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    2 North Korean cross country skiers have just both scored under 300 points in a race in Russia, Han Chun Gyong (251 points) and Pak Il-Chol (295). Their women both got around 350 points. So it definitely looks like we will see North Korean cross country skiers in South Korea for the Olympics!
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    Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018 Gangneung (KOR) - 9 February 2018 - 23 February 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
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    oh, trust me, you can we are far far far away to be some unbeatable gods, it´s really the opposite we are perfectly beatable..and not only SVK. the ice hockey level between the first 2 divisions became extremely balanced during last years, you can see it during last years WCH tournaments, and you´ll see it next month. the results are more and more close, many matches end by overtime. It´s definitely not the hockey we knew before Yes, well I´m not a absolute expert in womens hockey, but yes, on paper China vs Slovakia should be the game for promotion, but again ..on paper we speak about womens hockeyt so it should be perfectly also the game for relegation Italy, Latvia and Kazakhstan all showed some good quality during the olympic qualification so we definitely don´t have to underestimate them. I really don´t know. it looks to be a very balanced and exciting tournament. we´ll see. Anyway good luck to our teams btw the livestreams will be here
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    Ah, the post-olympic years.. nothing is more funny
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    That seems to be the main theme of the fabulous Agenda 2020.
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    I wouldn´t see it so black, Hockey has in Poland quite interesting history, and since couple of last years clearly there signs of improvement in your hockey compared to last 1-2 decades. Also Polands Champion received a spot for the Champions League, this is really valuable assessment for your hockey, for example a country like Latvia did not received any spot. Your NT has now a group of solid players, I was pleasantly surprised by the very high level of your play, You missed the promotion only by few. I think you have very good chances for good results in these 2 matches. we send a team composed of young talents from our championship, many of them will debut in the "National Team" level. So I will be not surprised at all to see 2 POL wins this weekend. For the womens, it´s hard, the level change too much year by year, Our team definitely can not flop deeper as it is right now...few years ago it was unthinkable to see Slovak team in Division IB, but thanks to our womens current hockey it´s a reality...and since they lost yesterday in Hungary 1-4 in their last test game...everything is possible even a total debacle in Katowice...but on paper yes..we can say that Poland is probably the lowest seeded team of this division...but you saw what did Germany in top division this year..promoted team without any real chances to win a single match did some magic and play today the semifinals...so everything is possible in nowadays ice hockey, especially in womens category
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    we´ll see, it starts in 1 hour well, probably you´re right, maybe also the 3x3 basketball, and we should find some few other relatively new sports too. but ice hockey is still very dynamic and highly exciting sport even for the new followers...at least I think so
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    that's not even Sport Climbing...they just created a senseless "discipline" to accomodate the IOC will, but this will not make a good service to the future of Sport Climbing itself... in particular, we will have the most important title in the world of Sports awarded to a mediocre athlete who can have decent performance in 3 completely different events, ignoring the real champions of each of the 3 disciplines that make up this Sport... by the way, I have even worse news... Torrow the new World Cup Season starts in Switzerland (with the first Bouldering event)... and after those stupid guys of Karate, also the Sport Climbing Federation has decided to change their policy and switch from an outstandig Free Coverage of their events on Youtube to a Paid Service named FloPro... so, for the next 3 years at least, who wants to watch the main Sport Climbing Events has to subscribe to this platform, for the not so cheap fee of 150 US $/year (single payment) or, if preferred, 20 US $/month... if this is the IFSC idea of promoting their sport... in any case, this is the related article: http://www.ifsc-climbing.org/index.php/news/item/909-ifsc-and-flosports-sign-online-streaming-deal and this is the FloPro Home Page: http://www.floclimbing.com/ and here you can find the Calendar of IFSC events for 2017: http://www.ifsc-climbing.org/index.php/world-competition/categories
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    also in woman`s S.Korea-N.Korea?? rugby 7s is faster than matches between weak hockey teams
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    There are the new Olympic Quota Lists for alpine skiing and cross country.
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    Today marks 30 years of the debut of Married with Children. A crude, rude, ahead of its time, still influential show and my favourite of all time. Happy birthday!