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    Nothing new to say about Messi, but interesting to see such ridiculously mistakes from City with that red card, slipping on the 1st goal, and wrong pass on the 3rd goal.
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    I dont know exactly but I know sweden have More (not much More) tests than norway... and they have More Skier.. but that doesnt matter, its a norwegian skiier WHO has Been caught,With a story in lever With most other bad explainations from dopers. And her and her team mates behaviour just indicates something More. And i am not a norway-hater, i was a big fan of Johaug before this. Found source here http://www.rf.se/globalassets/riksidrottsforbundet/dokument/antidoping/forskning-och-statistik/1607-antidopingstatistik-hemsida-skarp.pdf 389 tests on skiers last year and 191 off competition. This is the number of tests by the swedish anti doping organisation.
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    Sadly, yes, Legia's fans or rather hooligans are well known for causing havoc on the streets, especially when a derby or match with especially hated rival is coming, and that unfortunetly is the problem with many football teams' "fans" here. This problem is so big it happens also on non-football matches, just a few days ago hooligans from football clubs Ruch Chorzow and GKS Katowice fought with police near our Spodek Arena in Katowice, where martial arts competition took place. They fought using knifes, axes and even Molotov Cocktails. They aren't arrested because, sadly there still is silent agreement for this kind of behaviour in our country. I don't want to create some sort of argument aout politics, but especially now with our current government they feel like they have nothing to fear as long as they pretend they are patriotic. The decisions of club boards and players are the problem too - in many cases they instead of trying to fight the hooligans they seem to be fine with them, even calling the normal fans "picnics", some people even say they have made deals with the pseudo-fans in many occasions. Plus the punishments are pretty low so they aren't scared. Personally I dont think a Polish club should be allowed to play in European Competitions until we have the situation under control.
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    Which is the most successful TISC Nation? Since its premiere in 2013, six TISC contests have been successfully held. As we eagerly await for the 7th edition to be held in Lithuania next month, we ask ourselves: Which nation has had the most success in TISC contests? Ireland is the first nation that comes to mind, as it is the only one with two wins. And that is very much the right answer, however we will use a couple of different methods to determine how much success each and every TISC nation has been having so far. We start by looking at grand total of all points that each nation got throughout the first six editions. Ireland is once again in the first place, with astonishing 1013 points. Interestingly, Ireland's 1000th point came thanks to the Italian jury at the latest TISC held in Slovakia. At the moment Ireland is the only one with more than 1000 points, as Great Britain in second place has 912 points. They are followed by France (707), Italy (690) and Germany (645). To put Ireland's massive grand total into perspective, if USA (6th all-time with 617) got 12 points from each jury in Lithuania and Ireland finished with null-points, Ireland would still be in front! Full rankings can be seen below. All-Time Points However, total number of points might not be the best way to establish the all-time rankings, considering that not all nations have competed at every edition of the TISC. To get a clearer picture, we can use the average score that each nation got from all of the juries that ever voted. Ireland is again first, with the average of 4.82 pts from 210 different, non-Irish, juries. Great Britain is again 2nd with 4.34 while Germany is now 3rd with 3.64. They are followed by Australia (3.62), Vietnam (3.61), Indonesia (3.45), France (3.37) and Italy (3.29). Full rankings can bee seen below. There is one thing where Ireland is not the best. Great Britain is the only nation that scored more than 100 points in every contest. At the 2014 Annual contest Ireland failed to do so as they got stuck on 97 points. Only 13 nations have managed to win 100+ pts at more than one contest, so regularly going over 100 pts is rather an impressive achievement. So how can my nation improve its all-time stats? By getting a lot of points, of course! To give you more precise answer, we've calculated what your nation needs to do in Lithuania in order to match its previous performances. Incredibly, Ireland needs to get 154 points just to be on-par with its previous achievements. It must be a hard a job to be an Irish selector with all that glory that needs to be lived up to! TISC Analytics