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  2. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    The Kosmos Group seems happy enough with the vote
  3. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    airline worker stole and crashed plane
  4. Asian Games 2018

    Any live stream to watch India -Kazakshthan basketball match live?
  5. Indian tennis cannot progress till these two legends are associated with it. Since a long time, these giants are only concerned about their massive egos. #FedUp
  6. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    Probably, and even in the cases it's hosted in another part of the world, we'll still only have what, 5-6 matches (?) a year where a home crowd can support their national team instead of dozens and dozens of these matches. And that's all apart from killing epic five setters.
  7. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Very happy to see that american officials listened to me ...
  8. Today
  9. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Why no Kent Farrington?
  10. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Interesting to note that none of the nominated german show jumpers except for Ehning is ranked top 100 in the world: Tebbel is 105th, Klaphake is 143rd and Blum is 151st
  11. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    Also it will be hosted in Europe forever and ever (let's be honest, late season is all in Europe so this won't go anywhere else).
  12. Asian Games 2018

    watching INA-KSA handball match. Indonesia isn't that bad. they actually scored a goal after only 2-3 minutes. they will lose big but that won't be a record
  13. Asian Games 2018

    Medal table is not interesting to guess because there are several joke sports played in just 2 countries and they distort everything but anyway: chn, jpn, kor, kaz, tha, uzb, iri, ind, ina, tpe My favorite sports will be all which give olympic quota and kabaddi, because it's awesome I support
  14. Asian Games 2018

    Kabaddi draw Men's A) B) Women's A) B) I think we will see India, Korea, Iran and Pakistan in men's semifinal. and in the women's side it will be India, Thailand, Iran and probably South Korea.
  15. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    She is 11th ranked American right now, significantly in front of Georgina Bloomberg and Jennifer Gates.
  16. Asian Games 2018

    The smaller the country and their population, the higher they are on my list of favourite countries And I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to at least watch some sepak takraw and kabaddi The rest is either not special to see (athletics and so on you can see all year long) or I am just really not interested in it (pencak silat, karate, esports, that kind of stuff).
  17. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    Wonderful job in turning the Davis Cup in something people all over the world can actually go and enjoy into yet another generic tournament in one location so most people can actually not go and enjoy it anmore. RIP awesome atmosphere at almost every match.
  18. Asian Games 2018

    Let's just have a fun check... Can everyone of you (expect MHSN who already predicted before) vote in your top 10 of medal tally and also tell about 4-5 of your favourite sports,whom ur supporting, which are ur favorite countries (apart from your own if asian) at asiad and what actually are you looking for at the games...
  19. Asian Games 2018

    Just 1 day to go for Asian games 2018 It's a government holiday today in India on the demise of the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  20. Track Cycling UCI Junior World Championships 2018

    Yes his first name is Albein .He's following Deborah Harold India's first cyclist to be ranked in top 10 of senior world rankings -highest of 4 in 500m women's time trial, also from Andaman and Nicobar Islands... Even her name is like Deborah Deborah in UCI.. And she is a hero of the island known not just for her international medals but also for the miraculous fighting spirit in life... She survived the tsunami by staying on a tree and eating leaves for 1 week... And the island don't even get 1/100 th of national budget. And any medal from the island I believe is like a medal from those like Nauru, Samoa or smaller islands like Wallis and Futuna whose funding is very less and comparable to Andaman and Nicobar Islands.. I just hope the funding could increase after this result.... There is potential but nothing can be done without money...
  21. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    A 22-member India National Team squad will travel to Australia on August 17, 2018 as part of their preparation for the forthcoming SAFF Suzuki Cup. The Indian U-23 squad will be based at the Valentine Sports Park in Sydney for another 16-day long preparatory camp before they eventually leave for Dhaka on September 1, 2018.
  22. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Two Days Before Asian Games, Leander Paes Pulls Out... Reason that there is no double specialist to pair with him Now accreditations are closed, and we can't send in another entry..
  23. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    And also we cannot filter out the daily schedule country wise..it's bad. Commom wealth games website was good
  24. Asian Games 2018

    I think if you download the official app of the games, the timings will be correct according to your time zone.
  25. Poland National Thread | Droga do Tokio 2020

    Bobak to się niby zemściła, że ją do sztafety nie wzięli o ile pamiętam (albo że ją wycofali z 15 km?). Co siatkarek to publiczne było, że Barańska chciała mieć "1" z którą grała Skowrońska. Już nie pamiętam czy to Bosek czy Niemczyk publicznie powiedział żeby się głupotami nie zajmowały tylko grą. Są jeszcze stare linki, a ten wywiad z eks-prezesem PZB to pamiętam, z tego cała telenowela made in Mexico się zrobiła Inna sprawa, że Kołodziejczyk w końcu wyleciał na kopach... https://sport.onet.pl/ofsajd/newsy/krystyna-palka-karabin-zostal-przekrecony/h82es https://sport.onet.pl/zimowe/biathlon/paulina-bobak-nie-przestawilam-karabinu-krystyny-palki/pg0t1 http://www.biathlon.pl/aktualnosci/5252/wywiad-guzik-jest-pelen-klamstw-konfabulacji-i-bzdurnych-oskarzen.html
  26. Chodziły takie podejrzenia, ale nigdzie nie widziałem ostatecznego potwierdzenia tej historii. O panczenistkach od dawna było wiadomo, zresztą same mówiły, że się nie lubią. A siatkarki... mieliśmy wtedy świetną drużynę, która zdobyła w 2009 brązowy medal ME i doskonale pamiętam, kto wrócił do kadry w 2010 i komu nie szło w World Grand Prix. Dziwnym trafem to właśnie ona była jedną ze stron konfliktu i wcale mi nie było jej żal, że wypadła ze składu na MŚ (zwłaszcza, że w jej miejsce weszła Glinka). A to, co potem opowiadała w Przeglądzie Sportowym o treningach tylko pogłębiło moją niechęć do niej.
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