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    Coming to you this September.... TISC #11 Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2018 Are you ready?
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    Sorry about that... Here is the top 10 nations, only taking Olympic events into consideration. Top 10 (G-S-B) 1. 106 - 70 - 54 2. 64 - 50 - 66 3. 33 - 43 - 49 4. 14 - 18 - 16 5. 14 - 18 - 14 6. 13 - 10 - 16 7. 12 - 7 - 7 8. 11 - 10 - 13 9. 10 - 17 - 32 10. 8 - 13 - 12
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    I removed all non-Olympic events that I could. For clarification weightlifting was left as is while in karate I only removed the lightest weightclass as I cannot combine the two heavier weightclasses. Medals Lost (at least 10) - 45 - 43 - 36 - 26 - 20 - 19 - 18 - 18 - 16 - 13 - 12 - 12 - 11 - 10 - 10 Unsurprisingly Indonesia was hit the hardest, losing 45 medals, but still sitting in 11th on the medal table. Overall Southeast Asia took the hardest hit. Thailand lost half its medals and also dropped out of the top 10 and is sitting in 15th. Malaysia lost 18/20 medals. Bahrain and Kazakhstan have both moved into the top 10 (8th and 10th respectively). Japan despite being a distant second only lost 13 medals. North Korea is the only nation in the old top 10 to lose fewer than 10 medals (2 lost). The following nations which won medals no longer have any; Afghanistan, Cambodia, Unified Korea, Laos and Myanmar. Top 10 (G-S-B) 1. 77-49-37 2. 36-36-57 3. 21-29-32 4. 11-7-7 5. 11-6-13 6. 9-14-9 7. 8-11-8 8. 8-3-5 9. 6-11-9 10. 6-9-23
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    No, unfortunately he´s still not retired, but he really should be fired... I know off topic joke, but hey, can not help, I always immediately think about him when I read pellegrini. Anyway to be sure, to not got me wrong, I´m a big fan of Federica and I always was
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    That moment when you realize there's a second page to that test you are taking...
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    So, I'm about to get eaten by a T-Rex. Well, Ive had worse Thursdays.
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    Still waiting for the visas but ofc provisionally is in
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    While surfing the official website I found this https://en.asiangames2018.id/athletes/athlete/BEGUM-Mrs-Kohinur-3014514/ the youngest athlete ever she will born in 2020 !
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    The Events of the Week thread is finally back! You can find all the international sports events week by week in the results portal. There is a link to each week in the second post of this thread, and a link to the current week will be posted here every week. Right now, all international events of Summer Olympic Sports, Winter Olympic Sports and Paralympic Sports are included in the calendars. Non-Olympic Sports events have not been added yet in the 2018 calendar, but will be added soon. To keep the thread always updated, we need the users' help: please report in this thread all the events to be added/removed or if there are dates changes for any event. Enjoy!
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    There's still one more event to go, but here is some initial stats on the performance of nations in non-Olympic events. First I removed all non-Olympic sports, except for roller sports, which I only kept skateboarding. I also removed events from Olympic sports that are not in the Olympics with the following exceptions. In boxing, weightlifting and wrestling all weightclasses were kept and in karate the men's and women’s +84kg and +68kg respectively were kept to simulate the +75kg and +61kg events. Medals won in non-Olympic Events 1. - 63 2. - 59 3. - 52 4. - 34 5. - 32 6. - 25 7. - 24 8. - 23 8. - 23 8. - 23 11. - 22 Everyone else won fewer than 20 medals in non-Olympic events. Not too surprising that Indonesia won the most medals. Bahrain, Iraq and Syria were the only nations to have won medals, but none in non-Olympic events. Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Nepal only won medals in non-Olympic events. Of course putting down total medals is a bit unfair for larger nations. Powerhouses like China are expected to do well in all sports so it's expected that they would also win more medals in non-Olympic sports. Here I calculated the probability that a nation would have earned their number of Olympic event medals (or fewer) over the total medals won. A lower number meant it was unlikely and that the nation likely benefited from non-Olympic events. 1. 0.0000000076% 2. 0.0049% 3. 0.0087% 4. 0.049% 5. 0.12% 6. 0.35% 7. 0.84% 8. 2.46% 9. 3.34% 10. 4.39% Everyone else was at a 10% chance or higher. 8/10 nations that benefited from non-Olympic events were Southeast Asian nations, likely due to Indonesia's influence. The nations that saw significantly little to no benefit from the added events were Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Japan, China, North Korea, Qatar and Kazakhstan.
