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  2. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    I think that it's an annual report... btw, we have the list: https://www.athleticsintegrity.org/disciplinary-process/provisional-suspensions-in-force
  3. African Youth Games 2018

    results of Archery it's qualifying to YOG but i don't know how is the system
  4. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    That only says 24 provisional suspensions, not 120 suspensions..
  5. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    @heywoodu @dcro I edited the last paragraph. With a little inspiration, haha. ......It’s a welcome development- but it also comes with a significant problem- it would have made for a better competition, though, if the number of women was raised to meet that of the men, rather than sacrificing some of the male quotas that enabled many smaller nations, for example, to take part. If two women’s hockey teams, which total over 40 athletes, are added, that could take many male quotas from smaller teams and sharply decrease their numbers. As we saw with canoe slalom, the IOC was so reluctant to add extra athletes for a women’s C2 that it excluded men’s C2, which utterly decimated the event to the point that the International Canoe Federation no longer even recognizes it. It’s important to remember that when we have a conversation about gender equality, we must also consider that there might be some merit to keeping around traditional events of the past that don’t necessarily conform. Being cancelled after so much hard work, effort and care over the years to get to where you are is something that I hope no athlete, or event, should ever experience- and robbing the Olympics of staple events, or the many nations which participate for the sake of participating, will make the Olympics far less diverse and engaging. Yet another thing that makes the Olympics special that is vital we keep around. We must question if, perhaps, those two women’s hockey teams might be worth it after all. I know that controlling the number of athletes is an important thing, and perhaps, it is one of the main talking points that this all boils down to. If there were infinite athletes, or perhaps infinite time, there would be no need to debate whether events were unnecessarily taking up spots. But that is not our world, and I perhaps something like Synchronized Skating, with up to 20 members per team, might require an extra part of a building to accommodate. However, I would be surprised if numbers were the only reason that, say, thirty extra women can’t compete in women’s bobsleigh. .......
  6. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    At least Female Nordic Combined exists, and I'm not saying it'll be perfect by any means, but it could evolve decently in four years, it would, I think, add more to the Games than mixed short track or ski jumping. Definitely agree on the 7 years thing
  7. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    But I don't think the Olympics should serve as a way to start some event from scratch. Events should already be interesting and competitive enough to deserve a place in the Olympics, so basically the other way around compared to what the IOC tries to do. All women's Nordic combined has so far is a bunch of 15-year old girls starting it and a handful of older ones who are happy there is finally an international competition or two. I think my main problem is that it's bordering on insanity to finalize the list of events for the Olympics only 3 years before the Olympics. If you do it one cycle earlier, say 7 years, new events at least get the chance to grow up into something competitive.
  8. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    scandal scandal scandal , Athletics is ruined
  9. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    I suppose my reasoning for Women's Nordic Combined is, why not? It would only serve the get the event out there further. It's definitely a point to be made that the quality of competition will be way lower than the men's event, but we've seen that plenty of times. Women's hockey used to be Canada and US defeating everyone 10-0, and people still ate that up. Bobsleigh doesn't even have a real following, but I was pretty much thinking, ok, if they're willing to build a monobob WC from scratch for four years, why not the four-woman? At least Nordic Combined has something. Though in saying that Bobsleigh kind of does too. @dcro It really does all boil down to the athlete limits. It's a big shame, as I said. I should probably elaborate on that a bit more, though I'm trying to convince a wider audience with this, so I thought I'd focus on the gender equality angle as everyone can get behind that. Even if you're a total Social Justice Warrior, I just proved you can still find mixed events stupid... lol. But you could flip that back as well- supporters of women's hockey may say that it's pointless having quotas in biathlon for smaller nations if they're just going to lose all the time. The only way to please everybody and actually develop sports in smaller nations is to not cut quotas anywhere.
  10. Mixed events are of course not the answer, but removing competitive men's events and/or quotas from small nations isn't either. Smaller teams could lose significant percentages of their team sizes, and why? Because Czech Republic and Germany should be able to field a hockey team that will lose all matches. Yay.
  11. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    For me, half of my sports-watching fun comes from discussing stuff with other fans, preferably live
  12. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    I wouldn't know where one might get this published, but I definitely like it. Although I don't agree with everything, by the way. My opinion on women's Nordic combined is clear I think (it should be added at some point, but 2022 is way too early considering there's not even a decently filled Continental Cup yet, let alone a World Cup), and any women's bobsleigh event (monobob or 4-woman, no difference in that) should only be added after several years of World Cup races. Also, adding two women's ice hockey teams, sure, but not when it costs quotas for other events. Just have 46 more athletes at the Games, it's not a problem. Takes like a half building extra.
