperience (despite being almost 25 years young, this was Alice's first World Championship...and this shows how difficult is to make the Italian team in women's foil) came out on the decisive action in the overtime minute... on the other hand, exceptional day for Szatmari in the men's sabre...and in the final bout he just did a masterpiece against Gu, where he also meda a great comeback after a slow start...with the big difference that he, unlike Volpi in the women's foil, completed his job and got his well deserved gold medal...
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    Her club is the UTE (http://www.utevivas.hu/versenysport ), and her coach is her father, Kreiss Gábor ( http://www.utevivas.hu/edzoink ). I don't find any further information about her. No, their name is not Hungarian. It's German but I can't say they have German roots. (Kreiss means nothing in Hungarian. In Hungarian it sounds German too.)
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    First medal for host nation!
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    Oh no.. is that commentary? Noooo. Fencing is nicer without commentary.
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    The end. 15:6. I don't know how. Deriglazova was very bad today.
  11. 1 point
    Meanwhile at Polish Championships Marcin Krukowski broke 15yo national record in javelin throw with result 88.09
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    Finswimming finals here: http://v2.ustreamix.com/stream.php?id=polsat-sport-fight
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    I just noticed Polsat Sport Fight has Livesaving scheduled at 18:30 cest http://v2.ustreamix.com/stream.php?id=polsat-sport-fight i now see they have quite few events, mostly combat sports though.
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    Adriana Vilagos. She is still on IAAF ranking list.
  15. 1 point
    no, idea about Shanaeva...maybe she's pregnant, too...who knows? Korobeynikova is injured or didn't make the team, I guess (since at the Europeans she was there, so I don't think it's anything else) p.s. Korobeynikova was Cerioni's favorite...so, it's also possible that she's paying for that...Russian sometimes are not easy to understand in their choices...
  16. 1 point
    2-1, now... Deriglazova somehow and someway did it again... and 2 french girls also in the top 8 (unless Guyart commits suicide)...
  17. 1 point
    By the way, korfball (despite the success) isn't a big sport in the Netherlands. It's only popular in a few mostly small towns which have the best teams in the country. On the good side, nearly the entire towns travel to Amsterdam for the annual final of the Dutch competition, leading to quite a full stadium
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    actually he is Ukranian (he competed for his native Country in the youth ranks)... he was one of the best juniors in the World between 2013 and 2015, so he was quite expected to become a strong contender... but then he switched to Israeli's team and had quite a difficult transition to the senior level... now it looks that he's started to improve again...and that's not good news for his opponents...
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    Definitely one of the most 'exotic' things you can place live bets on I've ever seen, thought I'd share it here.....live betting on the Vietnamese women's U19 sepak takraw league
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    Korfball Taipei - Germany here:
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    Gold for Cunha, Silver for van Rowendall and bronze for Bridi
  22. 1 point
    Cunha gold Van Rouwendaal silver Bridi bronze
  23. 1 point
    that sucks try here http://v2.ustreamix.com/stream.php?id=polsat-sport-news
  24. 1 point
    http://wizja.tv/watch.php?id=78 I posted all links to polsat channels streamsin page 16
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    well, not so long, maybe... now he has to face the surprising Argentinian Di Tella (and we can't say he's not the favourite)... and if he does it, then it's a quarterfinal against France (Apithy or Anstett)...in this case he's not going to be the favourite, but still the 2 Frenchmen are among the less dangerous athletes qualified for the round of 16... for Italy, shame that Curatoli and Samele have to face each other in the round of 16...I hope that the winner can go straight to the semifinal against Szilagyi (frankly, I don't see anybody beating him once again)... pity for Montano, but he's no longer the athlete he used to be...I guess it's time to think about something new in his life...
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    live from Italian TV: http://www.raisport.rai.it/dl/raiSport/dirette/ContentItem-49340f1d-5246-4cf7-931f-75d65af039e7.html p.s. probably you need a VPN...
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    What's so 'lol' about this? Doesn't seem strange that GBR isn't there. It's the 300m btw Oh and Thomas Bach was taking pictures with Dutch Olympic speed skating champion Michel Mulder, who the commentator didn't recognize and called 'an enthousiastic spectator taking some photos with the officials here'
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    Chapter 7 (in particular, section 10): https://www.ifsc-climbing.org/images/World_competitions/Event_regulations/IFSC-Rules_2017_V1.3.pdf p.s. that's for today's Boulder event...Lead and Speed (which are a lot easier to understand also for newcomers) have their own chapter... p.p.s. it looks that Italy is going very well in Life Saving...tonight we should get a lot of medals in the pool...
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    World Games Record for Poland in 4x50 Obstacle Relay
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    Sport1 the porn channel xD
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    Working Sport1 stream, currently boradcasts climbing https://www.firstone.tv/Live/Germany/sport1-14
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    Only two things finished, the Canada 13-3 Poland match and the Women's 300m Speed Skating qualifiers Air Sports Bowling and Sport Climbing in progress
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    On the website it says DNS, my commentator said DNS as well
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    thats called "instict" my friend!
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    That was close, luckily I woke up at 2am to check totallympics for no reason
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    Wow, Brazil is on freaking fire (well not literally since there's snow in Brazil, but you know, 1-2-3-kind of on fire )
  37. 1 point
    Pan American Championships in Miami, USA http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Weightlifting/Events/2017/International/SrPanAms/Start-List