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    I made our players angry on Twitter, I take credit for this win
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    Lol remember how I joked that maybe our players didn't know that all results are carried to next round? Well, it seems they really didn't know! Someone had told them that it was only results against qualified teams! Even the press secretary of our federation (who also does commentary for the broadcast in our tv) didn't know, and he just realised when I tweeted him telling that (also he got angry because I called him a moron ).
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    Ok, no problem, so is also provisionaly in. Ta ne, Ta ne, ...
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    bestmen was already in Hollywood working with Spielberg
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    Every time i see this thread (or a similar one) popping up, i instantly say in my head "Oh God, what now". Thankfully this time, it was a false alarm.
  21. 5 points
    Inspired by Unified Korea, Bahrain and Qatar are also planning to have a united team for the closing ceremony.
  22. 5 points
    No one noticed that Kathinka von Deichmann became first ever tennis player from to play in GS singles main draw. She won all three matches in qualifications without dropping a set.
  23. 5 points
    Because I want to see kabaddi. Not that complicated, really.
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    Panic over, GB is in! Wouldn’t miss a trip across the pond
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    Do you think we will see Memo/Memin making a comeback? Possibly as Mema or Memino?
  28. 4 points
    What riders saw: What horses saw:
  29. 4 points
    our shooters who are 30+ look good for their age
  30. 4 points
    Yes, we get it, India is good. We realised by the 24th post you made about it.
  31. 4 points
    He is a 1976 fencing Olympic champion.
  32. 4 points
    Following these games got me hyped for pan ams next year. Then I remember we'll probably have even less streaming than this and I get sad again.
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    I can't believe that it's like only a week and then we can start harassing Totallympics members again to enter the TISC contest
  34. 4 points
    Thank you all for great wishes guys. I spent my birthday half working, half eating cake and watching tennis Also, I became uncle! My sister gave a birth to a baby boy, so great day indeed!
  35. 4 points
    I will debut this year for the American jury
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    "Give me the job or else...." That should do the trick
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    Delete this (Definitely nothing was posted here that would embarrass the organizers of this event)
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    Yes , Egypt , Cote d'voire and Gabon aren't Africans , they're Europeans
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    By the way, I just realized one other incident got much less attention, which I think is strange because in that case I do think it's a matter of sexism: Cornet getting a code violation for changing her shirt on court (it was the wrong way around so she took it off, turned it around and put it back on. She was wearing a top, it's not like she was half naked all of a sudden), while men change their shirts all the time without any problem. Meaning they are saying it's ok for men to change their shirt in full sight, but not for women. Now that is unequal treatment that should be stopped.
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    The multi-sport video games section will now be changed to Totallympics TV where it will focus primarily on multi-sport games, but will now post world championships, world cups, and Olympic qualification events for all sports. More info to come soon. Also if anyone could make a logo for it, or can come up with a better name it would be much appreciated
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    I just watched the race again, without commentator this time. right after winning the race he talks to camera "this is Asia, there is no place for Africans here"
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    We just like to crap all over Europe.
  49. 3 points
    Polansky makes a LL Grand Slam https://twitter.com/PPolansky/status/1033119555999158277
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    3 golds already for my country we only had 1 in Incheon 2014 so this is a huge improvement.