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  2. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    This looks rather bad.
  3. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Mihajlovic is in terrible form and Bjelica is not nt level
  4. Mogao bi on iznenadit u tokiju...iako po meni meni bilo iznenadenje da uzme medalju
  5. Today
  6. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    What a beggining for us 1-0 against Olympic Silevr Medalists
  7. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Day 05 Italy 3-0 Germany (25-22 / 25-18 / 25-20)
  8. I don’t get why he couldn’t just train in Norway, maybe with the team but compete for Korea? That’s what Andrew Musgrave and the GB team do for some of the year and I’m sure many other teams do as well!
  9. Men's Volleyball CEV European League 2018

    Group Stage, LEG 2 out of 6 Day 1 out of 1 - 23 may 2018 - schedule all times are CEST GOLDEN LEAGUE GROUP A 18:00 Slovakia - Sweden 19:00 Estonia - Belgium GROUP B 15:30 Turkey - Netherlands 18:00 Ukraine - Slovenia GROUP C 20:00 Czech Republic - Finland 20:45 Spain - Portugal FREE STREAMING OF THE GOLDEN LEAGUE MATCHES IS AVAILABLE AT: http://www.laola1.tv/en-int/channel/volleyball-cev-golden-european-league-men SILVER LEAGUE GROUP A 17:30 Kosovo - Austria 19:30 Latvia - Macedonia GROUP B 16:00 Hungary - Albania 19:00 Belarus - Croatia FREE STREAMING OF THE SILVER LEAGUE MATCHES IS AVAILABLE AT: http://www.laola1.tv/en-int/channel/volleyball-cev-silver-european-league-maenner
  10. Women's Volleyball CEV European League 2018

    Group Stage, LEG 2 out of 6 Day 1 out of 1 - 23 may 2018 - schedule all times are CEST GOLDEN LEAGUE GROUP A 18:00 Azerbeijan - Portugal 18:30 Bulgaria - Ukraine GROUP B 18:30 Hungary - Croatia 18:30 Finland - France GROUP C 16:00 Belarus - Slovakia 17:00 Czech Republic - Spain FREE STREAMING OF THE GOLDEN LEAGUE MATCHES IS AVAILABLE AT: http://www.laola1.tv/en-int/channel/volleyball-cev-golden-european-league-women SILVER LEAGUE GROUP A 17:00 Estonia - Switzerland 20:00 Kosovo - Sweden GROUP B 19:00 Albania - Austria 19:00 Israel - Georgia FREE STREAMING OF THE SILVER LEAGUE MATCHES IS AVAILABLE AT: http://www.laola1.tv/en-int/channel/volleyball-cev-silver-european-league-frauen
  11. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    Day 05 United States 3-0 Netherlands (25-19 / 25-21 / 25-23)
  12. Women's Volleyball FIVB Nations League 2018

    I searched, but all I found is that SporTV broadcasts some of the games in Brazil I don't know about Uruguay but I think usually there have been broadcast of the games in Argentina and Peru too. If you are really interested and have Facebook, maybe you could try to contact your country's volleyball body or FIVB via messenger and ask them if there is any way you could watch the games.
  13. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    So, Kendrick Lamar has some 'song' (as far as you can call it that) with a couple instances of the dreaded word 'nigga' in it. All fine and dandy, it's his song, his lyrics. Then, he gets a fan on stage to rap with him...she raps his exact lyrics, including 'nigga'....and gets sent off into a mad crowd for rapping his exact lyrics https://genius.com/a/kendrick-lamar-called-out-a-white-fan-for-rapping-the-n-word-onstage-during-m-a-a-d-city
  14. Sounds smart. Going from a country where he has no chance of representing their national team to move to a country where it's way easier to get into the national team. Oh wait.
  15. Hello, you are now my favourite Totallympian
  16. Giro d'Italia 2018

    Too bad Juraj isn't there to complete the set of not-so-amazing-brothers-of-amazing-cyclists
  17. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Same thing as antifa, but on the other side (I guess it's more of a thing only in this part of Europe then) Both violent and both seemingly unable to find any reasonable discussion somewhere in the middle between all kinds of extremes (which, at least in the Netherlands, is such a common thing in any discussion nowadays, everything is driven more and more towards extremes on whichever side and if you've got an opinion that's somewhere in the middle, both sides accuse you of being an 'extremist' on the side that's not theirs).
  18. Hi! Welcome to Totallympics, hopefully you will enjoy it here
  19. Giro d'Italia 2018

    Bad race for Nibali and Quintana...
  20. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Indian's in Action ATP Tour 250 Lyon :- Divj/Lopez, Purav/Fabrice, Rohan/Roger play in QF Thomas and Uber Cup India vs Japan in Uber Cup Archery World Cup - Stage 2 ATP Challenger Loughborough :- Jeevan/Martin play in Rd1 PSA World Tour Arnold Homes Tring:- Abhay, Ramit, Mahesh play in Rd1 Sporta Guatemala XI Torneo Internacional :- Vikram play in Rd1 ITF Tennis Singapore:- Uganda:- Korea:-
  21. Magnus Kim will represent Norway from now on http://www.ocasia.org/News/IndexNewsRM.aspx?WKegervtea2/m4hGWqSGeA==
  22. http://www.dnevno.hr/sport/ostali-sportovi/foto-velik-uspjeh-hrvata-marin-rantes-osvojio-zlato-na-najboljem-njemackom-bmx-natjecanju-1170395/
  23. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    The Canadian Championships were being held at the exact same time... which are used to select the team for the Worlds. However, some of Canada's top athletes competed in DR. Looking at the results from 2015, its reasonable to expect three medals for Canada in Lima, even with the reduced team (13 in 2015 vs 4 in 2019). Darsigny, Santavy and Charron all would have won medals in Toronto 2015 with their pb's and by quite a distance at that, so something similar could happen in Lima. ---- It also comes down to funding. For the CWG's all or most of the weightlifters were ranked in the top 5 (ie fully funded travel). For Pan Ams only the top 2 in each gender (and they must also have 95% of the world champions total) to be funded.
  24. Triathlon 2018 Discussion Thread

    Triathlon mixed team relays sound interesting. However, the ITU doesn't seem to bother to sell live TV rights in Latin America.
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