  13. Beach Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    European Championships 2018 Men's tournament is still at the 1st direct elimination round, but women's is already at the quarterfinal stage... and those are the pairings: Lobato/Amaranta vs Keizer/Meppelink Ukolova/Birlovavs Hermannova/Slukova Betschart/Hüberli vs Bieneck/Schneider Liliana/Elsa vs Laboureur/Sude
  14. Mixed Junior C2 Final Results Italy MICOZZI Elena MICOZZI Flavio 113.77 France BERNARDET Jules DELASSUS Doriane 120.88 Spain LAMEIRO Ainhoa ECHANIZ Pau 130.29 Full Finals Results HERE Full Semifinals (Qualification) Results HERE
  15. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    oooooooooh scandal Doping: 120 athletes suspended! like Ruth Jebet the Gold at RIO + WR of 3000 steeple and Ivan Ukhov the Gold at LONDON Sergey Shubenkov , Maria Lasitskene , Olessia Povh even Frankie Fredericks for corruption the list of 120 athletes is coming soon
  16. Mixed Under 23 C2 Final Results Spain LAZKANO Miren LLORENTE David 103.08 Russia TEREKHOVA Elizaveta MIKHAILOV Igor 111.66 China WU Wenpeng YAN Jiahua 112.69 Full Finals Results HERE Full Semifinals (Qualification) Results HERE
  17. Greece DNF in the semifinals but qualified for the Mixed U23 C2 finals because yes, there need to have 10 finalists and only 9 finished the race and team DNS so Greece with a lucky qualification Here the finalists of Mixed U23 C2 and despite DNF also the only non qualified is Netherlands because their pair Maartje and Joris Ottendid not competed Finalists of Mixed Junior C2 and again only one non qualified Kazakhstan. 3rd team of Poland and team India DNS
  18. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    In four-man and two-man, there's quite a bit of overlap. I imagine it'd be similar in this case. But, you never know. Bobsleigh isn't my most knowledgeable sport, haha D'you reckon I should try and get this published? Want More Women in the Olympics_ Mixed Events Aren’t the Answer. .pdf
  19. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    to be honest, I don't care about forums that much during the Olympics...I prefer to focus on the competitions (and generally in those days I have both PC and TV running pictures from the Games venues rather than writing on some forum)... there's so much time to discuss after the Games are over...just in case...
  20. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    I'm curious if it'll be mostly the same pilots actually, since it's a whole different game.
  21. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Just like in Rio. That was awesome, on the major Dutch forum the only people watching and posting were people actually interested in the sports instead of people who don't care and just come to troll (which happens a lot when it's during daytime) Still hate the fact that I'm being mocked for the 200m breaststroke though. One guy asked "who's the favourite for this race?", I answered "Everyone but Balandin."......couple minutes later, Balandin won the gold.
  22. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Torpedo Moscow kicked out a black player because 'fans' of the club didn't want a black player wearing 'their' jersey and protested his arrival. Faith in humanity is getting smaller every day. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6824223/torpedo-moscow-erving-botaka-yoboma-contract-racist-fans-protest-black/
  23. Roller Sports Discussion Thread

    very good (and closer than expected) game between POR and FRA, with the red & green machine only able to snatch a 1-goal victory (5-4, the final score)... with this last result, we have the full quarterfinals schedule (games will be played later Today): ITA vs AND (h.17.30 CET); ESP vs SUI (h.20 CET); POR vs ENG (h.22 CET); GER vs FRA (h.12.30 CET) in the semifinals, instead, we have the following pairings: Winner GER/FRA vs Winner ESP/SUI and Winner ITA/AND vs Winner POR/ENG
  24. Today
  25. Prediction Contests Are Just-For-Fun Games You don't need to be an expert to take part in a Prediction Contest. If a mistake penalizes you, always keep in mind that everyone is in good faith. Competition Details City Aarhus Start Date August 2nd, 2018 End Date August 12th, 2018 Participants TBD Gold TBD Silver TBD Bronze TBD Instructions In order to post your predictions, you have to do the following: Select with your mouse specified content of the Post named Prediction Contest Design Copy the selected content Go to Reply Box at the end of the Page, click on "Reply to this topic" Paste the copied content ( When information "You have pasted content with formatting" appears at the end of the Reply Box, ignore it, it will disappear eventually. DO NOT click on "Remove formatting" under any circumstances) Once you have specified content in new Post, start making your predictions according to the Rules To post your predictions, click on "Submit Reply" button Rules For this Prediction Contest you are predicting medal winners for each event of the Prediction Design. For Athlete/Nation you are predicting to win Gold Medal, write X in the Cell which belongs to the Gold Medal Column. ForAthlete/Nation you are predicting to win Silver Medal, write X in the appropriate