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    Happy 150th Birthday to Canada!!
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    They were also in few other countries and everywhere were thousands fans, in August they will have their tour in Central and South America Here are my two of few short videos from this magical night
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    2020 Vision Silver Success for McSharry and Ferguson at European Juniors There has been further success for 2020 Vision members at the European Junior Championships in Netanya, Israel this weekend. 16-year-old Mona McSharry has added a silver to the gold she won earlier in the week in the final of the women's 200m breaststroke. Not only did she smash the Irish junior record, but she eclipsed the senior mark held by Fiona Doyle on her way to silver in a time of 2:27.22 mins. Mona has been back in the pool today, coming through the heats and semis of the women's 100m breaststroke, and establishing herself as the number one seed for tomorrow's final. Fellow 2020 Vision member Conor Ferguson was also amongst the medals, coming home in second in the final of the men's 50m backstroke, claiming the silver medal in a time of 25.27 secs. It is a busy summer for both Mona and Conor as they will also compete at the Senior World Championships later this month and again at the World Junior Championships. Mona was also helping the Irish team to a superb 4th place finish in the final of the 4x100m Mixed Medley Relay in a new Irish junior record time of 3:54.75 mins. Ireland has now claimed a gold and two silvers from these championships with Mona looking to add to her tally in the women's 100m breaststroke final tomorrow. Best of luck to her!
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    I know, but it would be an easy copy-paste to put that date (July 3rd) in the rules as well right?
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    EAA European Combined Team Chapionships taking place in Spain. Unfortunately not a lot of nations competing there. Results after 3 Decathlon and 2 Heptathlon events: Division 1: 10,651 10,564 10,452 10,180 10,112 10,058 9,998 9,106 Division 2 11,415 11,406 11,139 11,125 9,829 9,793
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    I said you are free lol you are not obliged to put them now, but you can put them today what I meant is that everyone should take his time so that it would be convenient, and I'll try to rest a little bit today before posting Wimbledon Prediction contest
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    I had it on PS3 console... you could also get it on Xbox and PC. I also had the Mario and Sonic one for the DS