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    I give an example. There is a drug called GW 501516. It works well at helping with endurance so some cyclists and athletes take it. One Olympic champion has been banned for taking it. Trouble is that research on the drug for medical use was stopped when it is was found to cause cancer in rats. Basically if you legalize doping you have to accept that sportspeople will take anything that helps them to win. If you have children then a parent must accept that the only way your child will become successful is to feed him or her massive doses of steroids or EPO or whatever drug which may effect their health or even kill them, If a person is happy to do that then they really should not be allowed to have children, Anti-doping today is bad but the thought of people taking anything they want to take scares me. If that ever happened I hope all sports would be banned forever.
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    India is sending a team to Belgium for a meeting this Saturday. https://trafi.be/#/competitions/8/ifam-outdoor/participants/642fa8ea-0c07-46b5-c10c-1c6b9b04457f/100m-men Srabani Nanda - Women's 100m, 200m Sajeesh Joseph - Men's 800m, 1500m Sini A Markose - Women's 1500m Govindnan Lakshmanan - Men's 5000m Kheta Ram - Men's 5000m Naveen Kumar - Men's 3000m Steeplechase Maliakhal Prajusha - Women's Long Jump Annu Rani - Women's Javelin Throw Suman Devi - Women's Javelin Throw Neeraj Chopra - Men's Javelin Throw Rajender Singh - Men's Javelin Throw Vipin Kasana - Men's Javelin Throw Shivpal Singh - Men's Javelin Throw
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    Say that doping should be liberated is the most ignorant statement I have ever seen in sports Dragon well summarized the answer
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    Bourada didn't win any medal he should get one if he doped he was negative cause we havan't these chimical product here ... they tried to destroy him if that's what they want sure he was positive LOL
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    most of the medalists are positive their results are not human compare the world records of 50's -60's and now the difference is very very large cause now they use much drugs which were not available in the past so for me these Labs are cheaters they make athlets positive/negative like they want
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    there are many proof , the best one :Lance Armstrong these western Labo confirmed that he was negative duraing 7 years ( he won 7 tour de france)
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    so we should to believe other Labos even if they are wrong ?
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    only russians are suspected of doping , what about the rest ? i remember this miserable accusation against the decathlonian Bourada the Laboratory here said he was negative but positive in europe i don't trust the occidental decisions /laboratories ......it's totally politic