Cell and do the same for a Bronze Medal winner. Do the same for each Event of the Prediction Design. Example Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's Finn Day 1 August 9th, 2018 Any Athlete from Australia Jorge Zarif x Milan Vujasinović Tapio Nirkko Jonathan Lobert Giles Scott x Ed Wright Ioannis Mitakis Zsombor Berecz Nicholas Heiner Peter-Jan Postma Josh Junior x Andrew Maloney Max Salminen Alican Kaynar Caleb Paine Any Other Athlete Points will be awarded as follows: - For right predicted Gold Medal Winner - 4 points. - For right predicted Silver Medal Winner - 3 points. - For right predicted Bronze Medal Winner - 2 points. - For right predicted Athlete/Nation but wrong place/medal - 1 point. - Bonus points: 1 bonus point will be awarded to predictor who predicted all medalists correctly, regardless of the order (1-2-3, 1-3-2, 2-1-3, 2-3-1, 3-2-1, 3-1-2). If you (by mistake or on purpose) picked two or more Athletes/Nations for the same place in one event, and if the total number of picked Athletes (options) for that event isn't over three, you'll get exactly 1 Point for each of them NO MATTER WHICH POSITION (and one bonus Point if you predicted all top 3 Athletes/Nations). If the total number of picked Athletes/Nations in one event is over three, you'll not get any Points for Athletes/Nations picked for the same position. The first physical medal presentation is binding. If, for some reason no medals are presented for an event during the Games, this event will be eliminated in this contest. Example Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's Finn Day 1 August 9th, 2018 Any Athlete from Australia Jorge Zarif x Milan Vujasinović Tapio Nirkko Jonathan Lobert Giles Scott x Ed Wright Ioannis Mitakis Zsombor Berecz Nicholas Heiner Peter-Jan Postma Josh Junior x Andrew Maloney Max Salminen Alican Kaynar Caleb Paine Any Other Athlete Results: 1. Josh Junior - 4 Points 2. Jorge Zarif - 3 Points 3. Giles Scott - 2 Points Bonus Points: - 1 Point Your Total: 10 Points 1. Josh Junior - 4 Points 2. Giles Scott - 1 Point 3. Jorge Zarif - 1 Point Bonus Points: - 1 Point Your Total: 7 Points 1. Josh Junior - 4 Points 2. Andy Maloney - 0 Points 3. Jorge Zarif - 1 Point Bonus Points: - 0 Points Your Total: 5 Points 1. Josh Junior - 4 Points 2. Any Other - 0 Points 3. Andy Maloney - 0 Point Bonus Points: - 0 Points Your Total: 4 Points TB Rules If two or more contestants have the same number of points at the end, Tie-Break rule will be applied to break the tie. Number or perfect predictions throughout the contest will be compared for the involved contestants. If they are still tied, number of correct Gold Medal Winners will be compared, then number of Silver Medal Winners and at the end number of Bronze Medal Winners. If players are still tied, answer on TB question will be taken into consideration. Contestant with closer answer on the question wins the Tie-Break. Example Contestant 1: 6x10, 12x4, 10x3, 7x2 Contestant 2: 6x10, 12x4, 8x3, 8x2 Contestant 1 will be placed ahead of Contestant 2. Contestant with most points wins the competition. The Ranking is determined by the Sum of Points the Contestant scores in all predicted Events. You can enter the Contest whenever you want. The moment you post your predictions is the moment when you are entering the Contest and your points will be calculated for all the Events you predicted AND which haven't started. In order to earn points from the start, you should post your predictions before the start of the first Event of the Sailing ISAF World Championships - August 2nd, h. TBD (GMT +2). You can EDIT your predictions whenever you want until the start of the first event of the Prediction Design Post. Once competition starts, you are not allowed to edit your post and any further changes will be ignored. On contestant's request, edited predictions will be accepted, but contestant will earn 0 points for finished events and the events that have started (heats included). Moment at the latest editing will be considered as the entry moment, in other words. If you want to comment on this Prediction Contest, please use Prediction Contests - Discussion Thread only. If you have problem with the format, you can post your predictions in simplified format. Also, if the forum is down, or you cannot access the forum for any reason, you can send you predictions on e-mail: totallympics.predictions@gmail.com. Make sure your predictions are understandable. For instance, 1 - Junior, 2 - Scott, 3 - Zagrif, means Junior wins gold medal, Scott silver and Zagrif bronze. And please, write your Totallympics username so the contest manager can know who actually sent predictions. Every contestant MUST HIDE own predictions. To do that, you have only to delete the space between the bracket "[" and the text "hide" in "[ hide]" at the beginning of prediction post. Do the same with "[ /hide]" at the end of prediction post too. The hidden content will appear to other users as follows: [hide]You cannot see this[/hide] If you have any other questions concerning this prediction contest, problems with format, editing etc... please, contact the contest manager via Personal Message.
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