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    Dont resist the temptation.... Join the Dark Side....
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    Delfina Pignatiello (17, can participate in YOG next year) at swimming argentine nationals: 400m Free --> 4:09:97 800m Free --> 8:29:86 Both are new national records. Still 1500m to go for her (hope for another record).
  3. 1 point
    i think in Serbia there was never less interest in ESC as this year
  4. 1 point
    In fariness, you don't get that at TISC
  5. 1 point
    Estonia slayed yes Please no shock
  6. 1 point
    Jon Ander, the last one, yep, that's me
  7. 1 point
    they always start the sport of teams: football / handball ...etc few days before the opening ceremony because as you know the competition is long after each match there is one break of 2/4 days
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    well, mens ice hockey world championships preliminary rounds are usually the most unpredictable sport event. Teams playing 7 matches during 12 days is in this extremely physically demanding sport is something very very difficult. And nowadays when all Nations in this category know how to skate and have players in big leagues improving their level and skills. Plus if you add that many usually so-called "strongest" teams play for different reasons without many star players (SVK for example playing here with literally complete "C" team...but this is another story. and the f....g boycott of our stars against the federation etc...) and in the opposite side the so-called "small" teams playing practically each year with the same team composed of their best players, it´s no shocking that we see so many surprising results each year more and more. This is why I always consider this contest as the toughest one of the year. you can not expect anything. todays hockey is very balanced at world championships level
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    I live in Madrid right now so I have been to the Tennis tournament on Saturday and Sunday. I have taken some selfies with some players (Kukushkin, Istomin, Larsson, Strycova, Siniakova, Dodin and Cirstea) after their matches, here they are